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Tim Cripsey

Business start up and operational expert


Experienced, entrepreneurial  individual who specializes in creation of business opportunities and setting up/operation of the associated manufacturing facilities.  Engineering background, supplemented with sales, product development and operational experience. Strong creative element with multiple awarded patents.  Experienced in international business.  Advanced metal forming focused.

Looking for startup opportunities that need someone to take the project from concept to production.  Seeking ownership opportunities in the ideal opportunity.

Work experience

General Manager & Vice President of Business Development


Created  from concept a Tier 1 automotive supplier with sales of $37M and  100 employees. Facility has advanced cold forming and machining processes..  

General Manager


Creation and operation of high technology company for thin wall tube manufacture.  Sold company to Noble Industries in 2003.  Patented stamping technology developed.

General Manager

Transform Automotive

Creation from concept a Tier 1 automotive supplier with sales of $50+M and 120+ employees.  Advanced German powertrain stamping technology brought to North American market.

Program Manager

MAScotech forming technologies

Developed flowforming business, adding $25M annual business and a new product range to the company portfolio.  First application of flowforming applied to hot forgings developed.


B Sc. Design and Manufacture

loughborough university, england

Industrial engineering degree that ties the two areas of design and production together.  

BAckground information

Originally from Norwich, England and goes home 2-3 times a year to see family  Came across in 1986,  Married with two teenage children and an understanding wife.  Marathon and half marathon runner, manages a 350 person running group.  Fan of Richard Branson and his attitude to life/work.  Believes in people and their ability to do anything if given the right opportunity and leadership.  Very good at public speaking (providing the subject is one he believes in).