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To amplify your awesome with the useful + fun.

W̨͙̺̯̳̯̟̗͙ͧ́͟A̳̻͉͇̙ͯ̓ͥ̓̌ͨ͌̔͘Ŗ̬̼͍̼̣̞̮̹̆ͣ̈ͅN̴͒͊ͦ̄ͬ̾̓̄͢͏̝̞̦͙̳͎̱̪I̛̖ͭ̾̏́̉͂ͣ̚N̸̻͙̦̯̘̲̗̈͊̚G̨͖̩̲͉̰͌̐͂̌̔̒͡ ̴ͬͥ҉̝͖͓̕T̛͎̭͕͔͍̪̻̹ͩ̔̕H̞̦̪̟̟͕̾̐͌ͯ̕͝I̵̺͇͚͚͉͈̠̾͝S̨̢͉̣̟̥͋ͧ͑̓͆̆ͣ͠ ͎̣͙̺͙̜̰͂ͮ̄͊́ͭ͝Iͫ̈͒̉͂̐͏͓͚̫͖͔͔̯Sͧ̎̀̇̍̎҉͙̯̤̞̖͈ͅ ̧̙͍̺̙͎̮̯ͣ͂ͦ̋ͦͩ͆͜ͅŅ̢̲ͦ͛̈́͟ͅO̵͓͉̟̯̼̲͉ͨ͝͞T̊̈͌̎̓͐̃͡҉̨̗͕̗̤͉ ̛̼͙̠̜̣̖̾ͯ̽̋ͯͬ͟ͅͅṰ̨̬̹̦̖̹̲̼̠̃̿Ḥ͕̳̣̮̐̌̄͝E̶͑͏̳̱̠̻̲ ̹͖̺͉̪̯̰̼ͣ̊̍͆ͤ̏ͤ̎͂͘͘M̛͚̮͎̗̃́O̥̫̥ͦ̇S̷̞̘̰͖̹͉̒ͧ̈ͤ̎̌̄ͤ͟͢Ṫ̴̻̲̤̈͝ ̵͍͈̪̦̒̀͑̏Ṙ̘̖͇̙̖̼̲̎́̏̚Ë̝̜͈́͒ͭͧ̽ͨ̉C̶̨͔̟ͩͤͤ̓̅Ė̼̖̪͓͆̇̀̊̅̚̕N̸͕̼̗̭̼̮̿͛ͭ̀̑͂͟͞T̸̛͍͓͖̝̲̦̤͖̏́͋̀̓̓ͬ̂


I love life, wife, and watermelons.

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Professional bio

Torley Wong rose to prominence as one of Second Life®'s most-beloved Residents before joining Linden Lab. An expert on the inworld experience with an eclectic array of abilities, he has played a vital role in connecting Linden Lab with the Second Life community. Well-known for his passionate enthusiasm and integral thought leadership, Torley is creating a video tutorial series with the goal of teaching millions in a fun & fast way — serving as evangelist, educator, and helpful guide to Second Life. As a public face of Linden Lab, you can count on Torley to deliver the "Friendly greetings!" and enrich your enjoyment.

Torley has over 15 years of experience participating in and managing online communities, from dial-up BBSes to popular forums to Second Life itself. His "special generalist" achievements at Linden Lab involve a multitude of fields, including: leading adoption and usage of communication tools (like the Official Second Life Blog), establishing improved rapport between support and engineering departments, championing social networking initiatives and user outreach, and driving innovative growth of the community's content creation.

Before being reborn into Second Life, Torley was an accomplished concert pianist, electronic music producer, and multimedia designer.

Torley amplifies your awesome.

Work experience


Resident Enlightenment Manager

Linden Lab

I spread knowledge about Second Life which results in understanding and joy... oh yes, much joy!

I make people's lives happier. What higher calling is there than that?

A partial sampling of my "quality in quantity" highlights:


  • Searching for and filling in gaps — connecting people together to do great things!
  • Available for specialist consulting by colleagues; see my Skills for domains of expertise.


  • Wrote and edited key portions of Viewer 2.0 (significant software upgrade) help
  • Executed architecture for migrating Knowledge Base to user-contributable Wiki format, worked with team to quickly correct post-import errors and led volunteers in actively updating help articles
  • Created 500+ GB press video archive with footage for the BBC, Discovery Channel, and others. Also helped producers from those companies explore Second Life.
  • Filled fundamental gaps in company documentation, taught coworkers how to record meetings and training sessions.
  • Significantly boosted recognition of my Documentation Team, including some of the most consistently popular office hours ever held by LL employees.
  • Cofounded Tips & Tricks blog.
  • Championed Message of the Day tool to drive cross-promotional traffic, which resulted in promoting the launch of Quickstart Guide with 20,000+ downloads in the first month.
  • Images for splash screen that everyone sees before logging into Second Life.
  • Wrote key parts of how-to guides for Adult Content transition, Viewer 1.23 release, and more highly visible documentation.
  • Figured out simple and effective way to track metrics on Message of the Day shown to every customer upon login, then passed torch to Customer Lifecycle gurus.
  • Promoted company Twitter account, grew it to 6,150 followers by mid-2009 before passing the torch to Customer Lifecycle gurus.



  • Worked closely with Studio Blacklight (critical issue) and Resident Experience (usability) teams to advise on customer pains
  • Community representative for WindLight atmospheric rendering project: key contributor to info-page viewed over 130,000 times, shared a pack with dozens of environmental presets to stimulate creativity, aided with aesthetic testing and customer feedback
  • Co-founded in-avatar, employee-user discussions called "Office Hours" which've scaled across dozens of employees and 100s of visitors weekly
  • Compiled dozens of wiki pages to pool knowledge resources which have been collectively viewed and used well over a million times, e.g., Texture Tools.
  • Assisted quality assurance in reproducing bugs (publicly, reported 80 bugs and commented 3,425 times on the Issue Tracker — in addition to reporting 2,800+ internal issues over the years)


  • Lead blogger of the Official Second Life Blog: created guidelines, taught classes, and provided tutorials to teach others how to have valuable conversations with our customers. Responsible for promotions which raised RSS subscriptions to over 6,600. The blog has had over 29 million views, 1,700 posts, and 120,500 comments, making it one of the most historically active company blogs in the world.
  • Forum administrator: participated extremely actively, with 16,000+ posts chock-full of insight & humor
  • Worked with Residents (customers) to create 14 Infohubs and improve the new user welcome experience
  • Lead technical writer for Knowledge Base until it transitioned to new Documentation Team, created extensive guides for Preferences and other major feature sets, contributed to "F1 Help" project


  • Assisted Community Team with frontline support, answered 100s of "Live Help" questions
Nov 2008Dec 2009

Awesome amplifier

NewBlue, Inc.


  • Consulting on market trends and how to best communicate to our customers.

Video Essentials II

  • Advised on multiple rounds of design iteration, from initial concept to shipping product.
  • Created many of the preset settings.

Video Essentials III

  • Same as VEII, and also created sample clips and wrote marketing copy.


Virtual world photography
I'm a pioneer and guru in the quickly-growing field of virtual world photography, specifically Second Life. Once shunted to the side, its progress is worth your attention as a credible artform!   I invented several techniques and have championed others — for example, the spread of "facelights" to illuminate avatars was largely due to my initial influence. I also published an extensive how-to guide to benefit others, in addition to creating many custom sky settings. While I do post-process to further glamorize scenes, my focus tends to be on raw, untouched pictures of the world-as-is, documenting the ultrafantastic people, places, and things within.   I've taken over 100,000 snapshots of Second Life, with over 10,000 of them available on the web, including my Flickr photostream. You can see the most recent 100 pix from my explorations.
Video tutorials/screencasting
I've made 250+ video tutorials for the virtual world of Second Life, teaching Residents (customers) how to get the most out of their inworld experience. I've been showered in praise as a result, and you can see some of many testimonials from the people I've helped.   I've also made screencasts for Firefox add-ons and other apps. The distinguishing elements of my style are a warm, strong presenting voice with spicy humor, tight editing with zooms/pans to accentuate the action, and an easy-to-follow flow. They're exceptionally great.   I'm open to creating video tutorial series for other products & services as they pique my interest...   In addition to educational gems, I've also videoblogged about fun stuff from both my first and Second Lives.
Graphic design
I've created a popular pack of 600+ freebie textures which have been downloaded 1,000s of times, and featured in the leading Smashing Magazine too. These are a rich resource for 3D artists, web designers, and others looking for a vivid source of inspiration.   I've also designed logos, primarily for myself, but am open to future creative opportunities. My insatiable skill to learn, adapt, and overcome keeps me going!
Social media
I've been active on just about every significant social network out there. From Facebook to MySpace to Twitter (over 2,500 followers) and beyond, my credz run deep, y0! (In my wild teenage years, I was an active BBSer.)   I've moderated a number of forums, spanning the gamut from Star Trek to trance music to virtual worlds.   Even better, I've been an active participant in not just text — making over 100,000 forum posts and blog comments over the years — but I've created a lot of rich content, too: my Flickr photos have garnered over 2 million views and I'm a recognized pioneer in virtual world photography. Furthermore, I've gotten 3+ million YouTube views, most of them for my Second Life video tutorials/screencasts, but also for my piano performances.   I believe that quality in quantity, being a prolific purveyor of sheer excellence and being amused about it, is the way to go!
Being nice
Whether you like it or not, I'm one of the nicest people you're going to meet. Get to know me and find out firsthand.
I've made 1,000s of quality blog posts over the years, including over 200 on the Official Second Life Blog. I've contributed inspirational guides to Lifehacker, Lifehack, Smashing Magazine, and Mashable, among the most popular blogs on the Internet.   Also as a writer, I've written a ChangeThis manifesto on how to deal with criticism which was published in Dec. 2008.   Icing on the cake: I'm a Gawker Media star commenter for the quality + quantity of value I've added to discussions.
Music production
I'm a classically-trained concert pianist and a techno-autodidact of the highest order. I've composed over 500 original works which have been downloaded millions of times, including over 450,000 times on the Internet Archive. You can listen to my piano and electronic opuses, as well as mashups.
I type 110 WPM with two fingers and a thumb.

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