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Experienced and results-driven sales professional with 25 years of diverse sales expertise, seeking a challenging commission-based sales role to leverage comprehensive skills in driving revenue, cultivating relationships, and achieving exceptional sales outcomes.

Work experience


Director of Sales and Marketing

DYL Method


  • Consistently delivered high-ticket sales, demonstrating a 90% closing ratio for mid to high-value products.

  • Spearheaded sales and marketing strategies, contributing to a total of over $214,000 in sales within a year.

  • Developed and executed innovative sales approaches resulting in sustained growth and increased market share with a 90% closing ratio.

  • Built and led high-performing teams, fostering a culture of achievement and exceeding sales targets.

  • Implemented effective sales training programs, enhancing the skills of the sales force and improving overall performance.

Jun 2004April 2018

Entrepreneur / Sales Professional

CarbonCopy Pro &

  • Founded and managed a successful sales-focused online enterprise, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities.

  • Employed innovative sales techniques and leveraged market insights to drive business growth and profitability.

  • Achieved significant revenue milestones through persistent client acquisition and strategic selling approaches.

  • Successfully conducted various sales methods, including cold calls, door-to-door sales, and telephonic sales, showcasing adaptability and diverse selling capabilities.

  • Strategically built and maintained a robust client base, nurturing strong relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.


April 2023October 2023

BWSA Graduate

Black Woman Sales Academy

Learned critical sales skills to target and sale to my highest aligned client, with a product or service that caters to her needs, addresses her pain and gives her the transformation that she is seeking.


Non-Traditional Sales & Business School

Business School

Mastered the art of productivity, team building and building rapport with current and potential clients.  Learned specific skills to tailor to individual needs and concerns. I've learned under: Mike Dillard, Dani Johnson, Daegan Smith, Mark Hoverson, Bria Hash, Fabienne Fredrickson and more. I've spent more than $60k on my business school education from the various coaches. 

Sep 1998Jun 2004


Philadelphia Textiles & Science

Double Major: International Business and Management

Management studies and practice to acquire the skills to manage and lead innovation, either in existing companies or their own entrepreneurial ventures, while gaining valuable expertise in teamwork, professional communication, change management, human resources, and problem solving.


Sep 2007 Present

Internet Marketing Certification

CarbonCopy Pro

Certified Internet Marketer