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I am an engineer who can also tell great stories!

So "Tell me about yourself...."

I am a hybrid of an engineer and a social scientist. My Social Science degree integrates with my Bachelors in technology in an unusual way.Having hands on experience in programming languages, application software and ethnographic research and allows me to explore or rather observe the market in a techno-centric human-connected manner. I understand that technology is often the lens which allows one to archive the past and design the future simultaneously. It is the matrix where raw instincts and desires for several experiences get mapped onto left-clicks and and a drop down pane in one's browser window. However these desires for several experiences are complex problems which often require asking the right questions from consumers and users and designing the right surveys.

I am what I "aim"!!

The problem always needs to be defined in terms of people because people experience the market and services and people are always the message, the medium and the mission!Thus I want to be involved in creating meaningful dialogues with the people using interactive technology and storytelling, these two things form the DNA of one-to-one or many-to-one social and cultural ctonversations.

You would want to hire me if you love puns!

I am very dPUNdable and US economy makes so much CENTS to me.

Work experience

Business Technology Analyst

Jun 2011Jul 2013
  • SAP Consultant in the CRM wing for a Fortune 100 company and the oldest client of Deloitte India
  • Developed industry-specific solutions for complex technical and business requirements of the clients
  • Handled client’s business areas like Customer Interface, Runtime of Web based Apps, Device Mgmt
  • Point of contact of team of 63 for coordinating project milestone completions and deliverables Initiatives
  • Led a team of 6 which interacted & worked with client team across the globe to create their web UI
  • Developed a workforce attrition and talent retention model to enhance the firm’s recruitment practices
  •  Single-handedly took ownership of the entire business proposal and demonstration for a potential client
  • Co-founded in-house design and production team responsible for year round cultural activities in the firm

Research Assistant

State Government of West Bengal, Indian
Sep 2010Jun 2011
  • Digitally archived & annotated Satyajit Ray’s manuscripts for an online portal (
  • Developed an interactive online database to promote research & scholarship on Bengali regional cinema

Research Assistant and Translator

Seva Mandir
May 2009Jul 2009
  • Conducted ethnographic research in 7 villages to study the dynamics and marginalization of women
  • Designed interview questions and intercept surveys for women suffering from domestic violence
  • Created an online helpline portal in association with lawyers to provide legal assistance to rural women


Master of Arts in Social Sciences (Anthropology)

University of Chicago
Sep 2013Aug 2014

I was trained in professional and academic writing. The choice of courses ranged from Public Policy, History, Anthropology and Social Engineering. During the course -

  • Planned an independent research examining the policies of Central Board of Secondary Education,India
  •  Investigated 1000 underground press documents, 2 national newspapers of years 1975-79 and 92 books
  • Analyzed censorship policies, constitutional amendments & coalition politics using primary sources
  • Analyzed historical data to study the impact of media & national movements on Indian politics in the years 1975-77 
  • Drafted a proposal for an exhibition for Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, based on ethnographic analysis of the museum

B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology

Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Jul 2007Jun 2011

We were trained in aspects of software development, trained to understand software project life cycle, were given education in fundamentals of economics and business. The courses I was taught were:

  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Database Management System
  • Operating Systems
  • Distributed Computing


Communication and Management
I articulate my thoughts pretty neatly and can handle flow of information between various level of hierarchy in a business process.
I can develop database level codes for extracting data from master tables for industries.
Business Analysis
I can develop business requirements for companies in telecom, public transportation and oil and gas industry sector.
Academic and Porfessional Writing
I can write very well researched and very astute business proposals, project outlines, analytical documents.
Archival Research
I can dig into old documents, newspapers, government reports, historical interviews and create a summary for a problem.
Ethnographic Research
I design and conduct interviews, conduct participant action research and formulate surveys!


John Kelly

Saumya Gupta clearly has talent as an historical ethnographer and political anthropologist.

Aditi Nath Sarkar

"Saumya will always be an excellent colleague and a responsible ,dependable comrade."