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With 23 years of experience at the secondary level, as well as 18 years post-secondary, I have taught a wide range of courses.  My online expertise has come from implementing secondary courses through both Schoology and Canvas, undergraduate biology and chemistry courses through the Blackboard and Canvas Learning Systems, and also through facilitation of graduate coursework through Moodle. Additionally, I have served as a mentor by providing both local and state level presentations on effective science education.

Work experience

Chemistry Instructor

North Sand Mountain High School
Aug 1999Present

My duties of chemistry teacher have included but are not limited to:  creating lesson plans appropriate to current science education pedagogy, preparing and delivering lectures, creating and supervising laboratory activities, evaluating student performance, maintaining classroom records, and meeting with parents, teachers and other professionals. In addition to these responsibilities, I have also served and/or provided the following:

- Science Department Chair

- School-wide Technology Coordinator

- Senior Class Sponsor

- Honor Court Committee Member

- Science Club Sponsor

- Budget Committee Member

- Acquired several grants including a $25,000 award for science


- Gained National Board for Professional Teaching Certification 

- Administration of the ACT examination

- Taught AP coursework in chemistry

- Piloted the NSM 1-to-1 iPad Initiative for 11th Grade Chemistry


 - Consistently received positive teacher evaluations from 


- Discovered New Geographical Range for the Etheostoma

  blennioides (Greenside Darter)

Adjunct Instructor of Biology and Chemistry (on campus and online)

Northeast Alabama Community College
Jan 2003Present

As an adjunct instructor, my responsibilities have included developing and managing syllabus materials, selecting and compiling tests, assignments and/or online discussion exercises that permit measurement of performance relative to standardized learning objectives, the coordination of  courseware and curriculum with academic department chair, and to review courseware changes with the academic department chair and other full-time faculty teaching the course.  I am responsible for facilitating class Instruction in accordance with the learning objectives and session plan outlines specified by the college, while administering evaluations of student performance based on course deliverables and course rubrics through the Canvas platform. 

-One of two instructors that designed and implemented the first

   online biology courses offered at NACC.

-Developed the first hybrid CHM 111 and CHM 112 courses at NACC.

-Collected and analyzed biological data about relationships

   between organisms and their  environment.

-Conducted basic and applied research on non-game freshwater

  fishes of Alabama.

-Conducted research on the effectiveness of scientific probeware

   within freshman chemistry courses.

-Collected and processed specimens.

-Introduced field research to second-year biology students.

-Ordered laboratory equipment and supplies.

Graduate Adjunct Instructor of Instructional Technology

Morningside College

As an employee of the Sharon Walker School of Education, my responsibilities are to not only facilitate an online graduate level education course through Moodle but also foster and encourage life-long learning and professional development.  The basis of the course is to outline how current technologies can impact educational settings upon implementation.

Alabama Transform to Teaching (NT3)


As a National Board Certified Teacher, I represented the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards by serving as a statewide mentor for current candidates pursuing National Board Certification.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Western Governors University
Sep 2015Oct 2015

As a subject matter expert, I was called upon by WGU staff to assist in drafting evidence statements, which will later be used to inform item writers of what conditions and behaviors that students will need to demonstrate that they have mastered a specific subject matter. 

Technology Coordinator Assistant

University of Alabama
Jan 2003May 2003

 As a technology coordinator assistant, I carried out the responsibility of managing and implementing distance education equipment; furthermore, additional technology assistance was provided to graduate students for progression of course materials.  


Additional Graduate Studies (18 hours) in Chemistry

Illinois State University

FLINN Scientific High School Laboratory Safety Certification

north sand mountain high school

Doctor of Education

Liberty University
Jan 2009Nov 2014

This degree offered advanced training for individuals seeking a role in higher education. With the purpose of developing skilled and effective leaders, the undertaken program was a model of high academic standards and leadership in education. The specialized courses within the program developed the skills necessary to become an instructor or any other academic position requiring strong leadership skills and decision-making abilities. This program was approved through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

National Board Certified Teacher

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Dec 2006Dec 2016

Recognized as the gold standard in teacher certification, the National Board believes higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.

Educational Specialist

University of Alabama
Jan 2003Dec 2004

This degree program in Secondary Education was designed for current professionals who were interested in pursuing a degree leading to an Alabama Class “AA” Professional Certificate in secondary education.  The teacher graduating from the EdS program will be capable of participating in the educational decision-making process and will possess the knowledge and skills to facilitate positive change at the classroom, school, and district levels. An emphasis was placed on the analysis and adaptation of instructional strategies applied to diverse instructional contexts. The specific content area completed was biology.  

Master of Arts

University of Alabama
Aug 1999Dec 2002

This degree program in Secondary Education was designed for current professionals who were interested in pursuing a degree leading to an Alabama Class “A” Professional Certificate in secondary education.  The master's program placed greater emphasis on fostering experienced teachers' full capacities for reflective decision making as they base their judgments on knowledge of the subjects they teach, general principles of education and development, and their own experiences in instructional settings. The program focused on the application of knowledge about teaching to instructional practices. The specific content areas covered in this degree program was biology. 

Bachelor of Science in Education (Double Major: Chemistry and Biology)

Athens State University
Aug 1996Aug 1998

This degree was structured to prepare students to become effective educators within their teaching content area. The basis for this degree provided the graduate a comprehensive review of science education that encompassed standard academic courses in biology and chemistry. The degree also provided an Alabama Class "B" Professional Teaching Certificate. 


-Motivated by New Challenges

-Excellent Understanding and Proficiency of Educational Technology

-Strong Rapport with Faculty and Students as a Leader

-High Expectations of Self and Others

-Engaging Personality and Teaching Style

-Experience working with Advanced Environments (such as AP Chemistry)

-Effective Discipline Skills

-Good Classroom Management Skills

-Knowledge of Current Science Pedagogical Practices

-Knowledge of Subject Matter

-Passion for Teaching and Interactivity with Students

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level

BIO 103  PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY I (on campus and online)

This was an introductory course for science and non-science majors. It covered physical, chemical, and biological principles common to all organisms. 


This course was an introduction to the basic  relationships of plants and animals and a survey of plant and animal diversity including classification, morphology, physiology, and reproduction.


This course covered the structure and function of the human body. Included was an orientation of the human body, basic principles of chemistry, a study of cells and tissues, joints, the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems, and the senses. 


This course covered the structure and function of the human body. Included was a study of basic nutrition, the endocrine, respiratory, digestive, excretory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and reproductive systems.

CHM 111 COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I (online and hybrid)

This course includes measurement, nomenclature, stoichiometry, atomic structure, equations and reactions, basic concepts of thermochemistry, chemical and physical properties, bonding, molecular structure, gas laws, kinetic-molecular theory, liquids and solids, solutions, and colloids. 

CHM 112 COLLEGE CHEMISTRY II (online and hybrid)

This is the second course in a two-semester sequence. Topics in this course include chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, acids and bases, ionic equilibria of weak electrolytes, solubility product principle, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction, nuclear chemistry, an introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, and selected topics in descriptive chemistry including the metals, nonmetals, semi-metals, coordination compounds, transition compounds, and post-transition compounds. 

Graduate Level

EDUC 522 Instructional Technology (online Moodle platform)

This course expanded the use of technology tools in teaching situations and included an action inquiry project using a technology-infused solution. In addition, topics and issues related to technology and its use in schools were discussed.

Secondary Level 

-7th and 8th grade science

-Anatomy and Physiology 

-Advanced Chemistry

-AP Chemistry



-Environmental Science

-Forensic Science

-General Chemistry

-Physical Science


Professional Organization PARTICIPATION

Alabama Education Association 

National Education Association


Mr. Rodney Land, Natural Sciences Department Chair

Northeast Alabama Community College


Dr. Angela Guess, Board Member

Jackson County Board of Education


Mr. Chris Davis, Former Principal

North Sand Mountain High School