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Work experience

Dec 2012Sep 2014

Senior Software Developer

J.P Morgan, Chile Technology Hub

Senior Software Developer Working on Emerging Markets Back Office(EMBO) application. Application based on SOA principle, consisting of 10+ independent modules running on separate app servers communicating through ESB. Also using Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Oracle, Sybase and Thunderhead. Scrum and Kanban used for project management. Testing and C.I with Fitnesse and Jenkins.

Sep 2011Dec 2012

Senior Application Developer

Citibank, Chile Technology Center

Senior Application Developer Working on Treasury Aplications Portal as part of New York/New Jersey team. Maintaining existing application, as well as designing and implementing new functionalities. Using, Java, Sybase, Unix, JQuery, Ajax

Dec 2009Jul 2011

Senior Developer

Sobot Software

Senior Developer Working on TrainingPortal elearning system contracted by Mintra Norway Using Hibernate, Hibernate-Search, Spring, Velocity. Designing and implementing system modules.

Oct 2008Dec 2009

Senior Developer

BizCloud International

Senior Developer Design and implementation of Social Crawler Application that is meant to be used on Facebook and other Open Social Apps like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5 and also by clients such as IPhone and Google Android, using Spring MVC, TopLink, MySQL, JPA and RESTfull WS. Senior Developer in Pamet outsourcing Blue Shield of California ESS project.

Jun 2007Sep 2008

Programmer Analyst

Citibank, Chile Technology Center

Programmer Analyst Developing new and modifying existing modules of DTAX application for calculation of Domestic Tax in USA. Member of New York project team, reporting directly to USA. Using J2EE, Java Server Faces, Spring, Oracle.Project based on AGILE methodologies.

Sep 2006Jun 2007

Products Development Engineer

Excelsys S.A.

Products Development Engineer Stgo, Chile Development of custom banking framework(Excelsys Engine), using JAVA, J2EE. and Frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate.

Jul 2005Sep 2006


Banco Santander

Developer Slinges Ingenieria y Gestion“ Proyecto Atacama- Stgo, Chile Analysis and Development of Atacama Developer plug-in Eclipse used for the development of Atacama architecture processes, using PDE(Plug-in development environment), GEF(Graphical Editing Framework) Dependency Injection(IoC) and SWT(Simple Widget Toolkit). Development and integration of different phases of the project. “ Proyecto Adocens”: software development(client side) for administration of universities and companies, using Spring, Hibernate, SWT and Swing. “ Proyecto SchopDog”: Analysis and development for a restaurantchainsystem, utilizing Visual Studio.NET(C#), SQL Server 2000 “ Proyecto Nominas”: Finance and Administration system for small and medium companies, using J2EE(Struts) Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM.


Mar 2007May 2011


ITS University Belgrade




Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.


Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Web Components Developer


Sun Microsystems
Sun Certified Java Programmer


Java, J2EE
10 years of professional experience in different industries.
Spring, Hibernate, JSF
Design and implementation. 
SCRUM, Kanban
Oracle, Sybase, MySql
CouchBase, Neo4J
JavaScript, JQuery
Maven, Ant, Sonar, Jenkins
AWS, Linux, 4690,  ElasticSearch, Thunderhead, Ajax,  SOAP, REST


Wendy Shih

PM - CitiBank USA

Danijel Arsenovski

Owner - Empower Agile


English, Spanish and Serbian