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Siri's Target AUDIENCE?

My target audience: anyone eager to learn the tools to being the best that they can be in life!

How to make the Impossible, Possible!!

Overcoming obstacles and WINNING BIG!

Creating a high performing culture in sports, business, or family.

Becoming a great leader!!

The power of the "TEAM".

Understanding that there is winning and learning ( not losing).

Finding self-love and connecting to your essence.

Overcoming limiting behaviors such as self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. 

Breaking debilitating patterns such as OCD and/or self-sabotage.

Connecting to your deepest desires and MISSION in life.

Finding joy and growth in your relationships.

The psychology of high performance. In Sports and in Business!

Bringing out the best in your athletes, your workers, your team and yourself.

If you are a business leader or a CEO of a company , have Siri not only help you tap into your own potential but also help you to bring out the best in all those around you!!

Living authentically!

How being ALL of who you are will lead to richer and deeper relationships, as well as more opportunities , and will make you better able to achieve all your dreams!

Work History

Siri Lindley



Siri Lindley barely knew how to swim when she began the training regimen that would lead her to conquer prestigious triathlons such as the ITU World Championships. Today, as the world’s former #1 triathlete in the world, an in-demand Olympic coach, one of Tony Robbins favourite motivational speakers, and cancer survivor, Siri has made it her business to change lives for the better. 

Siri shares fear-shattering strategies for changing the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that hold people and organizations back. With an infectious and authentic passion, she empowers audiences to strive for peak performance, work through and ultimately conquer the demons of fear and self-doubt.

In her book, Surfacing: From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly, Siri offers an breathtakingly honest and bold account of her journey to self-belief and self-discovery and unlocking the champion within. Siri is currently working on her second book.

Siri is a passionate animal activist. She is co-founder, together with her wife, of Believe Ranch and Rescue 501©4 and Horses in Our Hands 501©3

Siri and her Wife Rebekah have spearheaded the largest and most impact social media campaign to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. For the 1st time in 20 years, these two, together with their amazing team, have been successful in getting the ban horse slaughter language signed and sealed in the House of Representatives. Banning the Slaughter of these beautiful healers. 

Siri and Bek run Equine Therapy programs at their ranch in Longmont, Co. Helping people with a variety of different needs: cancer patients, survivors and caretakers. Victims of sexual abuse. People suffering from PTSD and kids with disabilities. 

Siri has taken everything she has learned through her experiences of achieving the impossible to overcome the greatest challenge of her life, Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Siri was diagnosed in November of 2019. With a less than 10% chance of survival, Siri never saw herself as a statistic and proved that anything and everything is possible when you BELIEVE. 

Siri knows how to teach others to master their mindsets, emotions and meaning in their lives. Encouraging all to live life fearlessly authentic. Able to step into all your power and live life to your highest potential. 

Siri believes everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece of their life. 

You can learn these tools and strategies from Siri by joining her Siriusly Authentic Squad Mastermind, signing up for one on one coaching, or hiring Siri to speak for your company or organisation. 

Recent Events:

Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference Closing Keynote 10/21

Ogury Team Building Event Closing Keynote October 2021

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Closing Keynote September 2021

ACHDA August 2021

Tony Robbins UPW Australia Time-Zone 11,000 audience,85Countries

Rave Mobile Safety Summit September 2021

Nikken Global Convention August 2021

Nature's Sunshine Products Annual Meeting August 2021

Stryker Spine Annual Event July 2021

Passive MD Virtual Event July 2021

Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit July 2021

NRECA June 17, 2021

ARDA Spring Conference June 2021

Passive Income MD: Leverage and Growth Accelerator Event June 2021

NASC 2021 Event June

Tony Robbins UPW June 2021 20,000 people from 129 Countries

Brown University W.O.M.E.N Event: Reframing and Reimagining with Siri Lindley  March 2021

Unleash The Power Within Tony Robbins March 2021

New World New You Challenge : Tony Robbins 839,000 people.  February 2021

December 2020: Date With Destiny Tony Robbins 

November 2020 Unleash The Power Within Virtual: Tony Robbins

October 2020: The Culture of Inclusion Summit : Applied Materials Inc. :Keynote Speaker 

October 2020: The Co-Mindfulness Summit by BB&R Wellness: Keynote Speaker

September 2020: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Australia Virtual: Keynote Speaker

Tony Robbins UPW Virtual July 2020
22k attendees 

Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge 400k people June 2020

CMPConclave 2019 Kick-off Keynote

Tony Robbins UPW Miami November 2019

Tony Robbins Leadership Academy October 2019

Unleash the Power Within, Sydney September 2019

Unleash the Power Within, Singapore September 2019

Connect Speaker Showcase, Louisville, KY August 2019

Unleash the Power Within, Dallas, TX July 2019

USLAW, Oqunquit, ME June 2019

National Federation of State High Schools Indianapolis, IN June 2019

National Debt Relief, New York City, NY May 2019

Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins Cairns, Australia May 2019

Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins London, UK April 2019

National Association of Container Distributors Vancouver, BC April 2019

Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins Los Angeles, CA March 2019

National Sleep Show , Dallas, TX for ReST beds

WBCS Women's Final 4 Basketball, Tampa, FL

Roche Molecular Oakland, CA

International Sign Association, Vegas March, 2019

WBL Dallas, TX March 2019

Jacksonville Women's Network Jacksonville, FL February 2019

Keynote at CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital February 2019

User Testing January 17,2019:

keynote: Sales Kick-Off event, Napa, Ca.

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny, Palm Beach, FL December 2018

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within: Newark, NJ November 2018

TSAE Women's Summit, Austin, TX. October 2018

Achieving Optimal Wellness Conference, Georgetown University, October 2018

Intuitive Surgical, Atlanta, GA October 2018

Agnes and Dora October, 2018 Las Vegas

RHA Boston Expo 2018 September 

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, Sydney, Australia 


Tony Robbins Leadership Academy August, 2018

ASAE Annual Convention Closing Keynote, Chicago, IL August 2018

Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit, San Diego, CA August 2018

BCA Kistler Tiffany Benefits, Philadelphia, PA. July 2018

Unleash The Power Within: Tony Robbins: Chicago July 2018

May 15th: Women Of The Channel Leadership Summit

Palm Springs, CA

April 26,2018

Intralinks Women in Finance Event. Keynote Speaker.

Nee York City, NY

April 20: ASAE XDP National Harbor, MD.

March 16, 2018: Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins. San Jose, CA

January 2018: Orange Theory Fitness/Athleta : Transformation Challenge


January 2018: Warner Chappell A&R, Faena Theatre, Miami Beach, FL.

November 2017: Tony Robbins UPW, Palm Beach. ( Crew Presentation)

October 2017: Life and Wealth Mastery. Tony Robbins. San Diego. 



August 2017 Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy Keynote Speaker

May 2017 Ernst& Young Keynote Speaker for WeConnect Young Executives

"Managing Change".

Work History

Surfacing: From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly



VeloPress 2016.

How Bad Do You Want It? by matt fitzgerald
The Woman Triathlete -Christina Gandolfo

Columnist, guest writer for the following publications:

Australian Triathlete Magazine
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Australian Triathlete: regular columnist. Sirius Musings
USA Triathlon magazine
Triathlon Canada magazine
Triathlon World
Competitor Magazine
Oprah Magazine
Outside Magazine
Associated Press
303 Triathlon

Sirius Athletes Inc.


Owner and Head Coach

I am in the business of changing lives and making dreams come true. 

I try to find ways to stimulate and encourage others to step out of their comfort zones in order to recognize and realize their ultimate potential, enabling them to achieve all new levels of performance in life and in sport. 

My mission is to positively influence others, to help empower them by connecting them to their greatest strengths. I strive to help others by guiding them to their hearts, their passion and their mission.  I urge them to live  life from a place of love and not fear and to find the courage, the strength and the ability to create the extraordinary lives they dream of!!

I have coached athletes to Olympic Medals: 2004: Silver and Bronze. Athens Olympic Games. 

I have coached athletes to 5 Ironman World Championship Titles

3 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Titles

2 Aquathon World Championships

1 Ultraman World Championship

World #1 Rankings

National Champions

As an athlete,  I was the World Cup Series winner in 2001 and 2002.

One of the winningest Triathletes in Triathlon History 

I won the Triathlon and Aquathon World Championships. Both in 2001. 

Triathlete of the year in both 2001 and 2002

Brown University Hall of Fame 2007

USA TRIATHLON Hall of Fame 2016

Boulder, CO Hall Of Fame

Co-President: Believe Ranch and Rescue

Boulder, Co. Rescuing Dogs and Horses from the most dire circumstances. Connecting humans with these beautiful souls and teaching leadership, responsibility, and self-awareness. Animal Services and Human Services in a loving, caring, passionate environment.

Animals have rescued me throughout my entire life. They have brought me the ultimate in unconditional love, loyalty, and patience. I have learned some of my greatest life lessons through my animals. They live with such appreciation for all the little things. such gratitude and all love. I want to save dogs from the most dire of circumstances: euthanasia, and I want to save horses from the same fate, mainly being saved from slaughterhouses. We will provide these animals an escape route, then the medical care they need. We then will provide them with food, shelter and LOVE. We train them so that they can have every opportunity to find a loving, forever home.

Siri Lindley


Results Coaching

High Performance Life Coach.

Strategic Interventionist Coach. 

Certified through the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training.

Helping people create the lives they dream of!

Coaching people on mindset, relationships, limiting patters, and tapping into their full potential to create success and fulfillment in their lives.

Helping people understand themselves better, thus giving them all the tools to unleash their greatest potential and be the best that they can be in life, love and career. 

Siri has been doing Life Coaching since 2014 but added "Strategic Interventionist" to her coaching craft in 2017, after receiving the incredible teaching and guidance of the Robbins-Madanes Coaching program. 

NBC Olympics. ESPN. FoxSports. CBS


Color Commentator

NBC Sports:
Olympic Games: 2004 Athens
2008 Beijing
Color commentator for Triathlon Mens/Womens and Field hockey

Associated Press:
one example:

Olympic Broadcasts:
2004 Athens with Al Trautwig
2008 Beijing with Ted Robinson

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Color Commentator with Ted Robinson 2004,2005,2006

Hyvee Triathlon Color Commentator 2007,2008,2009
Fox Sports


BROWN UNIVERSITY Class of 1991: Psychology B.A

Varsity Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. Captain Lacrosse team.

Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching Course 2017

Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate 2017

Brown University Hall of Fame class of 2007.



Siri Lindley was a guest on the Tony Robbins Podcast in August 2016. This podcast has been the most downloaded episode of Tony's series. With 2.4 million downloads since 8/16. 

Tony Robbins:

Other notable podcast appearances:

Real Leaders Podcast #8 of Top 20 Real Leaders Podcast in 2020.

World Triathlon Podcast 2020

Passion Love Pursuit Podcast with Erica Lippy

The Greg Bennet Show September 2020

Health Gig Podcast with Dorothy Koch and Tricia Reilly Koch

Stephanie Kwong: Rise Higher Podcast

The Mentor List with David Lewis

Why Not Now?- with Amy Jo Martin

The Real Food Reel with Steph Lowe.


Bill Carmody: Inc Magazine UPW Tony Robbins Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat UNLEASHED Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat

Sports Coach Radio:

Run this World podcast:

Cup of Tri: UK

WISP sports:

Lost in Transition:


Legends of Triathlon:

Competitor Radio:


Triathlon Research:

Chocolate Milk commercial:

Fitter Radio:

*Yogi Triathlete:

Endurance Hour:

Outspoken Cyclist

First off the Bike

Endurance hour

USAT Hall of Fame Induction 2016

Brown University