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Insaf Imane Zouaoui

Civil engineer/ business development specialist

Career Summary

With more than 7 years of professional Hospitality & Engineering experience in diverse
companies across various geographies including UAE and Algeria, I have gone through a rigorous
learning, un-learning and re-learning regimen. I am hardworking with a special focus on Team
work, Diligent and Persuasive.
Have held junior to middle-level diverse roles across frontend, backend and middle stream in
hospitality industry to drive and mange cross-cultural teams in various capacities to deliver on
critical business objectives. 

Work experience

Civil engineer/ business development Company

Green coverings
  • Investigate the market to identify potential acquisitions and perform research to determine how appealing each opportunity is
  • Approve the best products or services that have low prices after reviewing and analyzing all options.
  • Vetted and qualified vendors and suppliers; negotiated preferred relationship agreements.
  • Coordinated with internal and external customers to ensure proper product selection and supply chain
  • Maintain good relations with the suppliers and look for interested suppliers and negotiate the best deal for the company
  • Oversee all inventory and equipment purchases, identifying areas of potential savings.
  • Relay information to inventory and employee management team, taking their reports into consideration at all times.
  • Reduced the cost of production through negotiation with buyersand developing a network of regular suppliers.
  • Reduced the procurement lead times and conributed to swift deliveries with cusomter focues approach.
  • Create forecast of demand to be prepared for upcoming requirements.

Client relationship and Collection Manager

Memon Developments, Dubai, AE

Leading the efforts to develop and maintain clients relationship and help drive collections
efforts for the organization.


Sales & Service Manager

DAMAS Jewelry, Dubai, AE

Responsible for Jewelry Sales, Merchandising & Customer service at one of the leading malls in Dubai.


Middle School French teacher

Middle School French

Duties & Responsibilities
Teaching since 2007 to 2016: -

  • Challenging underperformance at all levels & putting in one place effective procedures

to deal with any shortcomings.

  • Setting up new benchmarks for quality education for children from disadvantaged

backgrounds & communities.

  • Controlling the school's budget so that is spent in line with learning priorities and the principles of best value.
  • Committed to personal development in key relevant areas such as subject knowledge

and teaching methods.

  • Providing feedback to pupils in such a way that supports their progress and gives them

hope for their future.

  • Open to constructive feedback & willing to try new techniques that could help students

improve their skills.

  • Integral part of the core team which focused on youth mentoring, outings and various

activities to coach & counsel them.
Personal: -

  • Prepared to the night thing for the children no matter how hard it is or how seemingly

difficult the problems.

  • Adhering at all times to the strictest interpretation of all relevant Teaching Codes for

professional Conduct.

  • Possess own a car, along with a UAE

Primary French Teacher

Kebribich Tayeb Sidi



Supervision and training of students.


volunteer teacher to teaching French for poor kids

Zouaoui Imane Insaf Resume Nov 2018



Masters in Mechanical

Institute of Engineering

Qualification Year Institute Degree

2013 Institute of Engineering, Sidi-Bel- Masters in Mechanical
Abbes Engineering


Institute of Engineering

2011 Institute of Engineering, Sidi-Bel- Degree in Mechanical
Abbes Engineering


Abbes Bachelors of Sciences

High School Oukbi Ali

2007 High School Oukbi Ali, Sidi-Bel-Abbes Bachelors of Sciences


Special Skills

  • Ability to demonstrate problem solving and leadership skills with strong communication
  • Can thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments and can work

under high stressed situations.

  • Computer literate with working knowledge of with MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Has knowledge in the administration and interpretation of Psychological tests.