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Airplane Technician

International mobility THOMAS GAILLARD 35 years old

  • Driver licence 48 avenue Pierre Mendes France, Batiment B, appartement 10. 31170 Tournefeuille, France
  • +33


To meet your expectations, I have acquired in the past experiences adaptability and versatility. Dynamic and determined, today I would like to put my skills to your benefit.

Employement Experience

déc. 2013Now

Engines Technician

Safran Aircraft Engines -Colomiers (31) - France

Maintenance of propulsion systems, "CFM56", "CF6-80", "LEAP" and also the "Silvercrest" on the Falcon F5X - Intervention engines/aircraft on wing engine. 

  • Airbus Procedures knowledge FAL/Delivery center
  • Writing work instructions (Silvercrest)
  • Installation of tools and tools monitoring (Silvercrest)
  • Tracking and Supply of Spare Parts (Silvercrest)
  • Endoscopy of items subject to surveillance
  • Preparation and anticipation of planned interventions
  • Business travel,  (USA, China, Germany, Istres)                                                                                                      
août 2011nov. 2013

CFM56-5B Assembly line

Safran Aircraft Engines - Villaroche (77) - France
  • CFM56-5B Fan module assembly
  • Assembly tolerance Measurement performed on several engines part 
fév. 2010jan. 2011

Aeronautical wiring specialist

CRMA - Elancourt (78) - France
  • Repair, reconditioning and cleaning of engines harnesses
sept. 2007mar. 2008

I.F.E System Maintenance Technician (Air France Airplane video system )

Rockwell Collins - Aéroport CDG (95) - France
  • Video system periodic Inspection
  • Search for failure with Troubleshooting manual
  • Repair or Change of parts (Screen, remote control, electric Harness...)
juil. 2004août 2007

Airplane technician

Corsair - Aéroport Orly (91) - France
  • Corsair fleet (747-200-300-400 / 330-200 / 737-200) 
  • Aircraft and engine maintenance visit
  • Search for failure with Troubleshooting manual
  • A.M.M and I.P.C daily use
  • Maintenance of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic systems  
  • Engines swap
  • Record Log Book
  • Aircraft daily check before and after flight


juin 2008sept. 2008

English Training

Faculté des métiers - Evry (91) - France
juin 2014juin 2014

Endoscopy Training

Safran Aircraft Engines - Montereau (77) - France
sept. 2006août 2007

Mention complémentaire M.S.A en alternance

C.F.A des Métiers de l’aérien - Massy (91) - France
juil. 2004août 2006

Bac Professionnel M.S.A en alternance

C.F.A des Métiers de l’aérien - Massy (91) - France