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I have a varied history in different aspects of customer service positions. At this time, I have progressed in my career from direct customer interactions to management and operations and hope to continue in that direction.

At my core, I'm a person that will find solutions when presented with problems. If there are obstacles in the way of a solution, I will figure out a way to remove those and press on. I will keep removing obstacles until the project has been completed.

I often receive compliments on the timely manner in which I complete tasks or follow up when major steps have been taken.


  • Fast learner with a demonstrated history of quick adaptations to changes in both responsibilities and business needs
Data Analysis
  • Demonstrated a natural ability to collect and analyze data in order help identify issues and potential solutions
  • Demonstrated history of ensuring that performance remains consistent and meets or exceeds expectations
Computer Literacy
  • Extensive computer experience as well as an abundance of experience with Microsoft Office and a working knowledge of SQL
  • Exceptional active listener and communicator through whatever medium is necessary

Work Experience

Jun 2019Sep 2021

Workforce Management Analyst

Connexion Pont, Inc
  • Forcasted calls on daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal intervals to within 10% accuracy
  • Devised optimal schedules for each client based on seasonal forecasts
  • Provided Operations with metrics regarding attendance, performance, and helped identify solutions to poor metrics
Nov 2018Jan 2019

Rapid Response Manager

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Built two teams of 9 agents to handle social media (non-marketing) contacts from customers and react to escalated complaints
    • Office of the President (3 agents) was tasked with responding to customer complaints and highly escalated situations as well as assisting the compliance team with regulatory and legal complaints
    • Social Media (6 agents) was tasked with responding to customer concerns through Facebook, Twitter, review sites, and any other social media platforms as necessary
  • Worked directly with Executive Officers on any issues that needed immediate customer outreach and resolution, even outside of normal business hours
Jun 2018Jan 2019

Acting IT Admin

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Temporarily fulfilled the duties of IT Admin due to the departure of a previous manager
  • Handled all IT issues, including agent specific computer performance issues and overall networking for the entire 90+ person office
  • Worked with the Director of IT & Sysadmin to roll out several networking changes for the Salt Lake City office
Jun 2018Nov 2018

Acting Facilities Manger

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Temporarily handled the duties of Facilities Manager due to the departure of a previous manager
  • Handled all facilities issues, including ordering supplies and building desks as office population expanded by 50+ additional people
  • Hired a security firm to remain on-site during business hours and monitor anyone coming or leaving from the office
Mar 2018Nov 2018

Risk Manager

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Increased the Risk department to 10 agents to handle the growing volume of fraud, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, complaint, and credit dispute cases
  • Developed metrics to better evaluate company performance regarding potential and actual fraud and discussed these metrics with interested parties at regular intervals
  • Suggested and evaluated options to better prevent and react to both potential and realized fraud
  • Handled monthly credit reporting for ~100,000 individual customer accounts
  • Acted as Operations Analyst for anything relating to the Risk Department, including pulling & analyzing data, developing further SOP's, and sending out various reports as necessary
  • Assisted the operations team with a variety of special projects to aid in the overall growth of the call center
Apr 2017Mar 2018

Risk Team Lead

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Lead a team of two people responsible for working all risk cases
  • Act as a subject matter expert for all issues related to risk and address any customer concerns regarding those topics
  • Developed SOP's regarding how to handle fraud, bankruptcy, and debt consolidation cases, including how those cases were tracked and recorded from start to finish
Mar 2017Apr 2017

Customer Service Team Lead

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Acted as a subject matter expert for all issues related to general customer service
  • Coach agents on performance and helped them succeed in their roles
  • Handled escalated customer contacts and ensured that their issues are resolved completely
Jan 2017Mar 2017

Customer Service Representative

MoneyLion, Inc.
  • Efficiently and accurately resolved all issues and questions raised by customers regarding MoneyLion services
  • Aided customers in completing applications for loans or other financial products
Oct 2013Jan 2016

Selling Limits Expert

eBay, Inc.
  • Reviewed selling accounts to mitigate risk
  • Partnered with sellers by setting appropriate selling limits to grow their business at a steady pace and educated sellers on best practices to better their selling performance
  • Relayed tough messages to sellers who may have been exited from selling or struggling to meet expectations
Aug 2013Oct 2013

Buyer Abuse Expert

eBay, Inc.
  • Reviewed buying accounts to mitigate risk
  • Partnered with buyers to educate them about good buying practices and discourage bad buying habits
  • Exited buying accounts that have failed to change their behaviors or pose a threat to the eBay community
Jul 2012Aug 2013

Global Buying Hub Agent

eBay, Inc.
  • Answered emails in a member's native language about a variety of topics in a timely manner
  • Escalated issues to the appropriate department when a member was unable to call into the correct phone support area
  • Aided eBay in piloting several new buying programs to ensure that they would work on an international level
Jan 2011Jul 2012

Buyer Protection Appeals Agent

eBay, Inc.
  • Arbitrated the outcome of Buyer Protection cases
  • Evaluated appeals when a member disagreed with the original decision or a mistake was previously made
  • Relayed tough messages to members who were not able to be covered by the various protection policies that were in place



Experience equivalent to Bachelor's Degree

University of Utah

Completed two semesters


Jordan High School

Graduated with honors with a 3.75 GPA.


Available upon request