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Work experience

Leadership Author

Timely Trends

Professional Woman's Network - Louisville, Kentucky

Cheryl has written a leadership book called Timely Trends A Book for Creative Leadership, due

to be released August of 2014. She has co-authored several other books. Upcoming, she will be

writing another book and writing with Linda Ellis Eastman (CEO of the Professional Woman's

Network.  Linda Ellis Eastman

Leadership Consultant

Timely Trends

Timely Trends - Edmonton, Alberta

Cheryl has been recently accepted into the Professional Writers Association of Canada, and received the International Literacy Award from the Professional Woman's Network.  Cheryl is willing to write reports or other writing proposals.  

Cheryl is experienced to talking to a diverse audience. Her seminars / workshops focus on leadership; however, the following are some of the other seminars that are available:

Leadership Seminars

Strategic Planning

System thinking

Facilitator training


Conflict resolution

Organizational change

Cheryl's programs include conference keynotes, in-house

training seminars, and one-on-one

coaching sessions (Timely Trends)

Leadership Speaker

Timely Trends

Cheryl has been asked to speak at the Professional Woman's Network International Conference,

in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in August of 2014 and 2015

(Professional Woman's Network International Conference) Cheryl has secured a speaking engagement

in June of 2015 at the Professional Woman's Network Book Launch, in Chicago, USA. She was

recently a speaker at the Vitalize Culture Conference in Calgary

(Vitalize Culture Conference) Cheryl has many years

doing workshops with First Nations communities



Professional Woman's Network

This training is for self-leadership, women's empowerment, staying cool under fire, confidence

-building and positioning for leadership in personal and professional lives. Facilitated by PWN

CEO and Master International Women's Leadership Coach, Linda Ellis Eastman, this powerful

training provided the strategies to coach women in corporations, churches, organizations, and




Royal Roads University

Graduates of the MA in Leadership (

overview) will gain research and consulting skills, and become better

communicators and more confident leaders with the ability to do the following:

  • Identify, analyze, and build solutions to organizational challenges
  • Manage positive organizational change
  • Leverage technology to empower yourself and your organization
  • Develop effective, high performance teams
  • Manage an organizations internal and external political environment
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders
  • Implement change and achieve results


Benjamin Collings

Cheryl is insightful, genuine, caring, supportive, loving, knowledgeable and a very competent performer. I have worked with Cheryl on a number of high-level assignments and projects during my Masters' program. She has always impressed me with the depth and breadth of vision she has for each project she has participated in. Cheryl also has the great ability to sit back and view deeper foundational issues and take apart those issues in a manner that easily resolves obstacles that are keeping teams from moving forward.

Guy Nasmyth

I've gotten to know Cheryl through her graduate studies at Royal Roads University. I was always impressed with her sophisticated understanding of systems theory and particularly how she was able to help others see a broader reality. I was also impressed with her gentle and inclusive approach to communication. These two great strengths make her a wonderful asset for any team!

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First Lady Nation

Would you like a copy of the new book, "First Lady Nation Vol 11'. Click on the picture below to purchase this wonderful book of 25 First Nations Authors, which I also co-authored!

Harry Potter shows Leadership

Cheryl Watts written work

Click on the book to read about my wonderful experience at the Professional Woman's Network International Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where I was a featured speaker, launched my leadership book and received the International Literacy Award.


My objective is to provide organizations and corporations with the tools to lead their teams effectively; this can be achieved as being a leadership speaker or consultant


Cheryl was given the International Literacy Award from the Professional Woman's Network (

Cheryl was accepted into the Professional Writers Association of Canada

Cheryl has a Masters of Leadership degree from Royal Roads University

Cheryl has launched her own leadership book - 'Timely Trends - A Book for Creative Leadership'.

Cheryl is the first Aboriginal member of the Professional Woman's Network International

Advisory Board

Cheryl was chosen as one of the Who's Who Historical Society's Top Female Executives

(Top Female Executive), and she was also inducted into

Continental Who's Who.

Cheryl is featured with the International Who's Who Historical Society

(International Who's Who Historical Society


Ms. Watts remains abreast of trends and developments in her field as a member of the

following organizations:

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club of Edmonton

Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada

Professional Women's Network

Fist Aboriginal Member, PWN International Advisory Board

Professional Woman's Speakers Bureau

Alberta Bullying Research, Resources and Recovery Center

Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada