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About Me

I specialise in consumer & enterprise product engineering.


  • Owned, executed multiple projects with full ownership including coding, hiring, mentoring and delivery at a scale of millions of users.
  • Started coding from the age of 13 yrs.
  • Good understanding of browsers and performance tuning & optimisation techniques.
  • Experience with isomorphic web-platforms with responsive user experiences.
  • Believe in "thinking as the end-user" and building products which people would love to use.
  • Regularly write on technical topics including Front-end, UX, Management and Software.
  • Open Source contributions and repos maintained.

Motivation - impact of my work and scope to learn and grow as a leader.

Recognitions: the work on COSMO UI framework for use across Jio's ecosystem of apps.

Work History

Mar 2019Present

Engineering Manager


2 years

September 2020 - Present
Working across streams including: KTLO, Cloud Transformation/Migrations and Engineering Health. Engineering owner responsible for development and delivery of 3 services. Role involves managing direct reports & stakeholder communications.  Ensuring project delivery, reliability, observability, on-call roster and managing SLO/SLIs.

Mar 2019 - Aug 2020
Worked on the core platform as a senior developer. Feature leaded new features for next-gen JIRA Cloud capabilities. Triad responsibilities included collaboration with designer & PM. Hiring, mentoring, and doing architecture for distributed UI engineering.

June 2018Mar 2019

Member of Technical Staff - User Interface

ThoughtSpot Inc.

10 months

Worked on cross platform GUI for charting and plotting BI data across multiple domains. Refactored some pieces of the user-facing enterprise dashboards.

Feb 2017June 2018

Sr. Manager - Frontend & App Specialist

Reliance Jio - Financial Innovation Group

1.5 years

Conceptualised & built a UI Widget library from scratch & an analytics SDK - custom-built for the JioPhone.

Apps built using the framework are currently deployed in hundreds of millions of JioPhone devices.

Recognised for work on the framework by the company. Work directly resulted in faster iteration cycles for apps across multiple offices.

June 2016Feb 2017



Built a meta search engine platform for best deals across multiple websites. Primarily in the travel ecosystem - flights & hotels.

Feb 2015June 2016

Lead Web Engineer

1.5 years (reason for exit: build something on my own)

Built a B2C social-commerce platform. Focus on high performance in variable latency environments, low bandwidth availability in the field for sellers and fashion curators. Also owned email templates and a Node.js microservice for coupons.

Implemented in-house dashboards to streamline processes and give clear visibility over key metrics for various teams.

Built a configurable in-house CMS, to enable editors and content writers to create, schedule and publish content with ease.

Helped architect & implement the fashion curator queues which allowed processes to scale with growing userbase.

May 2014Feb 2015

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend/UX

Fab Inc

10 months (reason for exit: startup acquisition)

Founding developer for the web portal - , built from scratch featuring an in-browser 3D-Configurator. Allowed users to easily customise and edit furniture designs with a dynamic price calculation.

Lean architecture - Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap + customisations.

Also helped in on-boarding new team members.

Nov 2013Apr 2014

Senior Software Developer

InBetween IT Services

6 months (reason for exit: better opportunity with a fast growing startup)

Worked on the media asset inventory management product and a plugin built to allow visual and content designers to make use of assets directly within Adobe InDesign software.

Jul 2012Nov 2013

Software Developer

Tavisca Solutions

1.5 years (reason for exit: move out of the .NET ecosystem)

Part of the R&D unit that was rewriting a travel platform from scratch using modern practices like microservices from monolith, moving to MVC pattern from server side rendered UI.

Resulted in a direct impact on client conversions. A feature rich application which performed faster, increasing the revenue generated for the company.