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BCBA candidate seeking requisite placement and supervision to meet the experience standard outlined by the BACB for certification in the field of applied behavior analysis.


To acquire  behavior analytic skills related to  the  BACB Fourth Edition task list  and fulfill the practical experience standard to qualify for examination and certification in the field of applied behavior analysis.

  • Completing behavioral assessments, such preference assessment, functional assessment, and performance assessment;

  • Creating, implementing, and monitoring progress of skill- acquisition and behavior- modification programs;

  • Overseeing the implementation of behavior-analytic programs by others;

  • Training other professionals and caregivers, designing behavioral systems, and managing performance;

  • Conducting routine activities  performed by a behavior analyst, such as attending planning meetings, reviewing research on evidence-based practice, and collaborating with others in a professional team.

Work experience

Mar 2014Jan 2015

Substitute Teacher

Honolulu School District

Provided instruction in the absence of permanent teacher in both general and special education classrooms as well as submitted written reports to  principal and teacher regarding daily events  with regard to assigned lessons, completed tasks, and behavioral issues

Sep 2011Jun 2013

Substitute Teacher

Yuba City Unified School District

Instructed students in elementary and middle school classrooms in the absence of permanent teacher as well as communicated with principal, teacher,and parents about daily occurrences, such as homework assignments, lesson planning, and behavioral concerns, 

Jun 2011Sep 2010

Kindergarten Teacher

MARYVILLE Joint Unified School District

Taught kindergarten students in an inclusive  general education classroom with diverse cultural and linguistic  backgrounds that included English language learners and students with disabilities, such as developmental disorders, and advocated on behalf of students during  IEP meetings as well as during staff meetings.


Feb 2015Present

Post Graduate ABA Program

Kaplan University

Completed coursework approved by the BACB for certification in applied behavior analysis that includes studies in research design, advanced principles of of applied behavior analysis, measurement and interpretation of data, implementing  behavior change, clinical applications, and ethics in behavior analysis.

Jan 2013Jun 2013

Early Childhood Education Program

Yuba College

Completed coursework for certification that includes the history of educating young people, developmental psychology, principles of teaching and learning, community and family studies as well as observation and participation in applied settings, such as child care centers and preschool environments.

Oct 2006Jun 2010

M.Ed. Elementary Education

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Completed coursework to obtain a  graduate degree that includes  studies in child development, teaching methodology, differentiating instruction, comprehensive assessment, and multiculturalism as well as completed field work as student teacher in a public school environment.

Jan 1995Jun 1997

BA English Literature with Writing Emphasis

Dominican University of San Rafael

Completed general education requirements and coursework related to the English literature with an emphasis in writing,  such as  critical analysis of written text and development of expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative writing styles as well as a  thesis project comprised of a collection of original poetry.


Jun 2013Present

Early Childhood Development Certificate of Achievement

Yuba College

Certification of qualifications to possess the California Child Development (Teacher) Permit issued by Commission on Teacher Credentialing to teach young children ages 3-6 in preschool and prekindergarten classrooms as well as work as a provider in a child care center.

Jul 2010Present

Elementary Education Teacher License

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

Standard license to teach general education (Grades K-5) with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, completion of a  State Approved Teacher Education Program, and achievement of  jurisdiction-specific requirements.

Dec 2014Present

Special Education Teacher License

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

Standard license in the field of mild to moderate disabilities that permits teaching in  public schools within settings such as self-contained classrooms, resource rooms, as well as co-teaching with a general education teacher in an inclusive classroom.


Procedural Knowledge

Ability to discuss and apply disability law such as ADA and IDEA in the development of treatment plans or individualized education plans, so that the appropriate sequence of steps and input from individuals  is socially significant and valid.

IEP Development

Able to identify components of individualized education plans, such as objectives and assessment methods and collaborate with team members that includes parents as well as document and implement changes  within timelines.

Effective Communication

Capability to speak clearly to individuals or groups in private and public settings as well as accept and respond appropriately to  feedback from others in person, through written correspondence, or digitally via electronic mail and importantly listens to individual questions, concerns, and ideas with mutual respect.

Technology Integration

Proficiency using technology for  various purposes especially data collection with a range of instruments like tablets, computers, and assistive augmentative communication devices, as well as creating documents with graphic representations using a word processing program, plus conducting online research and presenting information  via video conference.