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I am an accomplished multi-media professional and leader with experience delivering high-quality content, campaigns, and user experiences appropriate for the audience and the business. Here are some examples of my work.

Rover booking walkthrough

Tutorial experience for new pet care providers on the platform to set expectations, educate, and encourage desirable business and safety behavior for the multi-step and open-ended process of booking a client. I provided the outline and content for this experience. This is a voluntary tutorial but it is seeing significant engagement from both experienced and new sitters. (Existing sitters were also presented with this new content when it launched.)

Facebook prayer request post

"The best content designer I've ever worked with" Tyler, PM for the Faith team.

During the pandemic, communities of faith were not able to meet in their places of worship. But even before that people and communities were using Facebook to connect with each other. One of the ways we sought to support these communities on Facebook was requests for prayers. Our efforts to better support communities of faith on Facebook carried significant risk for the platform and company.

I used the conducted qualitative research and my own desk research, as well as tools and principles of content strategy and design, to drive key decisions around the delivery and contents of this feature. While inclusivity was important to the team, I discovered that the interaction of requesting and receiving prayers was only really relevant to the Christian and Islamic faiths. Where our initial research indicated affinity for a faith's native language naming of faith acts, I showed with scale and localization and with testing and research that using a generic word would not cause harm and would allow us to update and ship new features to serve these communities more quickly. I also worked with the head of Facebook Content Design and negotiated with the Groups Content Design team to flex the rules of the Group post structure to provide a more authentic experience for this action.

Zillow agent quiz

The Premier Agent marketing team at Zillow wanted to take advantage of what they knew was a time of unique activity for real estate agents: the day after Christmas. The goal was to raise awareness about the power of technology in the real estate industry, and collect new contact information for further nurture marketing. 

I designed the flow and created the content for this BuzzFeed-style quiz that drove high engagement to meet the team's goals.

First #OptOutside experience on

2015 was the first year REI closed completely for Black Friday, causing a major focus on the brand as a disruptor in the retail space and ultimately re-establishing the brand of the co-op and starting an industry-wide trend. The #OptOutside campaign urged others to use the day to connect with family and friends in the outdoors instead of shopping for bargains.

With my team I drove and executed the information and content flow of the digital experience for this event's execution on the website, which needed to both promote and drive engagement with the campaign and clarify that they could still shop online but that their order would not be processed until after Black Friday so that all of our employees could enjoy the day.

Product choosing aid on

Worked across product merchandisers, expert writing team, and the digital retail design and tech teams to deliver REI's expert advice into the product browse experience. The goal was to bring an experience that you would get by physically visiting an REI store to product assortments that are historically difficult to purchase online. 

Brand-elevated homepage

Brought storytelling alongside product placement to the homepage to elevate the REI brand on this highly trafficked surface. Using site data and traffic patterns, drove an editorial-programming model of programming and managing the homepage and sub-sections of the site to create an experience that took advantage of how users were navigating the site, was relevant seasonally and to the rhythm of the business, and focused resources on the highest priorities over time. 

Election 2012

Election 2012 on Xbox LIVE ran for a little over 3 months on Xbox LIVE and consisted of an extended console dash hub with daily video and interactive programming, nine live interactive television broadcasts, and a second-screen (SmartGlass) experience on election night. It was the first Xbox LIVE dash experience of its kind featuring politically balanced, curated content from multiple 3rd parties updated on a daily basis according to the day’s top issues as they unfolded. It also featured the first ever live interactive broadcasts on television, and the first ever connected second-screen companion experience for television.

I was the lead producer on this project, producing the dash hub experience overall content strategy and daily content programming, the interactive functionality and content for the live broadcasts, and the SmartGlass experience from concept to execution. This project brought unprecedented engagement on the Xbox console and significant attention from press outlets about the future potential of this concept for both polling and participation in the democratic process. 

SmartGlass for Live Interactive TV on Xbox LIVE

I owned the SmartGlass program for live interactive television broadcasts on Xbox. SmartGlass strives to take advantage of the additional screens that are present when people are watching something or participating in a game on the television screen, some of which are already being used as part of the entertainment experience. For live television, I needed to create a concept that would make watching an event on Xbox LIVE better than watching anywhere else, or to even rival being at the event in person.

I conceptualized the functionality and content strategy, and produced the content for each broadcast. Our broadcasts were unique in that each ran only once for a few hours, as opposed to being available for an extended period like a game or movie. The challenge was to create a repeatable platform on which many different events could be supported.

I devised a basic "baseball card" system to start with, where I could upload information and vital statistics for a variety of items within categories with new content for each event, and the whole thing reskinned with appropriate branding. The experience also included an i-frame option for pulling in custom content to support an event, like the dynamic electoral map from Bing for Election Night. Later, I updated the functionality to include live video uploads and ongoing chronicling of arrivals and award-winners to provide exclusive extra content. The SmartGlass experiences for live events were consistently the top-used upon "launch" of all the SmartGlass experiences created at that time. integrated experience

I managed for several years. During that time I drove changes to the UX and content of the site to bring it from a collection of disparate areas to support opposing goals to a cohesive and seamless user experience. I did this by carefully studying user behavior on the site, as well as existing audience data, constructing the story of the brand, challenging assumptions, and aligning business goals for the site across divisions to create a clear view of the customer journey. I did this for major entry points and touch points throughout the site as well as for new features and initiatives affecting customers using the site. Through this I decreased bounce rate on the site, increased account signup success rates, decreased customer support calls for major incidents, and increased customer satisfaction. I also managed the day-to-day publishing to the site.

Sponge School

I lent my expertise in digital user experience and marketing as a consultant to a local language school for children. I provided input on the school's website on SEO and user flow, leading them to rearrange the top navigation, change the content of the homepage, and adjust the flow for finding classes and signing up. I also provided input on their regular email newsletter format, advising on content strategy, user interaction with the email, and optimizing the mobile user experience. 

Work History

Jan 2022present

Founding Content Strategist


Established content strategy practice and operations across multiple teams and geographies. Identified critical customer touchpoints and delivered content and experience to address and improve metrics for both customer struggles and business concerns. Acquired and delivered new processes and tools to improve and scale content quality and consistency. 


Senior Content Strategist

Facebook (Meta)

Deliver content and experiences to drive customer value for Facebook Marketplace. Drove complex decisions for high-risk issues relating to new Faith and Gig Worker verticals. Provided value to both sides of the marketplace for the ecomm, Vehicles, and Real Estate verticals. Provide content, consulting and insight for SEO on Marketplace and other Facebook surfaces. Operationalized the 


Associate Director, Strategy

POSSIBLE, a Wunderman Thompson Agency

Manage and deliver strategy to high-tech and consumer brands, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Invisalign, and IHG. Created messaging frameworks, comms plans, pitch decks, and SEO strategy to win business for the agency and results for clients.


Brand Marketing Content Strategist

Zillow Group

Create strategies to deliver guidance supporting emerging B2B markets with an emphasis on content, web experience and message optimization and types to meet audience needs. Write effective short- and long-form marketing content and copy.


Content Strategist


Provide audience definition, content strategy, social media promotion, and B2B blogging and other inbound marketing content for various clients.


Manager, Content and Editorial


Elevated the brand through copy and content on REI digital properties. Included co-op content on key landing experiences throughout I also provided copy for major brand-elevating campaigns and collaborated with activity experts to provide content-based on-page guidance for choosing certain products.Drove the expansion of the content strategy to include REI co-op heritage, stewardship, and member stories. Developed and managed the editorial calendar for Aligned content teams across marketing, expertise and assistance, and digital experience. Nominated for the coveted Leadership Award after only six months at the co-op.


Manager: International Editorial - Bing/MSN Apps


Through direct management of two regional editors and vendors for the Americas region, mobilized nearly 400 global lifestyle subject matter experts to deliver high-quality, locally relevant content across 4 vertical channels in 22 markets.


Senior Producer - Live Interactive Television, Xbox Entertainment Studios


Produced the ground-breaking first interactive and second-screen experiences for live television broadcasts on the Xbox LIVE service.


Manager, production and editorial


Managed the end-to-end web strategy and production for global web presence for Microsoft's music and video service. Managed a team of FTEs, contractors, and offsite vendors, some located in Paris, France.


Design Program Manager: Zune


Drove consistency of branding elements, standards, and iconography across customer-facing elements of the Zune service through the design process: device UI, Zune software (Dorado), and web site. 


Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering

University of New Hampshire

UX Level 2

School of Visual Concepts

Project Management for Design

School of Visual Concepts


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