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  • Overall 19+ year experience in Telecom & IT Domain in the area of Consulting, Delivery and Pre sales comprise of Infrastructure, Service Delivery ,IT/BSS Transformation and Operation, Networking, and Software development support, System Integration, Solution Architecture, Project & Program Management and Strategy in Telecom Domain in Senior Management (CIO) Roles. 
  • Experience of Running Overall IT Operations includes BSS/OSS for approx. 350M Subs across continents- Asia, Africa, Middle East and America for world leading Telco’s Vodafone, Airtel(India and Africa),Etisalat, Idea, Digicel etc..
  • Practicing Architecture and Process Model of TM Forum ,ETOM,TAM,SID,TOGAF
  • Prepare and Rollout IT Strategy for Telecom Organizations in Different Continent for Internal and External Customers.
  • Technical and Functional consultancy to Telecom Service Providers.
  • Telco IT and Technical Procurement and Budgeting and Global Vendor Management experience in Indian/Asian/African/Caribbean Markets
  • Extensive New Telco Greenfield Rollout 3g and WiMAX Rollout, BSS & IT VAS, SDP Operational Mgmt., Merger & Acquisition experience in India/Asian/Middle East and Africa/Caribbean countries.
  • People Management in different Continent in Global Level is also a key experience.
  • Service Delivery Platform implementation in Bharti (Airtel) and IDEA Cellular is also a key experience.
  • Strategic IT Outsourcing (Managed Service and Transition Transformation) in Telco Presales also key experience in Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Datacom ,MTS India ,Airtel India and Africa, Etisalat Etihad Mobily KSA Deal for IBM.
  • Ten years of S1ITO (Strategic IT Outsourcing and Managed Service)   experience in Telco Domain as Delivery Project Executive (DPE) and Client Solution Engagement Executive at IBM for all IBM’s Managed Service Telecom Customers across Globe.
  • Extensive knowledge on generation of revenue for Telco’s by new product rollouts for corporate and consumer segments.
  • Specialized knowledge in the areas of CRM , billing, Mediation ,Prepaid ,VAS application integration
  • Experience in most of the UNIX flavors, Windows, ORACLE and Sybase, DB2 environments among others.
  • Highly developed analysis and problem-solving skills to identify, diagnose and resolve complex problems.
  • 10 years’ experience in Project management across three continent, application Design and Implementation of Telecom Solutions for Value Added Services (SMS, VMS, etc.), Billing, Mediation, IN Prepaid and Customer Care Applications, VAS, Number Portability and IT Infrastructure Planning, etc.

Work experience

Program Director-Consulting & System Integration

Ericsson - Region Sub Sahran Africa (43 Countries)
Apr 2013Present

Currently Holding the position of Program Director Consulting System Integration as Global Program Directors pool to Setup the Consulting Practice for Ericsson in the Regions in the area of Greenfield Network Rollout, Network Swap, Convergent charging and Billing, IT Infra ,BSS and OSS for Telco’s. As Head of delivery in RSSA for CSI responsible help Ericsson in building the Consulting & System Integration culture, Main contributor to the Ericsson C&SI culture growth and to the delivery methodology fine-tuning. Supports in asset and organization set-up and growth, coaches his team, supports them for the professional growth, and identifies and recognizes the talents. Supports the Regions to implement the CSI Operating Model and facilitate the use of the Global Methodology and Tools.

Responsible for the Contract execution strategy and associated risk exposure. Main responsible for defining the governance of the Contract including Supply and Service Delivery execution Governance and follow up of approved Early Start activities associated to the Sales opportunity. Contract Handshake with the Supply, Service Delivery and Customer Project Management organizations

Main responsible for specifying the Customer Solution associated to the Sales opportunity. Secure alignment of the Customer Solution with Ericsson portfolio strategy and roadmap and matching with existing “Re-use solutions”. Responsible for the Customer Solution strategy and associated risk exposure . Is responsible to build a strong Customer Relationship at C-Level (IT, Engineering, Marketing, Finance etc.)with a strong communication skills

Professional Achivements:  

  1. Implemented the Web mail facility for Ushacomm & migration of Corp. Email from Solaris Platform to MS Exchange, 1999.
  2. Implemented Mediation System for Aircel for five cities single handedly, 2000.
  3. Done a major contribution to Ushacomm as a Quality Coordinator for Integration Dept to obtain ISO 9002 certification, 2000.
  4. Single handedly developed, tested and implemented the Mediation Interface for Interwave Switch, 2001.
  5. Successfully migrated the Multi-links Billing Database from Windows platform to AIX platform, 2002
  6. Successfully implemented the Mediation System for CDMA Data service, 2003.
  7. Successfully completed the ISP Network Setup and integration with Billing for Multi-links, 2003.
  8. Successfully implemented the Major changes in Billing System to incorporate 1XRTT Data service, 2003.
  9. Successfully Implemented Comverse IN System in Multilinks as Project Manager
  10. Successfully Migrated the Billing system from CABS 2000 to BSCS Ver.6 for Idea Cellular.
  11. Successfully Implemented the Mediation CDR and Service provisioning Consolidation for Airtel throughout West Hub.
  12. Successfully Implemented the Differential Billing Platform (VoluBill) for four major Hub in Airtel for Pan India
  13. Successfully Migrated the IT application for Airtel while migrating Siemens Switch to Nokia Switch in Airtel Mumbai.
  14. Successfully launched Bharti Jammu Kashmir and North Eastern States-Green Field telecom IT Rollout
  15. Successfully implemented the Top U Up Product in Across Caribbean in Digicel as Project Manager.
  16. Successfully launched Bharti Jersey and Guernsey-Green Field telecom IT Rollout.
  17. Successfully launched and Managed Service Delivery Platform for Airtel India.
  18. Successfully launched IDEA All Eastern States-Green Field Telecom Rollout
  19. Successfully launched Bharti Sri lanka -Green Field Telecom Rollout
  20. Successfully Won the Deal of Datacom (4 years Managed Service) 100 M USD and executed Transformation Program for overall IT systems include BSS(Amdocs),OSS-IBM and other BSS and Enterprise Services.
  21. Successfully won the Deal of SSTL DC build Deal -24 M USD and Build DC for SSTL
  22. Successfully won the Deal of Airtel Africa mega Managed Service deal.- 1.6 B USD
  23. Successfully managed the Transition of Airtel Africa from People ,Process and technology Perspective.
  24. Successfully Rollout Oracle ERP and Prepaid recharge platform(Pretups) and Billing System Migration for 12 countries across Africa
  25. Successfully launched Rwanda as first Greenfield rollout for Airtel in Africa in Record Time for all IT systems.
  26. Successfully won the Deal of Etisalat Mobily KSA mega Managed Service deal.- 280 M USD in IBM and Transitioned and transformation.


IBM                                                                                    Position: Delivery Project                

Digicel, Caribbean                                                          Position: Group Project Manager

IBM India Ltd                                                                   Position: Client Executive-Mobility

Idea Mobile Communications Ltd                               Position: Sr. Manager-OIS

Multi-Links Telecommunications Ltd, Nigeria         Position: Manager Billing and IT

BPL Innovision Technology                                          Position: Project Manager

Usha Communications Technology                           Position: Project Manager

Melster Technologies                                                    Position: Facility Management  

Abso Systems Pvt Ltd                                                     Position: Support Engineer.

Delivery Project Executive Telecom IT Managed Service

IBM - Middle East and Africa
Jun 2007Mar 2013

Previously Holding the Delivery Project Executive Role for Strategic IT Outsourcing (Managed Service and Transition Transformation) for IBM Middle East Africa for Mobily (Etihad-Etisalat),Riyadh, KSA and Dubai, UAE Project Valued USD 280M. from Presales to Delivery for Transition and Transformation of entire IT Environment including Infra Operation and BSS Stack-Oracle BRM, Siebel CRM ,EAI, Comtel Mediation ,ERP and other In-house Legacy Applications including ADM and AOA includes Onshore and Offshore Global Delivery Center. Was Responsible for Mobily’s Cloud Strategy.


In Parallel managed the Airtel Africa- West Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana) and Francophone (2010-2013)

(Burkina Faso, Chad ,Niger, Gabon ,Congo-B,DRC, Rwanda-Greenfield Rollout) Opco Operation as Delivery Project Executive- Strategic IT Outsourcing (Managed Service and Transition Transformation) based out of Nigeria responsible for all TELECOM IT Operations and Transformation Projects of all 10 Opco since Nov 2010 from IBM side as Strategic Partner for Airtel to manage the IT globally include All area of IT Infra, BSS and OSS, mobile, billing, provisioning, mediation, CRM, ERP, VAS, the entire telecom estate for all the 9 Opco s. This role also including the Opex and capex management and Cost Total Out for Cost benefits through best Practice and Other Tools and Process Implementation. Having 300 Local African People and 200 Offshore Global Team Reporting under me. As a Lead Operation Architect I am also responsible for making right Deployment Decision for the Airtel Africa Application Space and right Partner selection. Providing right direction to Business teams for the revenue Growth by IT Systems. Manage the Opco level short term and long term requirements. Also managed to get the Savings (Cost Total Out) of USD 1.5 M by Optimization of current Systems and change in Operation Architecture and Best Practice Implementation.

Also responsible for design and rollout of new products for corporate and consumer for Airtel with ownerships which increased the revenue for Airtel interns increase the revenue for IBM as part of Joint Go to market Strategy .

Managed Videocon Telecom Account from IBM Side as Presales Client Executive from Initial Sales to Delivery Project Executive-responsible for Account Operation Management which includes entire Green field rollout of IT Infra ,BSS ,Application Management ,Operation which include third party vendor management of Amdocs ,Wipro and others for their respective Application Services account value of 100 m USD having 300 People directly and indirectly reporting to me.

Previously Managed Vodafone Telecom as Delivery Project Executive-Crit Sit Supporting the Sr .DPE and TBO LEAD for handling entire Business Support System included retail Billing ,interconnect ,Comtel mediation ,content charging ,roaming ,BI ,Data warehousing ,CRM ,Migration from BSCS V6.x to Amdocs platform Responsible for Compliance ,SLA ,defining future roadmaps, automation/innovation for operational excellence ,Capex & Opex preparation, vendor management, best practice implementation, Engagement between different IT Competences, business units, and third-party partners for systems’ enhancements requirements and implementation of these enhancements and new systems/applications.

Worked as Presales Executive for New Telco Strategic Outsourcing Account acquisition for IBM Successfully won the deal of Datacom Managed Service and SSTL DC Build Contract.

As DPE was responsible for IDEA Cellular’s new Greenfield Circle Overall IT Rollouts for Bihar, Mumbai, Orissa along with Operation Management and People Management and New Hirings. Also responsible for design and rollout of new products for corporate customers with ownerships which increased the revenue for Airtel interns increase the revenue for IBM as part of Joint

AS DPE was responsible for Bharti Srilanka Greenfield launch. which Includes responsibilities of Client Engagement, overall system design, technology selection, BSS and Other application Implementation daily BSS/IT operations ,SLA Management, people Management, budgeting and advisory support for procurement activities.

Worked as Client Service Executive -SDP (Service Delivery Platform) with IBM for Bharti to take care of SDP implementation and delivery in Bharti .The current role involve Project Management role, Program Management Role and Delivery Executive Role .

Group Project Manager

Digicel Caribbean
Jul 2006Jun 2007

Working as a Group Project Manager-Application and Services with Digicel (largest GSM Operator in Caribbean) for entire Digicel Groups operation(20+ Country) which includes Project Management role ,Program Management Role, Solution Architect Role and also the Vendor Management for all new Business Requirement and also for existing applications enhancement including ADM and AOA. AOA. During my tenure in Digicel I have designed and implemented the Top U Up Product in Across Caribbean and also the corporate products like wimax and other which interns the revenue increment for Digicel.

Delivery Project Executive

Jul 2004Jun 2006

Worked as a Delivery Project Executive –Mobility Applications with IBM for Bharti to take care of PAN India Applications execution and delivery .Initially I was RDE Western Region and Service Delivery Manager with IBM Global Services Ltd in Bharti Outsourcing Project which includes Project Management role ,Program Management Role, Business Analyst Role, Solution Architect Role and Support Manager Role   for Operational Management of Billing and IT operation of Airtel’s Western Region consist of Mumbai .Responsible for IT operation, Post Paid Billing System(Kenan), Mediation, Interconnect Billing(Intec), Roaming, Data warehouse(Teradata) and revenue Assurance .Also done the IT System planning and Architecture and Number portability Plan for Bharti Jersey Network. Also had a People Manager responsibility IBM.

Sr. Manager

Apr 2004Oct 2004

As a Sr. Manager-IT(Head IT)with Idea (Formerly Escotel Mobile Communications Ltd for Operational Management of Billing Data Center since April, 2004 .Responsible for IT operation, Post Paid Billing System, Interconnect Billing, SMS Billing, Roaming, Data warehouse, CRM, ERP (RAMCO), Content management and DP5 System, IT Infrastructure Planning.Migrated Billing system for Three Circle (UPW ,Haryana ,kerala) from CABS2000 to BSCS v6.x successfully and then managing the BSCS v.6 for all three circles. Done du-diligence for IDEA Escotel Merger.

Manager Billing and IT

Multi-Links Telecommunications LTD
Apr 2001Oct 2004

As a Manager Billing and IT with Multi-Links Telecommunication Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria   Pioneer in Nigeria with 100k TDMA fixed WLL subscriber and 150k TDMA mobile, 50k CDMA 1xRTT WLL subscriber (started from JAN 2003 ).The first CDMA 1xRTT network in Europe, Africa, and Middle East of its kind with state of Art technology. Looking after the regular operations including   Networking ISP, Mediation and Billing & Customer Care Solutions of Usha Communications Technology’s named Medusa & Unicorn. successfully implemented Nortel PDSN, Nortel SCS, CDMA 1xRTT Data Network, ISP Network and IP network planning. Apart From Regular IT responsibly I was responsible to design and rollout of new product for Customers (Corporate and Consumer) along with marking to increase the revenue.


BPL Innovation Technologies LTD
Mar 2001Jun 2001

Worked in BPL INNOVISION as a Project Manager Mediation Development of Consulting Team for Billing and Customer Care in BPL Wireless and Cellular Division countrywide for more improve performance in the operation. I was also looking after the BPL NET’s (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER) billing system (Solect from AMDOCS).

Manager Billing and IT

Usha Communication Technologies LTD
Nov 1999Mar 2001

Installation of Mediation and Billing System as a front end element for CDR Collection and Service Provisioning for Integrated Telecom Billing System with major Global Telecom operators. Interfacing the Mediation System with different Switches viz.,interWave, Ericsson,As a member of the Systems Integration team I’m responsible for total customization and successful installation of the product which includes the following tasks:

Help in Request for Proposal answering; Help in hardware configuration; Project feasibility and scope study;

SOW (Scope of Work) preparation; GAP analysis; Customization effort estimation based on GAP analysis;

Preparation of project schedule – Customization & installation; Product customization which includes: Functional Specs preparation, Design change, Coding, Testing ,Acceptance Test Plan preparation and successful execution of the same.

Interface customization and Training the customers for operation and first line maintenance of the Mediation And Billing system.



Role: Worked as Team Leader for Mediation and Unicorn installation

Overview of Project: Client is Telecom Operator in Tamil Nadu, India with fiveEricsson CME 20 with 65,000 subscribers. I was working as a Team Leader to implement Mediation and billing Software to all five circles. I was involved in developing X.25 interface between Ericsson Switch And Medusa Element for Service Provisioning Agent using Eicon x.25 Call.      

Hutchison Srilanka,( Lanka Cellular,) Srilanka,

Role: Worked as Integration Team Leader for Statement of work, Gap Analysis And Mediation implementation for GSM Project. Set up the configuration management Server and client for the total software life cycle of the project using Rational Rose Clear Case configuration management tool on WIN-NT OS.

Overview of Project: Client is Telecom Operator in Srilanka with Motorola EMX-2500 switch with subscriber base of 50, 000, I was working there as an Integration Team Leader for Interfacing Mediation System with InterWave switch for CDR Processing and Subscriber Management modules customization testing along with that I was involved in the Migration of existing Mediation System to New Mediation System. I developed the FTP client interface with InterWave Switch for CDR Collection and CDR Processing Agent for CDR Processing and Service Provisioning FTP and later on Using Telnet.

Interwave Communications, Menlo Park ,California

Role: Worked as Project Manager for interface development for InterWave SMCLI.Developed a TELNET client to interface with the iNTER WAVE switch for Service provisioning. This interface has been certified and   accepted by M/s iNTER WAVE Communications as their standard SP Link with their OMC of the switch.

Overview of Project: Client is Telecom Switch manufacturer. I was working There as a Project Manager for developing Interface with SMCLI for Subscriber Management customization and testing. Developed the telnet Client interface between InterWave OMC and Medusa Element using IP* Works and Borland C++ Builder on Winnt.The work of the interface is auto logging to the Telnet server and sending online service provisioning commands and understand the result from Switch end ,and processing that and formatting and delivery to Billing System.                                      

Big Pipe Inc. Calgary, Canada

Role: Working as Project Leader for IP-Mediation and IP Billing implementation For Big Pipe Inc. Set up the configuration management server and client for the total software life cycle of the project using Rational Rose Clear Case configuration Management tool on WIN-NT OS.     

Overview of Project: Client is Broadband Service Provider in IP segment in       Canada and North America. I was working in this Project as a Project Leader for Customization and implementing IP-Segment. I was involved in developing UDR collection Agent using Borland C++ Builder On Win NT Platform, which was downloading UDRs from various Central Depositary Server running on Compaq true 64 Unix and also involve in Developing UDR processing agent for UDR processing and delivery using C++ On True 64 Unix.

Sep 1998Oct 1999

As a facility management engineer at Ushacomm my responsibility was mainly managing the intranet & internet availability at Ushacomm with software & hardware support for the two 64 kbps leased lines for internet which were connected through Cisco 2500 router to windows Nt proxy server (Intel platform) with Netscape proxy server ver 3.5, acting as a secondary domain server. The primary domain server was Sun server with Netscape suite spot, and was the mail server for It was connected to proxy & another two server running on Novell 4.11 & Windows NT for intranet. Along with that I was also responsible for configuration management using clear case.

Jul 1994Sep 1998
Lead a team of three engineers that was looking after the network & the pcs of ‘blue star ‘& philips carbon black ltd ‘& l& t kanak building “& “birla engineering services “& “national insurance company, calcutta branches






PMO & PMF from IBM Global Campus. Preparing for PMP from PMI.ORG.  

ITIL Version 3.0