KK Wong was born in colonial Hong Kong on 8th September 1986 and witnessed the handover of sovereignty back to China on 1st July 1997. Later he graduated from the history department of the Lingnan University on 21st October 2008. He had been working as a part time staff in cyber cafe, cinema and chain stores. When he was studying in the Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College, he was a civic education ambassador, CYC member and committee member of the house. He also participated in the inter-school drama competitions. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia on 17 May 2011. However, he did not give up and joined the rehabilitation programmes and courses offered by the Kwai Chung Hospital, JCEP, New Life Association and Shine Skills Center. In early April 2014, he started to receive day training in the Tuen Mun Wu King Wellness Center. On 17th October 2014, he integrated with the society again. His first job after recovery was the service attendant of the Tuen Mun Hospital. On his 29th birthday in 2015, he found himself a long term goal. He would like to devote himself fully to social welfare services and to help those who suffer from mental illness.

- English Documentary about me -

RTHK 31 - Hong Kong Stories - Tango in the Margin - What’s Real and What’s Not? 


— 關於我的紀錄片 —

港台電視31 — 香港故事 — 邊緣探戈 — 難分真與假

Preschool, Primary to Tertiary Education in HK

Sep 2005Oct 2008

Bachelor of Arts in History (Third Class Honours)

Lingnan University

A small liberal arts university in Hong Kong - What is  a liberal arts degree?

Located at Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

History Courses

  • HST 101 - The Historian Craft - by Starr, Joseph Barton (史百川)
  • Chinese History
    • China Through Eyes of the West
    • History of China in 20th Century
    • History of Cultural Interchange between China and the West - by Poon, Shuk-wah (潘淑華)
    • History of Hong Kong from 1941 - by Lau, Chi-pang (劉智鵬)
    • History of Women and Children in China - by Chou, Grace Ai-ling (周愛靈)
  • World History
    • An Introduction to History of Japan
    • History of 20th Century Europe
    • History of the United States since 1865 - by Fichter, James Robert (馮建明)
    • Introduction to History of Southeast Asia
    • Introduction to Public History
    • Introduction to World History since 1500
    • Introduction to World History to 1500
    • World Environmental History

Free Electives (Required Courses*)

  • Globalization
    • Introduction to Global Studies
  • Language and General Education
    • English for Communications*
    • Practical Chinese*
    • The History Experience in Film - by Smith, David Lloyd (史耐夫)
    • Understanding Knowledge
  • Literature
    • Academic Writing in English*
    • Introduction to Literature
  • Political Science
    • Introduction to Political Science - by Brian Bridges
    • Modern Political Ideologies
  • Psychology
    • Introduction to Behavior Science
Sep 1998May 2005

Po Leung Kuk Tien Yuk Tien College

English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) School at the time being (from 1998 to 2005)

Located at Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

  • Completed Form 7: Include Form 1 to 3 (Junior Secondary - 初中), Form 4 to 5 (Senior Secondary - 高中) and Form 6 to 7 (Advanced Level - 預科) - Seven years in total
  • Participated in the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme (SPFAS)

Extracurricular Activities

2003-2004     Senior Civic Education Student Ambassador

2003-2004     Academic Secretary of Red House

2001-2002     Financial Secretary of Information Technology Team

2001-2002     Subject Representative (Economics)

2000-2002     Active Member of Community Youth Club

2000-2002     Civic Education Student Ambassador


2001-2002      Third in Arts Stream (First Term)

2000-2001      Winner in Moral and Civic Education Award Scheme

2000-2001      Bronze Award in Volunteer Movement

1999-2000      Third in Class (First Term)

Lap Kei Kindergarten

Located at Lei Muk Shue, Hong Kong

  • Approx. three years in total
  • Performed in the Graduation Ceremony at the Tuen Mun Town Hall

Short Courses for the People-In-Recovery (PIR)


Common Recruitment Exam (CRE) and Basic Law Test (BLT)

Civil Service Bureau

Papers:  1. Use of English (Level 2) / 2. Use of Chinese (Level 2) / 3. Aptitude Test (Pass) / 4. Basic Law Test (Degree / Professional Grades: 80 over 100) held on 24th May 2008

Be noted that I have never been a civil servant. 

Hong Kong A-Level Examination (HKAL) 2005

Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority

Advanced Level: 1. Chinese Literature / 2. Chinese History

Advanced Supplementary Level: 1. Use of English (Listening / Writing / Reading and Language Systems / Oral / Practical Skills for Work and Study) , 2. Chinese Language and Culture (Practical Writing / Reading Comprehension / Listening Comprehension / Oral / Cultural Issues and Reading Programme)

Hong Kong Certificate of Education Exam (HKCE) 2003

Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority

Subjects: 1. Chinese Language (Composition and Usage / Reading Comprehension and Prescribed Texts) / 2. English Language (Writing / Reading Comprehension and Usage / Integrated Listening, Reading and Writing / Oral English) / 3. Chinese Literature / 4. Chinese History / 5. Geography / 6. History / 7. Economics / 8. Mathematics

Working Experiences


Part-time Peer Support Worker

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Achievement: Being one of the guest speakers in the First International Recovery Alliance Conference 2017: Bringing Mental Illness into the Light (4th - 5th September 2017) at the Berkeley Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Market and Research Officer

Principles Property Agency Limited

A Small Real Estate Company

Targeted at the Prime Industrial and Commerical Buildings all over Hong Kong

Located in Causeway Bay


Part-time General Staff

UA Cinema Circuit Limited

Entertainment Industry - Customer Loyalty Club


Cantonese (Native)

English (Limited Working Proficiency)

    Additional Information

    • Always Think Positive
    • Attention to Details
    • Believe in Teamwork from My Bottom Heart
    • Could Be More Concentrated While Working
    • Could Do Much Better on Stress Management
    • Having a Strong Sense of Responsibilities






    - 顯示出版作品 -

    我不是作者,但有幸參與其中,作為本書中第一章化名(啟明)的個案。如 閣下欲更了解「思覺失調」和我的過去可以按進以上連結一看。

    順帶一提,我亦是書中附錄所提及的「聲音小組」當年的成員之一(相關報導:患者心路︰與幻聽共存 決定對聲音說「不」)。

    Major Concerns - 關心議題

    1. Equal Opportunities - 平等機會

    2. Globalization - 全球化

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