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Work experience

Digital Coordinator

Hype Management

Responsible for seeking out and finding clients while also maintaining current clients to include various businesses from authors to sexual energy supplements. Created digital campaigns to reach selected audiences to influence buying decisions.

Account Executive


Via social media outreach responsible for building an interested audience to engage and build loyalty in order to create sales and education on various topics. Utilizing social media marketing in order to create communities from 0 to engaged and buying with businesses ranging from human resources, training staff, dating, and restaurants.

Diverse brands and companies ranging from business development of CEOs and entrepreneurs, creative entertainment in Europe, hair care products in Mexico (y en espanol/and in spanish), corporate drug testing, and healthy living. Responsible for researching all topics in order to engage and build audiences across these topics and spectrums of interest. 

Ability to use HTML, CSS, and some flash components, video presentation, and payment portal.

Collaboration with vendors and businesses to fulfill event activities as relative to the theme

Marketing reach which brings out hundreds of people to events. Marketing via other means such as newspaper, newsletter and other local advertising outlets. 

Major events include: Back to School Bash and MatchMaking Festival presented once per year in addition to business workshops which vary in topic from social media to non profit organization; also events geared specifically for women.


Visit Seminole (Florida, USA)

Peachy Dating (UK)

Informatics (Texas, USA)

3D Printing (USA)


Interactive Coordinator/Digital Dept.

Paradise Advertising & Marketing, Inc.

Social media presence for several clients to include all aspects of social marketing and public relations. From the creation and brainstorming process to implementation to include: SEO, SEM, landing page creation, community building & management, engagement, micro-blogging, and blogging. Creation of digital plans to include mobile phone apps. Monitoring and providing feedback to encourage conversation. Manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities. Including online advocacy, community outreach efforts, promotions, etc.

Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media programs. Analyze, review & report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results

Regularly offer feedback insights gained from social media monitoring. Monitor trends in social media tools, trends & applications.

Analyze and develop systems of metrics in order to be affective and reach goals. Observe and plan accordingly for impact analysis to stay on top of trends, and ROI in order to judge the effectiveness of the plan overall. Versed in crisis management and planning for social media.

Event Coordinator/Manager

The Fun Company

Event implementation with large companies such as Tyson Foods and Mack Trucks, whom provided company picnics and outing for their families. Company sizes varied from 300 attendees to 20,000 attendees. Contacted non profits, schools, organizations, etc. whom wanted to fundraising activities. Those groups assisted in set up, running and break down of the event.

On the day of the event, responsible for training the volunteer groups and temporary staffing in order to make assignments and give detailed instructions. Assignments included running game booths, preparing food, serving snack items, supervising children’s activities and running sports tournaments and games.

Trained over 100 volunteers and temporary staff, while also handling breaks and shift supervision. Received and studied for my commercial drivers license in order to drive and haul the event equipment. Followed commercial driving standards for the long distances driven for each event of which were held in varying places from Atlanta to South Carolina to Pennsylvania.

Creator & Personality

The Big Chat

Created a talk radio show with the vision of chatting and speaking on various internet hot topics.

Formulated a social media campaign (social media optimization), used SEM and SEO to entice audiences which were interactive. Strategically chose special guests with a niche market &/or following online to include their business or brand in the conversations. Using on and off page optimization along with keyword searches.

Tracked weekly progress via website and by utilizing several online mediums in order to gain a different outlet for the show - became syndicated on over 6 "channels" in 1 month with a steady viewing of 600 viewers per show; an increase of 20% per week and growing!

Established a mobile phone application for listeners to listen in and participate.

Further responsible for choosing weekly hot topics, building and maintaining website via WordPress, choosing and contacting special guests, hospitality on site before, during & after show. Leading and developing a team for advertising sales accounts - on track for a profit within 3 months of first show. Developed sales package to include PowerPoint presentation complete with musical presentation to sway potential advertisers to utilize this medium.

Publisher Mom

St. Petersburg Macaroni Kid

Publishing local information for parents for activities for their children by collecting and connecting with area businesses, institutions, organizations and event planners

Responsible for uploading all content and placing information according to a strategic placement of SEO with searches related to moms, kids, and the related

Creating contests to create additional buzz. Establishing Parent Clubs in order to take advantage of toy and product reviews

Generating advertisement rates and seeking businesses whom want a parental audience. Consultation on graphics of advertisements in order to convey the language of an educational and fun environment

Collaboration on and planning of children/parent related events in order to grow the subscription base and readership. Maintained website and blog on a weekly basis with up beat information related to parenting while also engaging the parents via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Regional Director

Local Shops 1

Spearheading the local movement for supporting locally owned businesses

Through social media outreach advertised B2B events and B2C connecting events

Planned and implemented events related to holidays, business boosts, and to engage customers

Distribution of LocalShops1 cards

Seeking out new businesses to become a part of the network of local businesses

Developed business relations for establishing new local fractions in surrounding areas and cities

Volunteer Aide

Universidad Latina de America

Aided in domestic violence program by way of creating and maintaining events to speak with universities and schools

Assisted in program to assist domestic violence victims directly

Participated in brochure project for advertisement of sponsorship

Evaluated restaurant program of which was the financial source of income for the abused women


Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (A.C.O.R.N.)

Organized neighborhoods and people for social justice and change by developing community campaigns toward neighborhood improvement and client services

Door to door relation of neighborhoods while signing members to the organization to become volunteers

Maintained volunteers to motivate for making change.

Event Coordinator

Michael's Arts & Crafts

Responsible for customer service, sales generation through classes, demonstrations, and community outreach.

Planned and executed classes, Kids Club, parties, family events, summer camp, demos, and workshops

As an Instructor was accountable for creating displays to support class promotion, performing demonstrations, promoting appropriate merchandise during classes and generating repeat customers by providing detailed class instruction

Increased classroom and event income goals and attendance

Trained Instructors and Employees on events and goals


HootSuite Certified
Hootsuite certified in order to be better organized in handling and arranging social media marketing campaigns. From developing and creating communities to RSS feeds and team sharing. Hootsuite Certified: Latoya Brown
Public Speaking
I participated in Toastmasters, a social and professional network and club for those whom want to improve their public speaking skills. I soared through the courses and became the best at Impromptu Speeches. I enjoyed it so much I started to assist the club in it's marketing efforts.
Facebook Marketing & Usage
The world of Facebook needs no introduction, however, through my usage of the social medium I have built a base of over 2300 friends and counting. I personally make sure to connect with each person in order to establish a bond for future ties in business and networking.
Conversational Spanish
I have been learning the language of spanish and the learning continues, just as in learning new words in english. I have been studying the language and decided to live in a Latin country in order to grow in my communication. That worked! I was fluent in no time since I already had such a grand vocabulary base.

Media Creations

Marketing Skills

  • Created and maintained email lists for marketing tools, website updates, blogs, and newsletters
  • Put in place necessary marketing steps along with a measuring tool for success through evaluations
  • Created and implemented several social media campaigns in order to gain an active audience and customer base
  • Implemented tabling, merchandising and demonstrating campaigns to reach customers face to face
  • Created over 100 events designed to entice and attract customers or consumers to specific businesses
  • Implemented social media campaigns in order to gain more subscribers to an online newsletter and magazine


Aug 1995May 2000

Bachelor of Arts

Paine College


Christmas Toy Shop Board. Assisted in raising money for the end of the year Christmas distribution for families whom are less fortunate. Toy distribution to the parents.

By training volunteers and running open air market place times I assist Green Florida with their mission of community gardening. Additionally assisting in day to day duties such as watering and garden maintenance.

As President of Campbell Park Neighborhood Association, I find solutions to the challenges and find the necessary assistance, beit via the city or other non profit organizations. Oftentimes requires coalition building to strengthen outcome with varied but similar organizations.

Vice President of CONA (Council of Neighborhood Associations) responsible for assisting the President in duties such as newsletter deployment, heading meetings, and planning events; representative of respective neighborhood & as a participant of the Environmental Committee.

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