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Cover Letter

My career started in the publishing world. I worked my way up from an editorial assistant to a managing editor by the age of 24; moving from London to Dubai and back again to make the most of the opportunities presented to me. I loved everything about the world of publishing - but most of all I love the opportunity to tell stories that really mattered to people.

Then the recession hit and it hit hard. I was now 25, the editor of a magazine on Fleet Street (the original dream!) but the financing fell through and I was suddenly out of a job. After a trip to San Francisco I decided I needed a change - a drastic change. Three months later I had moved to Sydney and merged my skill and love for publishing with a new industry - content marketing.

In 2010 I was the founding member of Australia's first (and now most successful) content marketing agency in the country. A business called King Content. Here I was the leading content strategist and manager of the business. The CEO and I took this business from a two-person startup to a global content marketing agency with offices in NYC, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney. The business recently sold for 48 million dollars - an incredibly proud moment.

I class the success of King Content on the way we merged publishing/journalism with content strategy and the fact we learned the ins and outs of the industry from the ground up. There is no training quite like having to explain new marketing theory to some of the highest marketing directors and professionals in the country. It was a wild and extremely educational ride. 

About a year before the sale of King Content I started my own business –  Brandalism. Brandalism focuses on a side of content strategy that is aligned more with journalism (hence the name: Brand Journalism - Brandalism). I bring my love for storytelling into content strategy and help businesses produce content with meaning. My love is for how this works alongside social impact.

My next goal is to work for a company that will allow me to delve into new areas of content strategy and to discover the social impact that telling a good story can have. I feel like the Australian market is a little behind my plans to create accountability with merging content and corporate social responsibility but I see this as the next big movement in content marketing – and a much needed movement.  

I feel like there's so much we could achieve together - and this is why I'm applying for the role of Content Strategist at Facebook.