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Born in Norway, 1994. I speak and understand Norwegian and English and on top of that I understand Danish and Swedish perfectly. I also have some minor understanding of French, Japanese and German from living abroad. Currently a student working on a bacelor at SGS. 

I keep calm in stressfull sitations and ofted find my drive under pressure. The backside of this trait is that I tend to become lazy and unfocused when I am not under pressure. I take pride in my work and always try to make as much out of it as possible. I am generally a withheld person but come out in social sitations where it is neccesary. I try to be open and geniune with people when I interact with them. It is important to me that people feel comfortable around me because I know what it feels like to not be accepted. 

Work experience

content developer


I intern at SGS, helping out with grapical art and online media. 



I was working as a writer at Moneybankers for a short time in 2015. The main focus of my work was to produce artickles on various subjects in economy, mostly on loans and how they work. These artickles where writen with a particular focus on SEO(search engine optimisation) which helps the webpage to be ranked higher in search engines like Google. 

Graphical artist

Atom iT
Jun 2015Present

Me and a friend of mine recently started up our own IT consultant firm. We work with helping companies and private businesses or individuals integrate CMS into their website. We also help guide them and we even offer to build and develop their own websites from scratch. Personally I am in charge of all design and most front end coding including HTML/CSS and jQuery. 

Kindergarten assistant.

Hana Kindergarten
Dec 2014Jul 2015

I have been working as a kindergarten assistant the past few months and it’s been very rewarding to me. The kids all welcome me with warmth at the door every morning and I get lots of praise for my work so I feel accomplished in this line of expertise- and it is an expertise. 

To know how to listen and understand what the kids are really saying even when they might be saying something else. To understand that when they are mad they might actually be sad. And when their sad they might actually be tired and when their tired they might actually be hurting.  to be able to go from being a friendly play mate that engages in their interests and gets everyone playing together to being a strict guardian that sets clear rules and keeps consistent with them.

These are all things that I had to learn how to deal with in this line and I’m sure these are things I will bring with me for the rest of my life. 

My Contact at Hana Kindergarten:
manager:  +47 91392192

Kindergarten assistant.

Aug 2014Dec 2014

I have been working as a kindergarten assistant for various kindergartens around the state. Only a week or so each place but I like the work and its building my experience. Mostly I’m hoping it will trail onto a more stable work opportunity. This is probably not something I will do for the rest of my life but I enjoy the time I have. 


Mar 2013Jul 2013

For just a year or so my class in the final year of high school was tasked with registering and developing our own designer firm in Norway. We made an exhibition design firm and where given the task of finding clients. amongst our work we designed some shop windows at Magasin Blå(Magazine blue)a small shopping center by the docks in the busy city of Stavanger Norway. 

I was lead designer and mostly responsible for our logo and marketing. 


Nov 2012Nov 2012

I worked at Ikea as an exhibition design intern for about two weeks in an arrangement set up for me by my school. A sort of program where the student try working professionally for two weeks instead of going to school. My work mainly consisted of checking all the exhibitions and maintaining them.

Getting to know the professional exhibition designers there, they eventually gave me the responsibility of making multiple different exhibitions all on my own. Mind you none of them where as big as the once in the front windows but it was something and I would be lying if I said I was not proud of that they put their trust in me. 


Farmers Assistant

Private Farmer
Jun 2011Nov 2012

I worked as a farmer’s assistant for about a year or so. It was hard work shoveling shit and transporting hay but it was physicaly rewarding and I got to spend a lot of time alone in my own thoughts, which, as an aspiring author, was a very valuable feature for me. I fed pigs and sheep and I helped rid many acres of rocks to build farmable lands. I weeded entire fields in the hot summer sun and in rain and in snow. Most of the time I had to get there on bike. A trip that would take me about an hour each way. 

Media assitant


I volunteered at my local church to help out with media, such as handeling film equipment, text projection, lights, sound. KLS is the firm I worked with who controled the media at my church but they where also the firm that was used for concerts in the city and I often helped man cameras at larger concerts not to mention rigging the locations up and rigging them down. Moving equipment and settings things up.




Currently working on a bacelor in Popular literature at SGS. Hoping to turn it into a masters degree but it will remain to be seen. I love the work, though it is incredibly demanding. My last exam was 160 pages long. The teachers here are some of the most driven and passionate people I ever met and the amount of progress I have made under their mentorship is, as far as I am concerned, immeasurable. 

Front end coding

Mar 2015Present

I am continually learning to code through this online school. Today I am fluent in HTML/CSS and Jquery and I am also learning some back end languages like PHP. 


Genki Jacks
dec 2013Sep 2014

Straight out of high-school I moved to Japan for 9 months to study at Genki-Jacks language school. Mostly meant as a year off to decide what to do next in my life but I decided to spend it while studying Japanese.  I now know some very basic Japanese, but mostly what I got out of it was the expeirence of traveling to foreign countries and learning how to navigate unknown places with little to no help other than my own intution. From this period I have gianed cherished memories and experiences that no doubt will shape me and my work going forward.

Exhibition Design

Vågen HighSchool
Jan 2010Dec 2013

For three years I studied design at this high-school. 

3d Digital art.

Digital Tutors-online
Jan 2011Dec 2013

I spent many years studying 3d art on my own. It amounted to a firm understanding of shape and size as well as a thorough knowledge of many popular 3d development applications such as Zbrush, Maya, MudBox, Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and many more like it. A few of these years were spent learning from DIGITAL TUTORS-ONLINE. The knowledge and structure of learning-schedules it brought me has since served me valiantly.