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Rivier University

Aug 2008May 2014

Doctor of Education

Leadership and Learning

Dissertation: Effect of Visual Modeling on Integer Mapping

Rivier University

Jun 1993May 1997

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study

School Psychology

NASP Approved program

1200 hour clinical

Rivier University

Jun 1990May 1993

Masters Degree

Learning Disabilities


Jun 1992Aug 1993

Graduate Courses

Completed all Graduate courses for Reading Specialist

University of New Hampshire

Sep 1984May 1987

Bachelors Degree

Developmental Psychology

Work experience

Rivier University

Aug 2001Present

Adjunct Professor

I design and teach Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Education, Assessment of Disabilities, Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Child Development and Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning and Teaching Methods, and Technology Integration. I develop content for face-to-face and interactive modules using Canvas and Blackboard courseware platforms. Students in my classes learn through principles of Universal Design, interactive digital technologies, practice with peers and field experiences, professional blogging, wiki-based projects, humor and popular media, collaborative discourse, demonstrations and simulations, brain-based methodologies, lab experiences, and gaming.



Public Speaker/Staff Developer

Examples of Invited Talks and Conferences

★Wilmington MA Public Schools Professional Development Day "Your Brain on Math" *Executive Functions, Dirty Dancing, a Monkey, and You" Wilmington, MA

★National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: "Your Brain on Numbers--Neurodevelopmental Pathways in Number Sense" Richmond, VA

★Doctoral Conference on Leadership and Learning: "Stolen Affection: Adolescent Development in a Middle School Hallway" "Your Brain on Number: Numerical Cognition and Implications for Educational Research" Nashua, NH

★Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics in Education: "Professional Learning Communities and Within-Group Altruism" Ontario, Canada

★Hampton School District Technology Professional Development Day "Digital Storytelling and the Common Core"

★Diocese of Manchester Sacred Heart School Professional Development Series "Executive Functions and the Game of Life"

★Hampton School District: "Diagnosis of Autism: What's the DSM V Got To Do With It?"

Hampton School District

Aug 2011Present

Director of Pupil Services

  • Supervised Special Education, Title 1, 504/ADA, McKinney-Vento, ESOL, and community preschool staff, budgets, grants, and programming
  • Secured and managed multiple federal and competitive grants • Managed professional development and resources for staff
  •  Managed programs with no Due Process claims, no DOE complaint claims,  and no citations on Federal program reviews for all programs
  •  Provided professional development to staff on multiple topics
  •  Reduced out of district placements from 23 to zero
  •  Cultivated multiple partnerships with a wide variety of agencies and providers
  •  Developed in-school mental health services program for students in crisis and their families
  • Developed multi-component in-house program for children with autism

Hampton School District

Aug 2002Aug 2011

Director of Special Education

  • Moved District from 67% compliance to 99%; increasing IDEA grants 
  • Increased services across the District in the areas of preschool, behavioral consultation,autism, OT, Speech-language, and School Psychology 
  • Increased annual Medicaid revenues by more than twelve times 2002 figures
  • Dramatically increased Catastrophic Aid revenues by improving compliance and shifting budget priorities 
  • Supervised professional staff, assistant staff and consulting staff
  • Dramatically improved results of NH DOE Program Approval rating across District
  • Provided ongoing staff training on a wide variety of topics
  • Developed LEA Plan and procedures 
  • Represented District in court on all 402 and adjudicated youth cases
  • Represented District at School Board meetings 
  • Cultivated multiple agency partnerships 
  • Consulted on all issues related to disabilities, mental health, therapies, services, etc.
  • Provided consultation and case management for all private school students
  • Negotiated school partnership programs with multiple organizations, agencies, consultants, and specialized service providers.
  • Implemented specialized, research-based programs 
  • Implemented school-wide change frameworks such as PBIS and UDL

Merrimack School District SAU 26

Jun 1998Aug 2002

Department Head & School Psychologist

  • Managed Special Education programs with no Due Process or DOE complaint claims
  • Supervised professional, paraprofessional, and consulting
  • Maintained 100% compliance 
  • Redesigned and managed EH program based on Choice-Theory model
  • Developed and implemented new programs for students with language-based learning disabilities and developmental disabilities 
  • Orchestrated and managed school-wide change programs
  • Liaison to multiple community agencies, Wrap Around, consultants, hospitals, private schools 
  • Provided school psychology services such as crisis team, evaluations and counseling


  • Sr. Mary Jane Benoit Outstanding Educator Award Rivier University2015 For teaching, contributions to the field, and mentoring students in the graduate education and counseling programs
  • Invited to speak to new Doctoral Students--Summer ResidencyRivier UniversityJune 2015
  • Parent Outreach Award NH Department of Education, NH Connections, and Parent Information Center2014
  • Title One Circle of Excellence Award NH Department of Education2013
  • Invited council member: NH Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders 2015
  • Invited Member: NH Task Force on Accessible Instructional Materials NH Department of Education2014
  • Invited Speaker--Round Table Discussion: Developing a Proposal for Doctoral Conference on Leadership and Learning2014
  • NH Partners in Education Award 1996 Co-developer and leader of mentorship program with Fidelity Investments

Invited Talks

3/2016 Sacred Heart School teacher workshop series: “Number Sense: What Every Brain Needs to Know”

11/2015 Hampton School District technology professional development day: “Cool Tools for Digital Storytelling”

11/2014 Wilmington, MA public schools professional development day: “Executive Functions, a Monkey, Dirty Dancing, and You”

11/2014 Wilmington, MA public schools professional development day: “Counting on Numbers: What Every Brain Needs to Know”

3/2014 Stetson, S., Gaffney, A., Bedingfield, S. (2014), Preparing for Doctoral research: The proposal (round table discussion), Doctoral Conference in Leadership and Learning, Rivier University

3/2014 Bedingfield, S., Burnham, K., Florino, D., Gaffeny, A., Hartmann, J., Neilan, M., Rogers, A., Stetson, S., & Straight, D. (2014), Doctoral studies and the cohort model: Stories from the field, presented at: Doctoral Conference in Leadership and Learning, Rivier University

1/2013 Sacred Heart School Teacher workshop Series: "The Game of Life: Brain Rules for Executive Functions"

10/2012 Sacred Heart School teacher workshop series: “Executive Functions: What are They?”


12/2015 Stetson, S. & Hartmann, J. (2015), “Digital Storytelling and the Common Core: Hands on Workshop”, Christa McAuliffe Technology in Education Conference (NHSTE)

12/2015 Hartmann, J. & Stetson, S. (2015), “Digital Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities: Principles of Universal Design”, Christa McAuliffe Technology in Education Conference (NHSTE)

10/2015 Stetson, S & Hartmann, J. (2015), Outsourcing ourselves: Identity development, disability, and social media. Paper presented at the Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics in Education: Values and Leadership Conference, Pennsylvania State University

10/2015 Stetson, S. & Hartmann, J. (2015), “Digital Storytelling and the Common Core”, New England Association of Teachers of English

10/2015 Hartmann, J. & Stetson, S. (2015), “Technology Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities”, New England Association of Teachers of English

3/2015 Stetson, S. (2015), Stolen affection: Adolescent male identity development in a middle school hallway. Paper presented at Doctoral Conference for Leadership and Learning, Rivier University, Nashua, NH

11/2014 National Teachers of Mathematics Conference Richmond, VA: "Numerical Cognition"

10/2014 Hartmann, J., & Stetson, S. (2014), Building and sustaining communities of educational leadership: The cohort model and beyond. Paper presented at the Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics and Education: Values and Leadership Conference, Ontario, Canada

3/2014 NH Teachers of Mathematics Conference Manchester, NH: "Numerical Cognition and the Remediation of Dyscalculia"

2/2013 Doctoral Conference in Leadership and Learning, Rivier University Nashua, NH: "Your Brain on Number: Number Sense and Implications for Educational Research”


Stetson, S. (2015). Stolen affection: Male adolescent identity development in a                    middle school hallway. Insight Academic Journal,11(1).

Hartmann, J., Stetson, S. & Gaffney, A. (2015). From turtles to tweets: A successful

         doctoral cohort reports on the development of within-group altruism. Insight

         Academic Journal, 11(1).

Numerical Cognition Study


Departmental Talks

4/2015 SAU90 Technology Workshop Day: “Digital Storytelling and the Common Core”

4/2015 “Autism: What is it Really?”

2/2015 “Learning Disabilities: What Are Processing Disorders?”

1/2015 “Special Education Referral Process: Response to Intervention vs. Educational      Disabilities”

8/2014 “New Teachers: Pupil Services”

8/2013 “New Teachers: Pupil Services”

8/2012 “New Teachers: Pupil Services”

9/2011 “Tools4U: Web 2.0 Tools for Special Education”

10/2009 “Multiple Intelligences”

10/2008 “Curriculum-Based Measurement”

10/2006 “Your IEP Tool Kit”

9/2006 “RTI: What is Special Education?”

Community Talks/Outreach

4/2015   SAU90 School Board: “What is Universal Design for Learning?”

5/2014   SAU90 Parents' Workshop Series: "Tap Your App: iPAD Applications for Education"

5/2014   SAU90 Parents’ Workshop Series: “Digital Animation Tools”

2/2014   SAU90 Parents’ Workshop Series: “What is Title One and Digital Media”

5/2013   SAU90 Parents' Workshop Series: "Executive Functions and Adolescents: Tips for Parents"

2/2013   SAU90 Parents’ Workshop Series: “What is Title One and Just Right Books”

7/2012   School Board: “District in Need of Improvement Plan: Student Progress”

2/2012   SAU90 Parents’ Workshop Series: “What is Title One?”

9/2011   Seacoast Mental Health in the schools partnership

9/2010   Community forum: “Harassment and Bullying”

11/2009 School Board: “Learning Trajectories of Students with Special Needs”



2013-present      Title III NH (Consortium leader and fiscal agent for five towns)

2001-present      IDEA NH

2001-present      Preschool Special Education

2011-present      Title IA

2009-2011         ARRA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

2009-2011         ARRA Preschool

2010                  District in Need of Improvement Planning

2010                  Preschool Outcomes Measurement

Competitive Grants

8/2015 NH Department of Safety-Homeland Security Grant (in progress)

8/2015 Title 1 Subgrant: NH Summit Data Literacy

8/2015 Title 1 Subgrant: NH Summit Early Childhood

9/2013-6/2016 Title X: McKinney Vento Homeless and Unaccompanied Youth: “Leadership programming for at risk students”

9/2012-6/2013 Title IV: Safe and Drug-Free Schools: “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports”

9/2011-6/2012 Title IID: "Animating Understanding”

Professional Work Groups

Invited representative: NH Commission on Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Insight Academic Journal peer review board

Invited member: New Hampshire Department of Education NIMAS task force

Seacoast Association for the Educationally Disadvantaged

Preschool Technical Assistance Network

NH Coalition for Youth on Their Own

Seacoast Wrap Around

New Hampshire Preschool Technical Assistance Network

Doctoral Program Peer review committee Rivier University

Magnolia Education Consortium professional learning community


Universal Design for Learning
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

TCI and SOLVE trained


Visual Tools Software

Grant Writing



School Psychologist



School Administrator

Director of Pupil Services


Learning Disabilities

Specialist in assessment and intervention


Special Education



Mild-Moderate Special Needs


Professional Organizations

Council for Exceptional Children

NH Principals' Association

NH Special Education Administrators Association

National Association of School Psychologists

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

International Society for Technology in Education

National After School Association

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development