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Engineer with 14+ years of experience in electrical engineering, API development, project management and software technical sales at fast-moving startups and publicly traded companies. 

Work experience


Senior Quality Engineer


• Led testing efforts for major Platform features and releases, including Remote Files API, Workflow Builder, and Google Calendar app

• Built Slack apps to support the testing process for new APIs and Platform features, such as Block Kit, Dialogs, and Actions. Apps are shared with development team to support their functional testing.

• Developed and continue to support a Node.js based Slack app that is installed on PDE workspace, which the quality organization uses to sign-off on new features and also allows engineers to request QA testing via a slash command

• Actively answers questions from new Platform Engineers and other internal stakeholders in #platform-newb channel 


Developer Support - Platform


• Provided succinct and thoughtful support responses to our growing external developer community and customers

• Tested and documented the functionality of message menus, buttons and the Events API before there was a dedicated quality team on Platform

• Wrote and contributed to coding tutorials hosted by Slack to educate third-party app builders


Software Engineer

  • Built, tested and maintained Payso's real-time payment processing and API services consumed by our iOS and mobile apps.
  • Worked closely with our API providers and service partners on integrations projects
  • Coded, deployed and monitored our stack that includes Node.js, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk) and Parse as a backend
  • Provided QA and regression testing for our mobile apps ensuring new features meet design criteria


Engineering Manager

Hedgehog Technologies

Hedgehog Technologies is a team of professional engineers and designers serving the industrial, energy and marine sectors.

Role included business planning, project management, engineering design and CRM implementation.


Account Executive


Qlik builds and markets a business-oriented analytics software platform, QlikView. With over 35,000 customers worldwide, they are a global leader in the data discovery segment of the business intelligence industry.

  • Managed existing small business accounts and helped prospects evaluate Qlik's software solution while achieving YoY revenue growth of 80% in my territory.
  • My customers included business leaders across industries, including financial services, manufacturing and high-tech.
  • Leveraged Salesforce CRM to drive new business and to manage sales process from inbound lead to close while consistently overachieving on performance metrics and quota.
  • Landed first >$100k deal in my territory.

Systems Engineer and Partner Manager

Pulse Energy (NASDAQ: ENOC)

Pulse Energy is a SaaS-based energy analytics tool that helps industrial, commercial and residential customers save energy (i.e. electricity, gas, etc.). I joined Pulse Energy when it was a fast-growing startup and it has since been acquired by a large US-based public company.

  • Provided client-centric  technical expertise  and managed deployment of solution to large customers, such as BC Hydro and large commercial property owners.
  • Led start-up and business development for a satellite office in London, UK.
  • Built consortium of partners that included Cisco and EDF Energy for a proposed energy monitoring and customer load balancing project with one of the world's largest utilities.

Electrical Engineer

AMEC, Hatch

Spent the first five years of my career working at two large engineering consulting companies, AMEC and Hatch. Worked on teams between 5 and 200+ members to deliver hydroelectric and mining projects while instilling an early appreciation for the value of efficient teamwork and clear, technical communication. Designed, tested and commissioned control systems, electrical distribution and software modeling of complex industrial applications. Earned the technical and project-level experience that would lead to my professional engineering and project management designations.



Professional Engineer

Engineers and Geoscientists BC


Project Management Institute