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About me

Tim Frazer is a Lead Data engineer at Thrive in New York City as an undercover Canadian, developing integrations between systems using a collection of assorted technologies and programming languages. I'm a self-directed learner, that likes teaching as I go with a sense of humour, and a big heart. I've built processes to handle financial & forecasting across globally-focused companies and strive to shake up the "but we always did it that way before" attitude. I am an open, and outgoing person that values personal development, engaging life experiences, and sharing what I know with others. Goal setting and achievement is essential part of my life. I also once worked at one of the fastest-growing retail companies in the world that no one knows anything about these days - Kit And Ace. I like to shake things up and collaborate on anything and everything I can to inspire people to innovate, and push boundaries ( 4+ hackathons, games nights, whiskey nights, recruiting events)  and many other projects that get people thinking. I have worked on several rapid growth projects like the Mio Alpha which was launched and successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012. As the only in-house analyst( jack of all trades), I had to solve many problems between multiple teams across the globe with speed, accuracy, and collaboration.
I have extensive knowledge of international trade, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and finance.

Work experience


Lead Data Engineer


Focused on defining & executing Thrive's Data Engineering Strategy.

  • Design & Architect our Data Platform on Azure/GCP (Argo, BigQuery, DBT, Looker, Python all the things etc..).
  • Lead & manage the data engineering team
  • Advocate best practices for Data Engineering across the organization as it relates to PII, and data security.

Senior Data Engineer/ Senior Engineer


I work on the Union Squared team developing integrations and developing all other essential software backends, and data engineering software. 

  • Python, SQL, JavaScript, Terraform
  • PostgreSQL, Redshift, Snowflake
  • Job Orchestration Airflow, Luigi, and others.
  • SuiteScrip ( Javascript)  & workflow development ( NetSuite)
  • Platforms Salesforce, NetSuite,  Salesforce marketing cloud etc.
  • Working with many stakeholders to develop the best experience possible
  • Tech Leadership on multiple projects - Integrations, data movement 

Application Developer & other stuff

Kit and Ace

An intense constantly changing international clothing "startup"  that went gone from 1 store to over 70+ and in 5 countries in 24 months,  formerly insane growth

  • Cross-functional financial reporting and requirements gathering, report building, dashboards, and KPI analysis 
  • Responsible for timely resolution of application issues, and undertake regular reviews of internal and external support KPI & SLA's
  • Manage application Change Process ( Git, NetSuite Suitebundler)
  • Business requirements gathering and solution delivery analysis 
  • Develop scripts to customize system functionality  (JavaScript, SQL, etc)
  • Engage in system enhancements, enable new features, and support business execution

Inventory & Forecast Analyst - Manager

PAI Health
  • I was responsible for functional financial reporting, requirements gathering, report creation, dashboards, and KPI analysis.  I worked closely with finance, sales, and operations to create many different KPIs to measure success.
  • Managed many changes in the original Netsuite Scope to match new business needs. These include our North American expansion into a global company, warehouse additions USA, Canada, EU, HK, and a massive web store expansion.
  • Assisted with business requirements gathering and developed many solutions for a gamut of business processes.  


Grant Dunbar

Director Product Management  @ PAI Health

His analytical nature and high proficiency with excel provide both the insight and tools for management to make the right decisions. Tim is a highly motivated individual who is constantly refining complex data into easily communicable mediums. Tim arrives early and manages Asian contract manufacturers late, he is on the details and it shows in his ability to smooth out the peaks and valleys in our supply chain