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To obtain a challenging career in Communication& Construction Rigging. Where I can further develop my skills and experience, Leading and contributing within a dynamic Communications & Construction rigging team.  


• QLD Medium Rigid Vehicle & Car License                                       
• Certificate III (Advanced) in Rigging / Dogging     
• Confined Spaces  
• Elevated Work Platform Ticket                                   
• Construction Induction                                                     
• I.R.A.T.A Rope Technician (Twin Rope)                                                      
• Tower Rescue, Work Safely at Heights                                 
• L2 First Aid & CPR                                                                                                                       
• E.M.E. Safety Certificate    
• Sala LAD-SAF Approved Installer 
• Aerial casualty treatment       
• Broadcast Australia Contractor & Fit to Climb           
• Telstra I&RM Auditor                        
• Optus, Vodafone, EJV & Telstra OH&S      
• Ergon Energy Contractor Sub Station Entry & Switching
• SPAusnet Optec Work on Live Line Electrical Apparatus

Work experience


Co Managing Director, Field Construction Supervisor

TASK National
After beginning the company alongside another family member from the same industry, we pooled our combined experience to take on a new challenge.
While remaining ‘field based’ as much as possible, we have developed a company that is in high demand, and well respected within the realms of Telecommunications, Broadcast and Heights Access/Hire.

  • Ergon Energy SDH & PDH Backbone Link Network Rigging Supervisor - Toowoomba and Greater QLD 2010-2011
    The first project that TASK and myself were fortunate to be involved in was sub contracting to Communications and Fibre, an offshoot of Cut And Fill (Civil and construction company)
    We provided two rigging crews, a supervising rigger, 2IC rigger, and technician.
    With myself leading one of these teams as the rigging supervisor, I had to operate as liaison to both C&F Field Managers and Ergon Network Designers to both carry out installations, and troubleshoot Microwave Links which were not meeting the design specification for such things like L.O.S and dB specification. This role had me working in very difficult and remote locations, and even more challenging weather conditions. 60% of all site works consisted of pole mounts fastened with structural chain and J-Bolt assembly, 1.2m - 2.4m Microwave dish, external radio and wave guide, powered by LDF-4-50 coaxial cable. 
    The remaining 40% of sites were the hub sites and had upwards of 5 separate MS links hanging off them. These site were mostly wave guide fed, and no external radio units, dual polarity and often calling for 3.6m, 4.2m and 5.4m Microwave Dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as it gave me to the opportunity to sharpen my rigging skills using truck mounted capstan winches, box rigging and rope diversion methods. However it challenged me to become more involved with customer/client feedback and satisfaction. The project was a success for me personally and for TASK as a new company, it allowed us to expose new rigging staff to face mount and pole mount installations, antenna preparation and mounting, radio/wave guide installations, MW dish panning and troubleshooting, tower strengthening and winch rigging methods.

  • Broadcast Australia 'Restack' Project Backbone Link Network Rigging Supervisor Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory - 2013 & 2014
    I fulfilled the role as Rigging Supervisor, leading teams on TX antenna/feeder relocations and upgrades for Broadcast Australia, while subcontracting to Kordia Solutions. 
    The sites were relatively remote, and rarely visited. The upgrade works at most of these sites was Relocating UHF candlestick antenna and feeder to a temporary mount on the structure, before upgrading the feeder (4" air pressurized coaxial) and antenna.
    The work presented engineering and rigging challenges, with an average working height at around 100m.
    In order to overcome these challenges, we developed and proof tested a custom fabricated Jin Pole. Once mounted in place at the pinnacle of the mast, using winches and often resurrecting complex and forgotten rigging systems, we were able to carry out spectacular UHF Stack upgrades, swap outs, and removals. Sites upgraded by my team and myself include, but not limited to:
    1. Jerilderie Broadcast Mast N.S.W
    2. Jindabyne Broadcast Tower N.S.W
    3. Arthurs Seat Telstra/Broadcast Tower VIC
    4. Mt Major Tower 1 & 2 Broadcast Station VIC
    5. Selby Broadcast Repeater Station VIC
    6. Deniliquin Broadcast Mast N.S.W
    7. One Tree Hill TV Station N.S.W
    8. Mt. Dandenong VIC
    9. Mt. Goonaneman QLD
    10. Darwin University FM Mast NT
  • Rigging Supervisor to teams working on: 
    1.       NBN, Ballarat, and Bendigo (Greater West VIC) portions (50+ sites) 2011-2012
    2.       EJV (profound experience on HV structure installations) (50+ sites) 2012-2015
    3.       LTE 1800 (KSD 1-3 & Step Up) 2012-2014
    4.       Re-stack/Re-tune Digital TV AM FM (VIC & NSW) 2013-2014
    5.       Telstra Inspection and Routine Maintenance (500+ sites) Telstra CAMs (50+ sites)                    2011-2015
    7.       Ergon Energy SDH&PDH Microwave Link Network. Separate Portions 1,2 & 3 
              QLD Statewide 2010-2011

Junior Rigger, Rigging 2IC

Next Generation Solutions

Communications Construction, Rigging & Heights Access.
Next Generation Solutions (N.G.S.)2007 — June 2010Junior Rigger & 2IC Rigger

  • Telstra SDH&PDH Microwave Transmission Backbone. Tasmania 2007-2008.
    This project provided me the experience in building and erecting Masts and Towers. Earthing, and Concrete footings. Assembly and Installation of Andrew Microwave Antenna’s, pressurized wave guide cable installation (internal, external gantry and tower) & Telstra stub leg face mounts.
  • Optus 3G Mammoth Mobile Cell Upgrade/Rollout – Victoria, N.S.W& N.T  2008-2009
    After completing my initial trainee ship and my rigger/dogman ticket, I earned the role of 2IC to onsite supervisor. These sites contained Panel Antenna, 850mHz 900mHz & 1800mHz T.M.A/Combiner and Coaxial Cable (550-750) installs or upgrades.
  • Telecom Cell Site Upgrade – Wellington & Christchurch, New Zealand. 2008-2009
    Assisting new and inexperienced rigging team leaders in the early stages of a country wide Communications upgrade. Instructed and contributed to new teams in the installation of standard 3 sector antenna sites, consisting of coax cable runs, and cable tray/walk way rooftop installs.
  • Darwin University FM Radio Mast Upgrade – Darwin N.T 2009
    As 2IC, I contributed within a team to upgrade an existing 80m guyed mast. My role encompassed all aspects of the job. I gained priceless experience and training in Guyed Mast building, erection and strengthening. Guyed Mast footings, and guy anchor block footings including catenary earthing. Preparing and installing FM broadcast antenna arrays, associated 4” cable. Installation and management of intermediate jumper tail configuration, from power divider of feeder to antenna ports. Set up and calibration of theodolite, load cell and Guyed Wire tensioning, to measure and adjust the verticality of the Mast.
  • Motorola Cisco Network upgrade for Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) Radio band - Victoria, N.T 2009-2010
    Complete site L.O.S. and other pre rigging inspection tasks. Installation of MW antennas, cable, mounting steelwork and radio unit on structure. Communicate with clientele and designers, providing feedback and inputting solutions to resolve onsite configuration errors. Relaying directive from client to workers in the field and maintaining a high level of satisfaction and professionalism as designated site contact.
  • SPAusNet Wireless SDH wireless network backbone - Victoria 2009-2010
    This was the final role I undertook prior to the liquidation of N.G.S. This was a true test to the training, experience and education I had received since beginning. Despite exhausting weather conditions and difficult plant set up anomalies due to terrain or limited free area on site, I successfully fulfilled a trainee supervising leadership position. The works carried out by myself and team included Tower Pier Footings, and Raft Slab concrete works. Tower preparation and erection. 5.4m Andrew MW Dish installations and dual feed wave guide cable runs. The locations of these sites also proved difficult with most of the new pole and towers located within SPAusNet Transmission yards, including ALCOA Smelting Yard in Portland Victoria

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inventory of Stock. Prepare vehicle, tools equipment and plant for upcoming site activities or long duration project works.
  • Tower work preparation. Establish and operate Haul rope & FSWR.
  • Site Installation Quality assurance   rigging systems on all structures.
  • Site construction works. Tower, Pole & Mast Foundations, Earthing, Building and Erecting.
  • Transmission and Cellular Site installations.
  • Fibre/Power, Coaxial, Hybrid and wave guide cable runs.   
  • Assisting Supervisor with Site Delivery, and Handover requirements.

    • Certifications


      TLILIC2005A - Work Platform

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Licence to Operate a Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform (Boom length 11 metres or more)


      CPCCLDG3001A - Dogging

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Licence to Perform Dogging


      CPCCLRG4001A - Advanced Rigging

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Licence to Perform Rigging Advanced Level


      IRATA Level 1

      International Rope Access Trade Authority

      Rope Access Technician


      RIIWHS202D - Confined Space

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Enter and Work in Confined Spaces


      CPCCLRG3002A - Intermediate Rigging

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Licence to Perform Rigging Intermediate Level


      CPCCLRG3001A - Rigging Basic

      Worksafe Training Centre

      Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level



      Victorian Certificate of Education (V.C.E)

      Aitken College Uniting Church School
      Business Management
      English Literature
      Further Mathematics
      Design & Technology
      Visual Communication and Graphic Design


      Joshua – Former Director of Next Generation Solutions (NGS)
      Manager; Onsite Supervisor; Instructing Rigger, Mentor
      Mobile Phone: 0433 255 822
      Rob Ernst – Minister to Cornerstone Baptist Church, Craigieburn Victoria
      Long time close friend, and current Minister to my church. Character Reference
      Mobile Phone: 0420 853 551
      Jukka – Business Development Consultant, and Project Manager at TASK National
      Manager; Onsite Supervisor, Team Development Manager, Mentor
      Mobile Phone: 0430 188 952
      Home Phone: 03 9333 38330