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OBJECTIVE:  To leverage my considerable executive, entrepreneurial, educational, publishing, legal, and management experience partnering  with organizations to maximize their potential. 

Work History

President & CEO

Road Safety Technologies, LLC

Reinvented former company providing partnering of experienced and new ignition interlock providers, investors, and manufacturers.   Providing professional, turn-key, multiple ignition interlock market management.  



Created Poetry podcast and working on my first feature book. 

President & CEO

Stop OD, Inc.

Not For Profit organization created to respond to the Opioid Overdose Death Epidemic.

Rights & Permissions Manager - Volunteer

The Joseph Campbell Foundation

 Management, negotiation, and completion of all foreign licensing agreements of Joseph Campbell books in print, electronic, and other media formats. Negotiating and granting all permissions to use Joseph Campbell's quotes, ideas, concepts to individuals and organizations Archiving original documents to the Joseph Campbell Opus Archives

President and CEO

Road Safety Technologies, Inc.

Created dynamic and effective company providing technology solutions for increasing road safety.

• Reduced death and injury from DWI offenses by over 30%.
• Created distributor network of ignition interlock providers.
• Managed and expanded $4.4 million dollar company.
• Attained largest independent distributor in a competitive market in the United States.
• Attained largest state distributor garnering 52% of market with 6 competitors.
• Technology developer with Chinese company.
• Public speaker at international symposiums.
• Appointee to Governor's Task Force for DWI Technology.

Strategic Planning, Political Lobbying, Program Management, Distribution Sales, Regulatory Agency Dialogue, Strategic Marketing, Media Relations, Financial Modeling, Market Analysis and Growth, Personnel Management

Senior Field Claims Representative/Investigator

New York Life; Lincoln Life, Paul Revere Insurance Cos.

Field representative and investigator serving claims and legal department staff.

• Attained top 10% of investigators in the disability industry
• Managed full field investigations including surveillance, interviewing,       background information development, discussions with medical practitioners, financial and medical data analysis, and developing leads and supporting evidence.
• Closed high indemnity claims including Russian fraud, Broker fraud, and HIV fraud. 
• Investigated suspicious death claims.
• Prepared detailed and complete field reports providing for informed decision making.
• Negotiated settlements excess of $1 million including discussions with customer's counsel.
• Testified in depositions and court hearings.
• Participated in discussions with legal departments to determine exposure.
• Detailed understanding of medical terminology and impairment.


Settlement negotiations, contract interpretation, customer service, investigations, report writing, legal discussions, travel, self-management

Chief Probation Officer

Hendricks & Hamilton Counties, Indiana

Managed large court agency with 3 divisions and 31 employees

  • Designed integrated probation software with private vendor.
  • Created and managed substance abuse program.
  • Implemented strategic planning, maximizing human resources, and program development
  • Devised and presented 3 annual budgets to county elected officials
  • Experienced in writing detailed pre-sentence reports
  • Participated in discussions and problem solving with 5 elected judges
  • Investigated and incarcerated professional ʺhit manʺ
  • Implemented criminal justice technologies to monitor clients
  • Arrested and incarcerated offenders violating probation terms



In The News

National Story: Ignition Interlocks in New Mexico

NBC News

National Story: Interlocks in New Mexico


Travel experiences in the following countries:

  • Panama
  • Ireland
  • China (twice)
  • South Africa (twice)
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Costa Rica
  • Caribbean
  • 40 0f the 50 U.S. states


  • Mythology and Story
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Hot Springs
  • Poetry
  • Reading
  • Worldwide Travel
  • Film and Image
  • Writing