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To build the largest network of persons involved in all facets of the casino industry through our World Casino Network which will launch in Las Vegas at G2E October. By launch of WCN I will have every one in place to run the operation which will free me up to go back into operational management of a casino or casino suppliers company where by I can utilise this vast network to the advantage of the company I represent.



Over 36 years experience in the gaming and hospitality industry, with management positions in Gaming Operations, Hotel Operations, Sales & Marketing / Player Development., Casino Equipment Sales. Lived in and managed many operations in 19 countries during these 36 years.

Hotel experience in Management, Financial Control, Sales & Marketing, Banqueting, CCTV and Security, Food & Beverage, Junkets for high roller casino players, organising International Conferences and Exhibitions,

Liaising with Government officials and ministries especially tourism and gambling commissions.

Management and consultant experience in Africa, Caribbean Islands, Central America, Caribbean Cruise Ships, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Indian Ocean Islands. Contributor and editor to leading gaming and leisure magazines both offline and online and developer and web-master to high traffic online gaming information websites with Hotel and Casino destination information content.

Through our Poker Consults LLC company have initiated and run major tournaments for poker and blackjack in all main gaming jurisdictions in the world. Through our Casino Suppliers LLC we have also supplied all poker equipment to many casinos and tournament organisers.

Presently ready to the launch the world's largest network of buyers and sellers of casino equipment and services through our Casino Executives and Casino Suppliers websites and networks


Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Casino Executive Network & Casino Suppliers LLC

In conjunction with Scarab Casino Management  I have built a network of International Gaming Executives and launched a website with news, views, reviews, and forums, concerning all the major aspects of the industry for members now approaching 41000 and growing by an average of 50 per day.

During our time as consultants to various operations around the world we are often required to supply casino equipment and services through our Casino Suppliers company and executive management staff via our Casino Jobs International network.

We have recently added Casino Suppliers LLC to our Leeds office, Casino Suppliers main offices and warehouses are in Miami/Fort Lundedale between the ports of Miami and Port Everglades.

Feb 1999Present

Managing Director

Scarab Casino Management

With the growing proliferation of casinos on the Thai border I set up the first consultants company to help with set up and marketing of these new operations and advised Hotels and Casinos in Laos, Burma, and Cambodia, especially advise to hotel owners about the licensing procedures to establish casinos within their establishments and purchase of all casino equipment and services.

From 2002 spent equal time travelling between the USA, Central America, Caribbean, and back to Asia.

Advised both Hotels and Casinos in St. Vincent, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Curacao, Bonaire, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Maarten and other islands on a variety of subjects including marketing and promotions, CCTV training, legislation, operational management and policy and procedure -  See also Poker Consultants.


  • Advise on the licensing procedures and due diligence of casino operating companies.
  • Set up of new casinos and poker rooms in hotels and resorts on land and at sea.
  • Design of CCTV systems for both hotels and casinos, following up with training for hotel and casino staff in policies and procedures.
  • Marketing advice to hotels and Cruise Lines and organising of major International and region wide events.
  • Analysis and reporting of Hotel and Casino financial reporting in above mentioned regions
  • Acted as a consultant to help take over a travel agency in The United State with the express intention of developing contacts with hotels in the Caribbean and Central America to bring Casino and Poker players for junkets.
Oct 2000Present

Manging Director

Poker Consultants

Advised Hotels and Casinos in Caribbean, Central America, Asia, Europe, and Cruise Ships, regarding poker legislation, room setup, promotions and marketing.

Built popular website for players and casinopoker room  managers with over 5,000 unique visitors per day. In USA was called to give "Expert Witness Testimony" regarding legalizing poker. Liaised with UK Gaming Commission and held very first "Cash" poker tournament outside of a casino after new Gaming Act in 2007. Also set up very first poker tournaments in Indian Ocean Islands, Russia and Asia

from November 21st all data and previous poker websites are transferred to the then to be launched

Hotel Highlights:

  • Advise on the licensing procedures of poker tournaments and room set up for hotels and due diligence of casino operating companies.
  • Liaising closely with Hotel and Cruise Ship Marketing departments to promote the tournaments to Hotel and Casino database and International players.
  • Worked closely with Rooms Division for special needs of High- Rollers and VIP's during poker tournaments
Jan 2000Mar 2007

Owner and Webmaster

World Casino Directory
  • Self taught web designer and developer who built what was widely acknowledged as the  most comprehensive directory of casinos and casino service providers available.
  • Targeted to both casino players and individuals seeking news and views about the gambling industry.
  • Incorporated a travel section in 2004 with news and views on select gambling destinations.
  • After sale in 2006 stayed on as contributor and built a large base of International contributors from the gaming industry to launch newsletter with one of the largest followings on the internet and helped build traffic to more than 13,000 unique visitors per day.
  • Hotel Highlights: Contact with major Hotel and Casino operators and introduction of our own hotel booking links and articles in our newsletter every month about exciting Hotel and Resort destinations with casinos. At present totally upgrading the site with more hotel reports and detail to this major site with 13,000 unique visitors per day.
Feb 1998Feb 1999

Hotel and Casino CCTV manager/advisor

Koh Kong International

Originally hired as a consultant for the set up and marketing of the first Hotel with Casino on this side of the Thai border, I was asked to return as security manager after successful design and set up of CCTV operation for Hotel and 95 table casino, the largest in this part of Asia.

During one year contract worked also closely with Hotel and Casino manager to start promotional events to 99% Asian clients  and bus service from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand and negotiated. Close work with Government officials in both Thailand and Cambodia.

Hotel Highlights:

  • Design and training for Hotel CCTV and Security Division.
  • Working with Tourism Ministry and Airlines and Bus Services from Thailand and surrounding countries.
  • Banqueting for 2000 Asian Casino customers for each Chinese New Year and special Casino events each month.
  • Regular meetings with heads of departments from hotel and Hotel GM and Resort Owner.
Sep 1997Sep 1998

General Manager

Pirana Hotel and Casino

Employed for a short contract to turn around struggling operation. Increased drop 10 fold and hold % on games dramatically with implementation of new security features, training, and producing policies and procedure manuals for all staff..

Hotel Highlights:

  • In conjunction with Marketing Department of the Hotel liaised with  National Tourism Association, National and International Bus and Air services. Target market for good players was neighbouring country of Kazakhstan and major Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also provided new marketing literature and videos in Turkish language- major businessmen were Turkish
  • Attended regular meetings with GM of hotel with licensing authorities and Government officials in this largely lawless city.
  • Responsible for taking F&B services within the casino under direct Casino control and and obtaining much improved Food and Beverage costs substantial increase in revenues.
Dec 1985May 1998

Casino Manager/Marketing Relief Hotel Manager

Royal Haitian Hotels and Casinos

One of 2 casino managers overseeing 2 casinos. Marketing responsibilities included travel to Florida to set up marketing office and program and also to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Hired by the owning family to keep a close eye on their Hotel side of the operations, especially financial aspects.

Our Casinos were open from late at night and for my duration here starting with Housekeeping I work along with department heads to gain a full grasp of knowledge needed to run this 4 star operation in the Hotel GM's absence and reported directly on a weekly basis to the Hotel and Casino owners in the United States.

With very improved results we took the casino bar and restaurant under direct control of the Casino Management.

At this time tensions in Haiti were very high we adopted a strategy in partnership with the Tourism authorities to do the best to market the properties internally within the Island of Hispaniola, (Dominican Republic plus Haiti) and it was my responsibility to set up an office for the Hotel in Santo Domingo. Later followed by preparing an office in Miami. As the political situation eased we expanded our marketing to the Haitian population in Florida and New York with great success.

Sep 1994Sep 1997

General Manager

Plantation Club Resort & Casino

Originally hired as CCTV manager while work permit became available, I designed and installed a new CCTV system and along with a new training program and production of new manuals along with customer service sessions revenue and especially hold percentage improved substantially. After organising National and International events with excellent success for both the hotel and casino I was asked to join the hotel operations executive committee. I had regular meetings with leaders in the tourism industry which lead to me being asked to lay the foundations of the 2 "Miss World" tournaments held here in consecutive years. Also introduced the Indian Oceans first Blackjack, Poker, and Backgammon tournaments.

Hotel Highlights:

  • Headhunted for this position because of both Casino and Hotel experience I was able to help obtain major improvements of benefit to both the Hotel and Casino.
  • From the very beginning I was asked to take control of the Food and Beverage within the Casino and with almost immediate effect the casino was the clear best performer out of 7 F&B outlets. After 2 months I was asked to analyze each outlet one by one and put in place the policies and procedures I had in the Casino.
  • Regular meetings with Tourism officials of the highest level to help increase awareness  of the Seychelles especially in the emerging Eastern European  markets
  • Meetings once a week with the Hotel GM and every morning with the Hotel Executive Committee of which I was a member. Once a week I also assumed the responsibility of Night Manager for the 205 room Resort.
  • Became the eyes and ears of the absent landlord and every year since I left have been asked to review the audited figures and give my advise on the financial health of the operation.
  • Organized with the F&B manager regular Banqueting Events for up to 500 people not just on behalf of the Casino but also for the Hotel
Feb 1990May 1994

General Manager

Orbis Hotels and Cherry Casinos

Set up and managed casinos in various countries in the "New" Eastern Europe for this Swedish National Company. Set up, managed , and marketed the very first casino licensed in Eastern Europe.

Major success with marketing program of the Casino  I managed resulted in me being asked to chair regular marketing meetings with other Group General managers. One of my major successes to help the other Casino perform better was the fact that I achieved a high level of success in breaking down the barriers that existed between the old guards of the communist run Hotels and myself as representative of the Casinos.

Involved in organising and marketing Eastern Europe's largest "International Song Festival" , major arms exhibitions, ESPN entry  into broadcasting of Sporting Events. Played a part in opening of 4 casinos for the group.

Hotel Highlights:

  • Regular meetings with one of the main GM's of Orbis Hotels who were also 50% partners in the Casinos.
  • Working closely with the GM and her Rooms Division well in advance of International Events and Festivals I had helped organize.
  • Charity banquets sponsored by the casino for major organizations in Poland and Eastern Europe including 3 for the Presidents wife. 
  • Successfully negotiated taking over the Casino Bar and Restaurant day to day running and turned a loss making outlet into one which profits then paid for the whole Casino Monthly Marketing Budget.
  • After the Polish Government asked all the foreign Casino Managers to leave by 1994 I was asked to stay on as a consultant
May 1988May 1990

Pit Manager

Regular duty Pit Manager of the luxurious Raffles VIP Club at the Company flagship Sun City Casino, also helped set up VIP players Club and rewards program. On the organisational team for the training of staff to launch and manage Africa’s first National and televised "Million Rand" Blackjack tournament.

Oct 1997Dec 1985

Floor Manager

Paradise Island Resort and Casino

Worked from dealer up to Floor Manager and CCTV department. While on the floor I worked closely with the marketing director to stage various National and International tournaments and meet and greet our high-rollers and partners.