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I am currently the Managing Director for FastCompany.TV. You probably know me best for my popular blog,, which came to fruition during my tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. I am married to Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble and have two sons, Patrick and Milan. Along with my work at FastCompany, I am the co-author of Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers.

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Managing Director

On March 3, 2008, we launched with two shows: FastCompany Live and ScobleizerTV. FastCompany Live is a show produced on the spot, live via the internet using cell phone video technology. Viewers can join me while filming by commenting during the actual shooting. ScobleizerTV is similar to my previous show on PodTech, only with High Definition equipment and a producer. It follows me as I interview people and companies that are shaping the technology industry today.

FastCompany.TV now has WorkFast TV where I interview guests on how internet-based technologies are making people and companies more productive. And, most recently added, is PhotoCycle, a show that takes its viewers to meet some of the masterminds of photography.

May 2003Jul 2006

Technical Evangelist

At Microsoft, I was part of the Channel 9 MSDN Video team, where I produced videos that showcased Microsoft employees and products.

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Latest Ventures

I'm on the Board of Advisors at Teens in Tech, a blog, podcast, and video community for teenagers who can’t afford hosting and/or a domain name to come to Teens in Tech and register. Each user can upload audio/video files and write blog posts. The goal of Teens in Tech is to offer teenagers access to new media.

Rules for Successfully Scaling Startups

Here are a few ground rules on how to create a successful startup:

  • Have a story.
  • Have everyone on board with that story.
  • If anyone goes off of that story, make sure they get on board immediately or fire them.
  • Make sure people are judged by the revenues they bring in. Those that bring in revenues should get to run the place. People who don't bring in revenues should get fewer and fewer responsibilities, not more and more.
  • Work ONLY for a leader who will make the tough decisions.
  • Build a place where excellence is expected, allowed, and is enabled.
  • Fire idiots quickly.
  • If your engineering team can't give a media team good measurements, the entire company is in trouble. Only things that are measured ever get improved.
  • When your stars aren't listened to the company is in trouble.
  • Getting rid of the CEO, even if it's all his fault, won't help unless you replace him/her with someone who is visionary and who can fix the other problems.