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Experienced, versatile, tech-savvy, and quick to learn new skills and technologies. I lead future-focused teams and initiatives to remain at the forefront learning design and experience transformation.


March 2024 - Present

Sr. Manager, Workforce Experience Consulting

EPAM Systems
March 2021March 2024

Learning Programs Manager

EPAM Systems
  • Responsible for coordination and management of global workforce and customer experience teams for multiple global clients 
  • Grow business through consultation and development of RFPs, proposals, and case studies
  • Responsible for overall quality for all gUP (Google User and Products) verticals global support-agent training and consulting needs
  • Optimized entire onboarding and launch curricula to achieve a 50% per-deliverable reduction in cost and a 60% reduction in onboarding seat time
  • Wrote all SOPs for Training Production Team and gUP training procedures
  • Reduced SLAs by 50% for internal turnaround time 
  • 100% project acceptance and on-time completion rates 
  • Senior team manager on 20+ person team with 9 direct reports
  • Negotiate schedules, resourcing, and project asks with client 
  • Maintain and ensure adherence to project schedules
  • Developed and led International Mentorship Program for international EPAM peers in the L&D space
  • Promote all-team professional development opportunities and provide for professional and growth needs and mentorship of resources 
  • Plan and implement L&D department knowledge shares, Speaker Series, Hack-a-Thons, incubator, and roundtable events
June 2019Feb 2021

Sr. Instructional Designer

EPAM Systems

Sr. instructional designer for Google employees, agents, and vendors.

  • Create high-quality and effective training in line with Google branding and design philosophy and approach
  • Lead and manage project teams of curricula and programs from scoping through implementation
  • End-to-end design from needs analysis to development and implementation
  • Mentor and train new hires and junior IDs
  • Collaborate with experience designers to create high-quality, visually stunning learning experiences
  • Responsible for new hire, product, launch, and QA training (eLearning, ILT, hybrid)
  • Maintain standards in accordance with SLAs 
  • Deliver quality training materials that meet and exceed project needs and deadlines
  • Member of Impact Team
    • Responsible for creating team culture
    • Leading and managing team events
    • Providing team professional development and leadership opportunities
    • Redesign and development of new hire onboarding
Nov 2017June 2019

Instructional Designer and Program Manager

Dell Medical School

Oversee design, development and production of Dell's Value-Based Health Care learning modules for medical students and professionals 

  • Design learning experience based on content and instructional goals and according to established learning pattern 
  • Curate content from best-in-class OER materials, obtaining permission from authors where rights are needed 
  • Ensure content covers learning objectives and is clearly conveyed 
  • Design assessments and interactive activities based on national objectives
  • Wireframe content into user experience for graphic designer 
  • Storyboard animations and interactives 
  • Manage graphic designer, web developer, and video production company to ensure timely and correct delivery of all products 
  • Prepare CEC application and documentation
  • Prepare for move to LMS; oversee LMS design and development
  • Quality-test site functionality as well as design and user experience; redesign where necessary 
  • Manage product testing 
  • Oversee product launch and manage fixing of launch issues

For Dell Medical school at large, I assist in redesign of our Canvas user experience and design-alignment of courses and strategies. I also work on individual course design with faculty members for the Canvas platform. 

June 2016Jan 2017

Professional Development Designer

Tulane University - Contract work for College of Medical and Health Sciences - University Rwanda
  • Design and development of Moodle-based professional development workshop for faculty at CMHS (contract)  
  • Analysis of current faculty innovation via Google Analytics and research of institution's Moodle courses  
  • Curate and prepare training on curation of best OER materials
  • Development of framework-based surveys to measure faculty technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge and student-centered learning practices 
  • Development of Best-Practices showcase of and for Kigali faculty
May 2015Nov 2017

Sr. Instructional Designer

Institute for Transformational Learning - University of Texas system

Manage and facilitate at programmatic level design, development, and implementation of courses and modules for multiple University-level programs. Design and development of instructional material for University of Texas Campuses, specifically the Biomedical Sciences program at UT Rio Grande Valley and UT San Antonio MBA Program. 

  • Designed and developed interdisciplinary, project-based courses 
    • Curated and structured all OER materials 
    • Developed rubrics and assessments 
    • Authored courses in Canvas and Blackboard
    • Developed syllabi
    • Developed and managed relationships with all professors/SMEs to produce quality online educational experiences
  • Ensure Lead IDs have what they require to complete course design and development 
  • Ensure faculty and student issues are delegated and solved during implementation process
  • Liaise with vendors and internal team members to:
    • keep communication open and consistent
    • receive and deliver products, specs, designs, etc. on time and in full 
    • solve issues during the design, development, and implementation processes
    • keep team on goal and on track to succeed 
  • Coordinate wind-down and transfer of operations for completed ITL programs,  concluding ITL's deliverables promises while mitigating impact to instructors and students 
  • Manage development, testing, and rollout of Value-Based Health Care modules according to design and schedule
  • Conducted QA and editing of Cybersecurity courses for technological, pedagogical, and content issues ahead of ITL's successful launch of UT San Antonio's Cybersecurity program 

Assistant Instructional Designer

PETEX-Petroleum Exploration

Design and development of blended and online courses

  • Pipeline Inspector Certification Course (multimodal blended learning course spanning several weeks)
  • Well Sharp Course (online, 5-6 hour course)
  • Development of competencies and objectives
  • Formative and summative assessment/survey development
  • Copy-editing (along with editing staff) for all lessons and presentations
  • Communicate and attend meetings with SMEs and instructors; incorporate comments into course materials
  • Gather course materials from in-house, online, and other resources; research content in order to follow best practices
  • Incorporate accepted ID principles and best practices 

Designer and Developer

Alien Rescue Teacher Portal
  • UI/UX Design of in-game tools and databases.
  • Co-designer and developer of Teacher Professional Development website.
  • Collaborated in design of Alien Rescue video game
  • HTML5/CSS coding for site (beginner-intermediate) 
  • Worked closely with Alien Rescue team, teachers, and clients to design an
    effective and compelling platform on which to house teacher professional
    learning and curriculum integration instruction.