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Taryn Haas

  • Pittsburgh PA
  • (610)-413-1224


A critical-thinking position that inspires creative and thoughtful solutions relevant problems.

Summary of Qualifications

Versatile and creative thinker with experience in management, education, and customer service. Exceptional in areas that require quick learning, effective time-management, and coordinating efforts between various individuals. At core, my skills rely on the ability to break down situations and analyze them effectively, whether those situations be practical or abstract. Seeking any position that would utilize these skills while providing an environment for growth and development, both individually and company-wide.


Communicating specificity with precision. Adaptive personality that is able to adjust to not only the environment but individuals' dispositions. Ability to learn and retain information very quickly along with going above and beyond to gain information outside of a given position. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.


Aug 2012Apr 2015

B.A. in Philosophy

University of Pittsburgh

GPA of 3.75

Relevant coursework:

  • Course on Environmental Law
  • 19 Philosophy Courses
  • 12 Writing Courses

Graduated with Honors and 5 semesters on the Dean's list.

Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Sales Associate


Greet customers in a friendly and helpful way, maintain a clean and organized store, appropriately manage the cash register.

Sep 2013Present

English Tutor

Engaging with students over web-based tutoring to help them improve their writings, whether those be grammatical assignments or college essays. This gives the unique experience of text-only interactions, which I have since learned to expertly navigate.

Aug 2014Present

Event Education Volunteer/Quality Care Volunteer

Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center

As a Quality Care Volunteer, I clean animal's cages and prepare their diets. I do so with the utmost assurance that I am not stressing the animals in any way, which means I must work quietly and efficiently so that their contact with me is limited. High standards are set for sanitation and general cleanliness so as to limit any change of contamination between patients.

Dec 2012Present

Piano Instructor

Focusing on younger students, I give piano lessons that are designed to be fun and engaging so that students look forward to their lessons with excitement, as opposed to dread.

Sep 2008Feb 2010

Pet Supply Sales

McGuckin Hardware

Learned relevant information about various pet foods, mainly dog and cat, and helped customers choose an appropriate product for their animals.

Oct 2006Jul 2012

Shift Manager

Domino's Pizza

Performed managerial tasks such as opening and closing registers, maintaining exceptional delivery times, and above all providing a positive and efficient environment.