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  • Strong software developer with over twenty years of broad professional experience.
  • Android specialist, has worked on Android apps since 2011.
  • Deep experience in web and mobile development.
  • Broad experience in system architecture, backend development and devops.
  • Experience in all phases of the software lifecycle, from concept work to post-release maintenance.
  • Basic skillset in UX/UI design, project management, product development and marketing - excellent collaborator with specialists in these areas.
  • Great people skills, comfortable public speaker and teacher.
  • Pragmatic, professional, effective.

Work History

Jan 2016Present

Self-employed consultant/contractor

TKNilsson Software AS

Cconsulting/contracting for customers in the private sector. Specializing in native Android app development for much of my time.


Monner Crow (Current): Working with Monner as a fullstack contractor to help enable and grow their real-estate crowdfunding business.Technologies include backend kotlin, web, ops, AWS and more.

Vipps (aug 2019 - may 2021): I was brought in as an Android contractor to help augment their app team and maintain and develop the Vipps Android app. Focused much of my time on their ecommerce functionality (eCom, Express Checkout, Vipps Login) and automated UI testing. Technologies include Kotlin, Android Studio, Gradle, Espresso, Figma, Git, etc. 

Urban Sharing (jan 2018 - aug 2019):
I was brought in as an Android contractor to help maintain the Oslo Bysykkel/Citybike app, and to scale/distribute the Android codebase for bikesharing apps in more cities (starting with Trondheim, Bergen and Edinburgh). I was the sole/principal Android developer in the organization for most of my time there. (jan 2016 - dec 2017): I helped their native app team maintain and develop the FINN Android app. Technologies used include RXJava, Dagger2, Picasso, Volley, Retrofit, Gradle, Square Flow, Leakcanary, Stetho, Espresso, the MVP pattern and more. 


2013Dec 2015

Senior Software Developer

Shortcut AS

Worked as a senior developer at Shortcut, the leading Norwegian app development agency. Collaborating closely with UI/UX designers, I helped ship many high-profile apps while working across Android, web front-end and backend services. I also served as the designated mentor for our junior developers throughout my time at the company.

A selection of projects I worked on during my time at Shortcut:

NSB Underholdning: A high-profile app which the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) provides to its customers. For users with recent train tickets, the app provides free audio books, podcasts, music and more. I ironed out the system architecture of the project and developed the initial Android version of the app. Though faced with a challenging deadline, the project shipped on-time, and is used daily by thousands of commuters. Technologies used included the Android media APIs, Butterknife, Gradle, Picasso, Retrofit, Ruby on Rails, AWS and more.

NAF Bilen Min: This app is part of a major effort on part of the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) to create new, rich digital services for their customers. I worked on system architecture, some Android development, backend/integration development, and mentoring of junior project members. The project shipped on time, on budget and had multiple tens of thousands of users as of Q3 2015. Technologies used included the Butterknife, Gradle, Picasso, Retrofit, Ruby on Rails, JRuby and more.

Legemiddelutregning: An app that serves as an aide for Norwegian nurses calculating medication dosage, timing and conversion. I helped ship multiple iterations of the Android version and worked on design, quality assurance, testing and requirement specification with the customer.


Partner and developer

Gitorious AS
Built up a fully open-source based, bootstrapped services/hosting startup together with two other partners. Handled programming, customer service, support, marketing, sales and product development tasks. The company was acquired by Powow AS in August 2013.


Senior Software Developer

Worked as a consultant for the Norwegian Police computer and logistics department (PDMT). Also acted as an active speaker and writer on behalf of Steria, with monthly articles and regular presentation in the developer community (JavaZone, javaBin, Smidig 2009, Oslo Coding Dojo, and others). Created and organised multiple internal workshops in topics like Ruby and JavaScript development.


Founder, owner, freelancer

Climbing Mind Ltd
Worked on a brief side-project where I bootstrapped, designed, built, launched and marketed a consumer SaaS web application called ThoughtMuse, that enabled users to create, edit and share mind-maps in their web browsers.


Software Developer

Favourite Systems AS
Worked on development , project management and also a bit of sales and marketing on a Norwegian startup that developed a proprietary UI system for early smartphones. Ported our UI system from Symbian phones to Windows mobile phones, and served as lead developer and architect on a Java-based backend for some apps we developed.


Software Developer

ErgoGroup AS

Worked on software development, systems integration and project management. Also helped drive a grassroots internal community for Java developers. Projects I worked on included:

Pareto: Managed up to eight developers working on a new address and route repository for the Norwegian Postal service. Advised on technical architecture and also contributed as a software developer.

Online Terminal: Worked on backend services for hand terminals used by Norwegian Post to track physical goods. Client-server integration, data caching, build automation, automated testing, stress-testing, performance tuning.

Godshåndtering Logistikkmotor: Logistics engine for the Norwegian Post. I wrote business logic and introduced test driven development and build automation.

eConnect3 Kunde/Mottak: Implemented authentication and authorisation services in eConnect, the systems integration hub of the Norwegian Post.

Java & Methods user group: Ran internal user group with a colleague. Promoted new technologies, methods and tools. Organised company presence at JavaZone 2006. Arranged internal workshops og lectures. Started and contributed to internal blog and held tech presentations.


Software Developer

Marcello Systems
Worked as a software consultant in the Norwegian telecom industry.

Trådløs Bedrift: Helped port NetComs virtual phone switchboard product to a modern, Java Enterprise-based architecture.


Software Developer

ErgoGroup AS
Software development, and internal technology R&D.

FMS: Evaluated technology options prior to a rewrite of FMS, an in-house system integration hub.

eServer NG: Helped develop an early internal Enterprise Service Bus prototype.

SIS Client: Maintenance and development of logistics software for the Norwegian Post.


Programmer and QA/Tester

Software Innovation
Scripted software installers for Windows desktop CRM software. Performed regression testing - both manual and automated.



Cand. mag. (Informatics)

University of Oslo