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I am a self-starter and a highly driven person who is always looking for a new challenge. I love solving problems and trying to find creative solutions that may not be obvious to others. Completing tasks independently and working in group settings are both pleasures for me.


JUL 2016Now
oculavis GmbH

Tech Lead AR | Project Manager

  • The first employee of oculavis GmbH, which was founded in 2016, with 50+ employees currently. It has won 10+ awards including winner of the European Founder Award EIT Digital Challenge 2019, EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.
  • Tech Lead AR of oculavis SHARE. As an industrial AR remote support platform, oculavis SHARE enables the field engineers to receive real-time expert support or step-by-step instruction in a handsfree manner.
    • Leading a team of engineers to implement the AR Product feature in oculavis SHARE. With AR product, the user can explore the virtual machine superimposed onto the real one, and check the various information such as manual, component, realtime running data in AR. (Unity, ARFoundation)
    • Implementing core features of web Front-end and the Android client, such as AR annotation, video recording, screen sharing, etc. (Angular 6, Java)
    • Implementing proxy patches of Google WebRTC source code (C++)
  • Project Manager of external industrial AR projects.
    • Successfully led 10+ industial AR projects for mobile devices and AR/XR glasses. Topics cover from industrial tasks training to production work-flow enhancement. All projects are delivered on time with high customer-satisfactions.
    • Manage a team with 3-6 developers, following the Agile principles. The SCRUM and KANBAN model was applied via JIRA platform.

Technology Stack: [ C++, Angular 5, Javascript, Node.js, Electron, Websocket, Android, Java, Unity3D, C#, Windows UWP ] 

FEB 2016JUN 2016
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

Software Developer Intern

  • Implementing a fiducial marker-based Augmented Reality project for Pick operation for the Logistic Industry.
  • Development of an Android App for Vuzix Smartglass and utilized native AR Algorithm mentioned as library.

Technology Stack: [ C++, Java, JNI, OpenCV. Android, CMake, Cross-platform Compiling ]

Sep 2015DEC 2015
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD

Student Research Assistant

  • Implementing stereo-camera calibration algorithm.
  • Automatic segmentation algorithms for medical images.

Technology Stack: [ C++, OpenCV ]

JUL 2014AUG 2015
Institute of Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems, RWTH-Aachen.

Student Research Assistant

  • Development of  GUI for a ASIP profiling and performance estimation tool.

Technology Stack: [ Java, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse EMF, Eclipse Graphiti ]

APR 2012AUG 2012

Student Research Assistant

  • Test and evaluate the updates of Empire XCcel.
  • Array Antennas design up to 6 GHz.
APR 2011MAR 2012

Electrical Engineer Intern

  • Construction of tutorials for the FDTD simulation Empire XCcel.
  • Test and evaluate the updates of Empire XCcel.


Oct 2013JUN 2016
RWTH Aachen University

Master: Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)

Field of study:   Computer Engineering (German/English)

Grade:   2.10

Jun 2015FEB 2016

Master Student

Master Thesis: Camera Based Pose Estimation of HMD for Medical Applications.

Grade: 1.30

Oct 2009APR 2013
Univerisity Duisburg-Essen

Bachelor: Computer Science and Communications Engineering (B. Sc.)

Grade: 2.0

Oct 2007APR 2009
China University of Mining and Technology (China)

Bachelor: Information Security (B. Sc.)

Grade: 2.0


FEB 2018

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree and Specifications

6 months (two terms), 15+ hours per week.

Topics covered in the program: Minimax, Iterative Deepening, Alpha-Beta pruning,  DFS, BFS, A-Star, Convex Optimization, Simulated Annealing, Bayesian Networks, HMM, CNN, RNN, LSTM, GAN.


Nov 2008Present


Score: 89