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Avhantodi Mugivhi

Berriefitness Co-Founder / Development Manager

Personal Profile

I'm Todi Mugivhi, a development manager at EOH ESA and Berriefitness's Co-Founder.


I have worked in this field for more than 15 years, began my journey as a PHP developer, responsible for creating an in-house framework that accelerated development in the organisation.

We've since moved to JAVA, later on to the Microsoft platform, where I've matured my development and design skills. Working predominately as a senior developer, later on as a Technical Team Lead.

With my most recent change to the Development Manager, I've seen my personal grow with regards to growing not just teams, but individuals themselves. During my tenure, we've moved the developments Teams towards the Agile methodology and implemented DevOps using Microsoft's platform Visual Studio Team Services (later on renamed Azure DevOps).

At Berriefitness

Company Overview
In 2014, we realised the need for functional training equipment in South Africa. These equipment were not readily available; most of the products we wanted, we had to import. As a result of this, Berriefitness was born.

We specialise in functional training equipment and accessories that are suitable for home, gym, and outdoor training.

Berriefitness is still classified as a startup, my role here span across fields. Responsible for building and maintaining our website, research, and development for the product offering, and building our online community. As our growth has been accelerated because of the pandemic, I have also begun to do what I enjoy the most, building a team.

Team and individual development have been something I've come to enjoy, something I'm keen replicate everywhere I go.

I would love to meet and discuss what I can bring to this role. I can be reached at  and 083 330 3785.

I'm continuously trying to improve myself in order to become a better leader. One of the ways I'm achieving this is through books. Please find below, a sample of the books. 

1. Rework - David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

2. It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy at Work - David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

3. Built to Last - James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras

4. Lean Startup - Eric Ries

5. The Five Elements of Effective Thinking - Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird

6. The Dip - Seth Godin

7. Tribal Leadership - Dave Logan , John King , Halee Fischer-Wright

8. The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers - Patrick Lencioni

9. The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley Are Changing the World - Brad Stone

10. Up the Organization - Robert C. Townsend , Warren Bennis

Todi Mugivhi

Work History

Development Manager

Nextec ESA

Responsible for the development team, consists of two teams spanning across 2 departments.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Implementing Agile practices throughout active projects
  • Implementing DevOps into the organisation
  • Lead Cloud Migration to AWS and Azure
  • Implement continuously learning processes for the team
  • Application Design with Technical Team Leads
  • Senior Developer
  • Lead the development team to create one central application to replace department driven applications. This new approach creates one application that can be configured to meet different departmental needs, creating reusable modules, technology consistency throughout the organisation

Senior Developer

Enerweb - An EOH Company

Employed in the Energy Data Solutions department as a senior Developer.

EDS provides metering data solutions to its customers.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Data integration: SSIS, custom file parsers.
  • Data Layer design and implementation: MSSQL, Oracle
  • Application Development: C#
  • Developing and maintaining Product Lifecycle
  • Pattern design principles for EDS development process
  • Technology Research

Non-Technical Responsibilities:

  • Informal Training to EDS junior developers
  • Mentorship to EDS junior developers

Key Responsibilities:

Department Of Energy - Central Energy Information Database

Duration: 2014-2015 

  • Data Integration using SSIS
  • Front End Dev Team Lead
  • Development
  • Support

Enerweb - Enygma Upgrade

Duration: 2014 

  • Design
  • Development

Eskom - Quality Of Supply

Duration: 2014-2013

  • Development

Metering Online - Consulting

Duration: 2013 

  • Development
  • Support

Eskom - Business Event Notification

Duration: 2013-2012 

  • Data Integration
  • Development
  • Support

NERSA - National Metering and verification of electricity consumption

Duration: 2012-2010 

  • Dev Team Lead
  • Development
  • Support

Nampower - Nampower Energy Trading

Duration: 2009 

  • Development

Eskom - DSM Energy Efficiency Online System

Duration: 2009

  • Development

Eskom - CTAD Online Metering and Verification Application

Duration: 2009-2008

  • Data Integration
  • Development

Enerweb - PHPFEB V2 - Product Development

Duration: 2008-2006

  • Design
  • Development
  • Support

Enerweb - Authentication & User Management - Product Development

Duration: 2008-2006

  • Design
  • Development
  • Support

SAPP - SAPP Energy Trading

Duration: 2005

  • Development
  • Support

Enerweb - PHPFEB V1 - Product Development

Duration: 2004-2003

  • Design
  • Development
  • Support

Eskom - DMP Energy Bidding Platform

Duration: 2003-2002

  • Development

Eskom - SAPP Online SCADA system

Duration: 2002

  • Development



Responsible for day-to-day operations, including:

  • E-commerce website updates and support.
  • Product Research and Development
  • Product Design
  • Customer service




Computer Programming Diploma



Web Programming Diploma



Metallurgical Engineering


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Microsoft Certified Professional ( ASP.NET)

Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)


Zend Certified Engineer (PHP)


  • C#
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • JAVASCRIPT (including frameworks such as DevExpress, JQuery, ExtJS, SenchaTouch, knockout, handlebars, NodeJS, Angular)
  • SQL (Oracle,  MySQL,  MSSQL)
  • Visual Studio
  • IIS
  • Glassfish Server
  • Netbeans
  • Apache
  • Zend Studio
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps


Marc Stone

Energy Data Solutions Manager

Tel: (087) 803 3942

Ziyaad Bhyat

Technical Manager

Tel: (087) 803 3950

Santego Govender

Support & Operations/Test Manager

Tel: (087) 803 3947

Warick Bekker

Senior Developer

Tel: (087) 803 3964