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Over the past ~20 years I have had the opportunity to work with and lead geographically distributed teams, delivering complex systems in the cloud, on-premise.  Experience has taught me the importance of leading with humility including the importance of treating others as i would like to be treated myself. I derive great joy in leading teams, getting team mates to see the bigger picture, getting everyone to pull together in the same direction, delivering the expected outcomes.  I constantly strive to combine my passion for delivering outcomes with my ability to build long lasting professional relationships.

With the support from my team of volunteers I run the following volunteer organizations in my spare time -

  1. CoderDojo Altona North, a code club for kids with a focus on coding, robotics, electronics :
  2. Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group, a makers group with interests in electronics, robotics, IoT, Home Automation, AI/ML, etc. :
  3. The High Altitude Balloon initiative at EMDRC Amateur Radio Club -

My personal hobbies include Electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP, etc.), Robotics, 3D Printing, Home Automation, Amateur Radio, High Altitude Balloon tracking & launching.

  1. Personal website at
  2. Hobby projects at

Over the years I've built (& currently maintain) STEM learning resources (coding, robotics, electronics, etc.) at and These STEM learning resources are used by the kids at CoderDojo Altona North in class every week.
Many moons ago, I had the privilege to lead the Performance Engineering capability at Accenture, TCS. Access the Body Of Knowledge I pulled together -

Work History


Complex Technical Delivery / Intelligent Cloud & Infrastructure


Within the firm I've been able to lead delivery of large and complex systems. I bring to the organization experience on project and program technical delivery, technical project management, complex system infrastructure build, application & infrastructure migration from and to the cloud, data center migrations, including engineering systems for high performance.

As an experienced technology delivery SME within the firm I've had an outcomes driven delivery approach. In addition to my day job i do assist with sales, pre-sales activities including working with with account teams to create opportunities and grow existing opportunities across our accounts.

I've also had the opportunity to design, develop custom in-house tools to address critical issues on client projects. Some of the custom Tools & Frameworks designed include -

  1. Tools to automate modelling, forecasting using Analytical, Statistical & Simulation Modelling techniques
  2. Tools to automate Infrastructure & Application Capacity Planning using Analytical, Statistical & Simulation Modelling techniques
  3. Workload modelling for Performance Testing & Capacity Management using Analytical models

Competency Lead, Global Consulting Practice

Tata Consultancy Services

As part of the Global Consulting Practice I was responsible for leading technology delivery technology teams with a focus on delivering outcomes. I had the privilege to lead the Performance Engineering practice here in Australia. In collaboration with the High Performance Computing labs (within TCS) we would work closely with customers leading benchmarking, engineering (tuning, optimization, etc.), delivery of large complex systems.

My responsibilities within the consulting practice consisted of :

  • Leading projects and delivering outcomes
  • Establishing the Performance Engineering capability across large accounts
  • Support capability related consulting assignments across ANZ
  • Provide Pre-Sales support and work closely with the business development team
  • Support the sales teams on large bids & RFP's 
  • Grow the competency across ANZ and work with the sales team on building a pipeline of work
  • Create downstream revenue opportunities within existing accounts     

Pre Sales Consultant

Red Hat

As part of my role at Red Hat I was responsible for supporting Sales teams, leading Proof Of Concepts and working with customers on design, build, deployment of infrastructure solutions based on an Open Source stack. My responsibilities included - 

  • Supporting sales teams on bids, rfp's and positioning of solutions
  • Infrastructure Solution Architecture
  • Solution design, build and delivery 
  • Post-sales Technical support

Research Associate

Medialab Asia

Media Lab Asia was a joint venture between the government of India and Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (USA). As part of role I was responsible for building, supporting the technology infrastructure (mostly based on Open Source stacks) including working with various lead researchers helping them with various technology initiatives.  

At MediaLab Asia my responsibilities included - 

  • Responsible for setting up and maintaining Network Operations Centre
  • Deployment and maintenance of Open Source stacks (Email, DNS, Web, File print, etc.) 
  • Responsible for maintaining application infrastructure across various other satellite labs
  • Research Assistant to principal researchers on various government funded research projects
  • Embedded Development to support government funded research projects
  • Working with vendors on provisioning and support of leased Infrastructure and services
  • Setup and maintenance up of Lab infrastructure based on OpenSource and commercial stacks
  • Support maintenance of developed Intellectual Property 

Embedded Development Lead & Systems Administrator

Zenith Computers

As part of my role at Zenith I was responsible for developing embedded (thin clients, remote boot systems, etc.) systems based on various Open Source and Closed Source stacks. In addition I also built and supported the IT infrastructure within the lab based on Open Source stacks. 

  • Low cost affordable computing initiatives 
  • Development of Embedded Linux based devices
  • Development of Embedded based devices
  • Development of Embedded WinXP based devices
  • Development of Appliance Server prototypes
  • Development of Thin Clients based on Linux/
  • Development of Set Top Boxes based on Linux/

Lead Technical Consultant


As a lead technical consultant I helped build infrastructure based on an open source stack while also providing customers post sales support. In addition I delivered training on various technology related topics at customers sites.  As a lead technical consultant my responsibilities at FreeOS included - 

  • Deploying Open Source Solutions (Firewalls, IDS, Routers, Servers, Mail solutions etc)
  • Supporting Open Source / FLOSS solution deployments 
  • Train customers on Linux/FLOSS stacks
  • Responsible for Pre-Sales / Post-Sales support
  • Technical writing

Web Design & Platform Lead

Detatech Web Technologies

At Detactech I lead the team on the design, build and delivery of a customer web platform. This included technical Architecture & Design, Systems Administration including delivery responsibility. My responsibilities included - 

  • Technical Architecture & Design 
  • Systems Administration
  • Solution Delivery Lead



Bachelor Of Engineering

Mumbai University

4 year degree with a specialization on High Voltage DC transmission.

Post Graduate Study

  1. SaFE Agile Trained & Certified v4.0 (58446114-0105)
  2. Google Cloud Digital Leader
  3. Google Cloud Essentials 
  4. Infrastructure & Application Modernization with Google Cloud 
  5. Innovating with Data & the Google Cloud
  6. Introduction to Digital Transformation with the Google Cloud
  7. Amazon Web Services - Cloud Practitioner Essentials
  8. Amazon Web Services - Business Professional
  9. Amazon Web Services - Technical Professional
  10. Foundations of Business Strategy, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  11. Advanced Business Strategy, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  12. Business Growth Strategy, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  13. New Models of Business in Society, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  14. Design Thinking for Innovation, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  15. Strategic Planning & Execution, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  16. The Modern World, Part One: Global History from 1760 to 1910, University of Virginia
  17. The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910, University of Virginia
  18. Critical Perspectives In Management, IE Business School
  19. Understanding Google Cloud Security & Operations
  20. Amateur Radio Foundation Certificate (Australia)
  21. Amateur Radio Standard Certificate (Australia)

Volunteering Positions Held

  1. CoderDojo Altona North - Dojo champion, mentor and volunteer (Current Role) : 
  2. Raspberry Pi Melbourne Hackers Group - Chief Organizer (Current Role) :
  3. Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club - High Altitude Balloon Group Lead (Current Role) :
  4. Computer Measurement Group - Australia (2013 - 2014) - President 
  5. Computer Measurement Group - Australia (2013 - 2014) - Events Lead 

Volunteering Initiatives

  1. CoderDojo Altona North - As the local champion for the Altona North Coder Dojo I run a volunteer based community initiative focused on encouraging kids (7-17) to get involved in making, creating and innovating using technology. I've been running CoderDojo Altona North for around 5 years now. You can read more about what Coder Dojo Altona North does at and possibly even come along with your kid to next weeks coding session.  
  2. Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group - Along with my team of volunteers i run Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers group. The group meets once a month with a focus on exploring/learning electronics, robotics, High Altitude Ballooning, Machine Learning, Amateur Radio, etc. I've been running Melbourne Raspberry Pi Hackers group for over 6 years. You can read more about the work we do at 
  3. KidzCanCode - I also build and maintain a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education portal and Learning Management System (LMS) for kids accessible at and The LMS focuses on delivering STEM education around coding, electronics, robotics, 3D modelling, web development, etc.  This website is used by the kids at CoderDojo Altona North on a weekly basis.
  4. EMDRC High Altitude Balloon Initiative - Along with my team of volunteers i run the High Altitude Balloon (HAB) STEM initiative at EMDRC


A summary of my interests include -

  1. Exploring electronics with a focus on the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32/8266, etc.
  2. Helping kids explore STEM and get them curious about the world around them
  3. Working on open source projects with a focus on i.e. Linux, Python, etc.
  4. Exploring different facets of Amateur Radio 
  5. Tweaking my Home Automation setup and exploring the Internet Of Things (
  6. Maintaining the Performance Engineering Body Of Knowledge at
  7. Researching and reading about local and global history
  8. Exploring the physics of aviation