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Dynamic storage technology visionary and accomplished senior executive-level growth strategist/technologist, with remarkable results in driving sweeping impacts to profits, escalating top-line revenue growth and delivering inspiring leadership to hundreds of staff. Architect, designer and builder of complex storage products, critical partnerships and strategic alliances; having liaised with Chinese Academy of Sciences and their SAN file system that resulted in increased product value by $30M. Focus is growth versus issues: strategizing how to grow businesses by driving operational efficiency, building empowered teams, adopting technological innovations and propelling upward revenue growth with strong team collaboration & communication skills.

Immediate Value Offered

  • System Development & Arch
  • Corporate Strategic Vision/Direction
  • Turn-Around Expertise
  • Entrepreneur/Startups/M&A
  • Product & GTM Strategy
  • P&L Management
  • Business Development
  • Program & Release Mgmt
  • Revenue Growth Generation
  • Team Building Management
  • Product Planning & Scheduling
  • Software Agile Release Process
  • Cost Reduction/Expense Management
  • Enterprise Storage/Flash SW & HW
  • Cloud/STaaS Computing & Scaling

Core Competencies & Executive Highlights

  • Software/System Architecture, Development & GTM: Turned around Violin’s product portfolio with the successful architecture, development, release and launch of the enterprise data management software, ConcertoOS 7™, product portfolio, Flash Storage Platform™ & GTM infrastructure that led to 70% of the new revenue for 2016.
  • Corporate Strategic Vision/Direction:  Hired into Intel’s Enterprise Datacenter Software Division, set vison, then grew business tracking to over $250M by 2017.  Implemented datacenter software architecture for server platform with a shifted focus on flash software to lift hardware into growing verticals (ie Virtualization, Cloud, Hadoop/Big Data).
  • Turn-Around Expertise: Reset vision, expense and GTM strategy that completely rebuilt and turned around Gadzoox Networks, Inc. to profitability and that led to a successful exit through an acquisition to a Fortune 500 company.
  • Program/Release Management: Proficient at managing, planning and executing delivery of new product/application developments and new product/software releases such as Violin’s Flash Storage Platform™ & GTM infrastructure launch including experience setting release criteria and creating product specifications. Successfully implemented 40+ system-level and storage products releases in only 6 years at SGI.
  • Cost Reductions/Expense Management: Adept at implementing cost-reduction plans with demonstrable success realizing in excess of $2M/Q cost savings, leading flash SW architecture/ strategy that saved $5M+ development costs and reduced expenses by 25% through restructuring engineering/product management at Violin.
  • P&L/Sales Leadership: Solid record of soaring above sales goal expectations, having achieved explosive revenue growths of $35M in annual revenues through restructuring FWB’s system division. Transitioned Quantum to a software company that re-positioned their product line, growing additional business to $120M+ within 3 years.
  • Business Development: Well versed at generating new businesses from new and existing clients, prospecting, networking and developing/maintaining strong client relationships, with successfully established a separate division that led to half the business of FalconStor by having liaised with Chinese Academy of Sciences and their SAN file system that resulted in increased product value by $30M.
  • Entrepreneur/M&A:  Led acquisition of 4 companies to accelerate the strategic direction and execute the overall product development strategy to meet the AOP.  Started and sold 2 companies for solid, profitable exits.
  • Team Building/Management: Strong leadership qualities; expert at effective team building and management with demonstrable experience directing up to 2,000 global staff members as well as building teams from scratch

Work experience



Executive Consulting Management LLP

Taking a break before taking next position.  In the meantime, consulting on some new interesting things that will be fundamentally changing the storage, enterprise data centers over the next 5-10 years.  With the future of compute, memory & flash, in enterprise data centers, there will be massive investments in new software & other technologies that will transform the way storage will be administered for decades.  This will be done in such disruptive ways that it will enable another wave of new storage innovations & companies that will allow data centers to be at its most efficient level of all time.


SVP Engineering & Products

Violin Memory, Santa Clara CA

Charged with ultimate authority over all flash technology products design and releasing; initiated & drove the successful release/launch of Flash Storage Platform™ & GTM infrastructure

 Notable Contributions:

  • Wholly accountable for constructing key data management software and designing/releasing all-flash arrays (AFA) within the storage sector.
  • Conceptualized and launched the new Flash Storage Platform™ and GTM infrastructure that contributed to 80% of new annual revenue in the first year.
  • Successfully restructured engineering and product management leading to reduced expenses by 25% and increased TTM productivity by 40%, utilizing a highly-efficient product release process.

GM, Enterprise Flash SW

Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA

Assumed full responsibility for flash SW business/P&L and led initiative presenting capabilities to new strategic alliances; re-engineered flash tier to focus more on value-added software such as I/O acceleration, storage/memory virtualization, cache pooling, distributed flash environments,  etc.                                                                                                                       

Notable Contributions:

  • Led strategic multi-tiered initiatives that catapulted business within Intel’s Enterprise Datacenter Software Division (DSD) to $250M+ by 2015 which formed 25% of the $1B DSD revenue, that is targeted to generate over $550M in annual revenue by 2017.
  • Overhauled entire flash software development organization to deliver products at 60% faster, while maintaining quality.
  • Liaised with internal groups and key partners to execute a 25% Q-Q sales growth after initial product launch.
  • Steered acquisition of SW caching company that filled a technology gap as one of the key areas within the overall flash SW architecture & strategy to accelerate development by 30% and save development costs of $5M+.

GM/SVP Advanced File & Cloud Storage

FalconStor Software, Fremont CA

Instituted a separate business unit/P&L, Advanced File & Cloud Storage, that helped transition FalconStor's top-line revenue (~$90M) for substantial growth by addressing growth segments of the unstructured file storage & cloud markets       

Notable Contributions:

  • Created a partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and their SAN file system (Blue Whale Clustered File System) that catapulted product value by $30M.
  • Guided FalconStor’s growth towards the unstructured file storage & cloud markets that produced 25% of the company’s sales in the 1st year, post launch.

GM & SVP, Tiered Storage Systems

Quantum Corporation, San Jose CA

Brought on board to turn around under-performing company operations, launch Quantum’s future through building the Tiered Storage System (TSS) organization and transition the company to a software business

Notable Contributions:                                                 

  • Architected QuTOS™, Quantum Tiered OS; implementing data duplication, data replication, data migration onto a Quantum (StorNext) specific file-system that was the foundation for TSS’s product portfolio.
  • Repositioned the Operating Plan (AOP) by establishing a process that cut spending/ expenses by $2M+/quarter

President & CEO

Gadzoox Networks, Inc

Ran the engineering/operations organizations, pioneering the Storage Area Networking (SAN) market with new, innovative Fibre Channel switch products. Took over as President and CEO in May 2002, and ran a $70M, 300 personnel,  public company.  Sold to Broadcom in 2004 with a nice exit for a turn-around situation

Notable Contributions:

  • Consolidated the engineering and operations organization (northern/southern California) to run much more efficiently and focus as “one” team in developing next generation SAN switching fabric (fibre channel) and IP (internet) protocol technologies.
  • After taking over as CEO, immediately implemented a new business plan that focused on six main objectives. One of the six was splitting the technology into both products and services.  Based on this, our customer base increased over 1000% (from 3 to 60+) with services. 
  • Leveraged these customers with our existing product line (SAN switching technology) closed major sales deals with a completely different GTM plan that was a non-stop effort that had the company cash flow positive, profitable and exited through an acquisition to Broadcom Corporation.



Bachelors in Engineering Technology

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo CA

Combines Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering



St. Mary's College, Moraga CA

Executive Management

Professional Organizations & Publications

  • SNIA Lead Sponsor; NVMe Programming Model, Intel
  • IEEE; RAID Advisory Board
  • Fibre Channel Association; FC Standards: T11.3 FC Reflector; T10 SCSI Member
  • Vertical Network-Server Architecture, Keys to Data Management; May 14, 1999
  • Co-Authored FWB’s Guide to Storage (400 Pages); Copyright 1997
  • SCSI and I/O Architecture àThe Communications/Networking Bottleneck; Jan. 19, 1994
  • Distributed vs. Centralized Storage; I/O of Future Networks; Feb. 9, 1993
  • SCSI I/O Architecture in Relation to 3D Graphics Output; May 19, 1989