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Work experience

Worked as an Intern

Jun 2012Jul 2012

► Coordinated with qualified engineers who delivered key features and structural information such as Elevator, Rudder, Aeliron and Flaps of Boeing 777/Beoing747 works
► Delivered that which communication types such as HF, VHF, UHF are used in Boeing 777/Boeing 747 to carry information and communicate effectively with ATC(Air Traffic Control)
► Leading a team of 10 members and responsible to submit short reports to the administration to show improvement in knowledge of the co-interns on daily basis
Interfacing with engineers to seek more and robust concepts and knowledge about an aircraft
► Learned CVR(Cockpit Voice Recorder), TCAS(Traffic Collision Avoidance System), ELT(Emergency Locator Transmitter) and other major module of an aircraft works
► Interfacing with engineering on organizational capabilities,resource availability,writing proposal & tenders and to pass to the concern department

Worked as an Intern

Jun 2011Aug 2011

► Got a basic overview of the entire WLL works and how a subscriber is connected to the WLL
► Learned that how battery power system works if there is a cutoff by the KESC electricity
► Responsible to check the SSD(Site Shut Down) of the different areas on a computer based software provide information of currently working sites and power shut down sites
► Studied and formulated the BTS(Base Transciever Station) designed and other communication antennas used in WLL



Iqra University
Nov 2009Feb 2013


Customer acquisition
Customer servicing

professional Projects

Automatic Touch Based E-Menu Ordering System:

► Designed a system which allows the customers to convey their orders to the restaurant staff in a hassle free ,time efficient manner,error free and reduces labour cost for the Restaurant
► The system provide the capability to the customer to interact with touch screen and menu items listed on it developed in a GUI environment and convey their favorites dishes to the Restaurant management without interacting with the waiter
► Deployed the system using Arduino Mega 2560 for processing, controlling and monitering user input and pair of xbee module was deployed on both ends of the system to provide wireless connectivity between customers and restaurant admisnistrator for low power consumption and high data rate transmission

Separate Excited DC Motor/Generator Machine Trainer:

► Implemented Electrical machine trainer which provides the features of digital measuing of current,volatges, speed and power of the Seperated Excited dc motor and generator
► Formulated the design by Seperated Excited Dc motor mechanically coupled with another concurrent motor shaft to transform the motor into generator
► Controlled the Speed of the Motor/Generator using VARIAC transformer to vary armature volatges and further rectification circuit to convert to provide Dc power to the required Dc motor
► Overall trainer provide short circuit protection using breaker and emergency switch to shutdown the entire trainer if any worst case scenerios occurs

PIC Based Industrial Automation:

► Implemented Microcontroller and PC based Industrial loads control with password protection switching where once the correct code or password entered by the administrator the loads are switched ON and OFF.
► System has the capability to switch maximum of 8Amps of load using Solid state Relays.
► Implemented the system using PIC microcontroller for controlling the Input/Output ports,processing the data, monitoring administrator correct input conveyed through PC and serial port for communication between MCU and PC.