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Experienced leader with progressive roles building high-performance platforms and applications.

  • Built and led high performing technology and product management teams that are complex and span across numerous geographical locations. 
  • Seek to create strong/smart teams with people committed to the organisation's overall goals.
  • A democratic style leader - listens to the team and work with the team to achieve business goals.
  • Came out with geo-strategy for mission-critical teams and set up 2 new teams in the platform, paved the way and showcased business success within a few releases.
  • Exposure to handling medium to large programs in numerous domain managing inter-disciplinary team comprising Platform, AI/Machine Learning/Mobile Application Developers/UX Designers/Testers/App publishers/Tools/Technical writer team with tight deadlines, schedule, quality and cost parameters. Adept in managing end to end development, test and support teams across India, UK and USA.
  • Transitioned multiple teams to Agile methodology based on SCRUM. Efficient team leader, adept in training and motivating engineers, developers and technicians to achieve organisational objectives.
  • Skilled in defining product roadmap in collaboration with product leaders, aligning development plans, creating and taking the business plan to productisation and delivering creative solutions.

Technical Competency

Adept in managing technical teams in the following areas:

App development: Android, iOS

AI/ML - NLP, IBM Watson, RPA - UIPath, Video analytics - OpenCV

Web  development: ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, GoLang, Web services - REST, SOAP

Languages: C, ProC, C++, Java

Database: Oracle - SQL, PL/SQL; MySQL, ASA, MongoDB, Snowflake, AWS Redshift

Domain: Analytics, Data Engineering, CRM, Telecom - OSS, NMS - PABX, Utility - Electricity, Marketing analytics, ML, RPA

Cloud Platform: AWS 

Work experience

Senior Director of Engineering - Analytics & aiml

Oct 2022till date
Freshworks, Bengaluru

Freshworks is a cloud-based customer service software company founded in 2010 in Chennai, India. It is a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems.

Distinguished Senior Director of Engineering with a strong background in leading high-impact teams and driving operational excellence. Demonstrated success in implementing agile methodologies to enhance transparency and workflow efficiency. Renowned for optimising data warehousing strategies, modernising data pipeline with cutting-edge technologies, and achieving substantial cost savings. Has been a transformative leader who championed engineering excellence, resulting in superior team performance and remarkable cost efficiencies.

  • Initiated and oversaw the implementation of agile processes, fostering transparency, collaboration, and a structured approach within the Analytics team.
  • Revolutionised the data warehousing strategy by identifying and implementing cost-effective alternatives to the expensive Snowflake warehouse, resulting in significant cost reductions while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.
  • Modernised data pipelines through the adoption of Apache Spark and Databricks ETL tools, enhancing data processing speed and scalability, and enabling real-time insights for stakeholders.
  • Spearheaded comprehensive cost optimisation initiatives, meticulously examining various metrics and optimising resource allocation. 
  •  Elevated Engineering Excellence as a core pillar of the team's culture, instilling best practices, continuous learning, and quality assurance methodologies. Fostered an environment where innovation and excellence thrived.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to align engineering efforts with organisational goals, ensuring seamless integration of data solutions into the company's broader strategic initiatives.• Led the charge in conceptualizing and executing the groundbreaking Gen AI initiative, aligning AI and ML capabilities with strategic business goals.
  • Assembled and led a high-performing team of engineers and data scientists to develop advanced forecasting models, insightful analytics tools, and robust RCA algorithms.
  • Collaborated closely with Business Units (BUs) within Freshworks to identify pain points and opportunities for AI integration, subsequently delivering tailor-made solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Pioneered the deployment of AI-driven insights and forecasting models across Freshworks' suite of products, resulting in a significant reduction in customer churn and an increase in user satisfaction.
  • Spearheaded the development of an RCA system that proactively identified and addressed issues, that will result in reduction in downtime and an increase in system reliability.

Notable Results:

  • Successfully introduced agile practices, resulting in a 200% increase in project delivery efficiency and enhanced team collaboration, reducing time-to-market for critical analytics solutions.
  • Implemented cost-effective data warehousing alternatives, saving the company $2 million annually while maintaining data accessibility and reliability.
  • Modernized data pipelines, reducing data processing times by 50% and enabling real-time data analytics for business decision-making.
  • Achieved a 20% cost increase despite a 400% increase in system load, demonstrating a keen focus on optimizing resource utilization and efficiency.
  • Cultivated a culture of Engineering Excellence, leading to a 40% improvement in code quality, fewer production issues, and increased team morale.
  • Recognized as a key driver behind the company's ability to scale analytics capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively, contributing significantly to revenue growth and profitability.

Overall as a Senior Director of Engineering not only have streamlined processes and reduced costs but have also contributed to the overall success and competitiveness of freshworks in the market. 

Director Engineering

Apr 2018Oct 2022
Athenahealth technologies

Streamline the Agile setup and taking care of the platform, business teams to achieve the best productivity. Ensure the system's ongoing stability while supporting and managing its growth. Enable product teams to reuse reliable, efficient and well-maintained components with built-in security and central oversight, freeing them up to focus on their core value add.

Strategically  work on business goals, build hyper-productive teams, influence numerous stakeholders, clear communication and working with empathy :

  • Building  platform as a service that helps in quickly modernising the workflow systems from monolith to cloud. 
  • Setup cross-geo teams. 
  • Setup new business zone, scaled up to 300%  within 6 months 
  • Successfully carving out services out of the existing monolith and moving it successfully into cloud services with a seamless experience to the end customer
    • Systems that have a scale of ~25B requests per day with a latency less than 1ms
    • Systems that work with 20 million operations per day on 7PB worth of data was moved to cloud seamlessly.
  • Setting up security compliance platform team and making sure all the business gets onboarded to the new systems.
  • Setting up cross-geo work execution platform team in Chennai. Showcased success by converting the system from one of the flakiest systems to a system that has been 100% up with 0 issues in the last 10 months.

Engineering Director

2017Mar 2018
Nouveau Labs (Built the Startup from scratch) - AI and Machine Learning in retail stores

Nouveau Labs is a startup. Leading and helping to grow the Engineering team from scratch. Setup the right set of process in place. Build the right team.

  • Build systems to set up a shop similar to Amazon Go
  • Worked with NEC Japan to setup video analytics for retail stores.
  • Worked on the shelf-monitoring system from inception to completion of the actual product. 
  • Working on projects related to RPA (UI Path, Workfusion), Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Machine Learning and Video Analytics.
  • Worked on NLP to build automatic flight ticketing systems.
  • Chatbots for IT department 
  • Chatbot with image analytics for a plumbing company 

Engineering Director

Evolving Systems Network India Private Limited
  • Reporting to the SVP Products, UK and managing the core engineering group of 5 product lines (Web and Mobile Apps(iOS/Android/Cross-platform technologies), Number Management, Activation- Tertio/Dynamic SIM Activation, MDE, IOT/eSIM) across Bangalore, London, Bath and San Francisco with a team of 50 and numerous stakeholders.
  • Leading the ideas team
  • Converted one of the chosen ideas to an MVP and successfully implemented in a customer.
  • Patent on the idea generated.

Project Manager

Evolving Systems Networks India Private Limited
  • Reported to the Programme Manager, managed a team of 20 and ensured successful delivery of engineering projects within the assigned time, budget and engineering key principles.
  • Minimized process overheads related to documentation/work-flow model between development and system testing in the team; ensured a 20% reduction in schedule and 10% reduction in effort

Software Release Manager

Alcatel-Lucent India Private Limited
  • Worked in OmniVista 4760 Network Management System (NMS/NMD) project involving a set of management application suite(Windows technologies) for PCX, network and LDAP directory and handled security, quality, analysis, design and implementation aspects of the system.
  • Reported to the Senior Project Manager, managed a team of 17, ensured release management of all NMS (NMD) applications

Team Lead

Alcatel-Lucent India Private Limited
  • Reported to the Project Manager, led a team of 7 members for the server part of OmniVista 4760 application and managed Alcatel Configuration API for providing API for all applications for PCX.
  • Managed overall security aspects, maintained security guidelines for the application and released all work-products from the teams as Security Correspondent

Senior Software Engineer

Alcatel-Lucent India Private Limited
  • Reported to the Project Manager, ensured knowledge transition of Alcatel’s proprietary tools including knowledge transfer from Alcatel France to Alcatel India development centre.
  • Set up infrastructure and processes for starting the development and release of tools from Chennai centre

Senior Software Engineer

HCL Technologies India Limited
  • Reported to the Project Manager, worked in Pachyderm project involving off-shoring maintenance of panellist activities to different vendors including recruitment, data gathering, equipment maintenance and incentive management.
  • Handled system analysis, design, development and implementation activities including database analysis and design as well as technical analysis of the system