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Product manager with over 12 years of experience performing data analysis, data modeling, data visualization and visual anchoring to strengthen and implement adherence to to regulatory and security programs, and foster insights into all aspects of failure modes and improvement opportunities.

Work experience


Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer

Ameren Services

High impact accomplishments for this role:

  • Support Power BI Power users with any Power BI report / dashboard development issues that arise with their reports as a subject matter expert.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot any issues or requests from OBIEE or Power BI users on any subject area. 
  • Managed and implemented energy center modeling of several hundred thousand sensors for financial and work management activities to reduce overall operational costs by 13%.
  • Performed Power BI Infrastructure upgrades for new feature deployment.
  • Created data models across multiple field work management programs to visualize scheduling and budget components within Power BI, SAS Visual Analytics, Tableau, and OBIEE. 
  • Lead team of developers to create a unified Key Performance Indicator (KPI) warehouse and visualization platform for Illinois operations. 
  • Managed and implemented personnel and work management safety prediction platform that assigns injury risk rating to daily work activities.
  • Designed  and administered Microsoft Power BI Pro and Premium infrastructure for on premise and cloud based data sources (AWS and AZURE). 
  • Maintained cloud and on premise server infrastructure for full Power BI feature sets. 

Security Analyst (Supplier Risk Management)

Ameren Services

High impact accomplishments for this role:

  • Redesigned the supplier risk assessment program that builds security profiles on each supplier and assesses risk based on the suppliers answers. The automated risk analysis system (scheduled for implementation in 2016) will allow for thousands of suppliers to assess each year with minimal effort by security staff;
  • Developed the custom Terms & Conditions index, which categorizes all paragraphs within the standard T&C and determines the sections that are necessary and negotiable for the contract;
  • Served as project manager for the implementation of a ticketing system through ServiceNow that provides an automated risk assessment of purchases or products relevant to 6,000 suppliers, eliminating 200 hours of waste within the value stream and improving the process efficiency by 21.2% (PM);
  • Served as project manager for the St. Louis region for GridExII, the nationwide simulated terrorist attack.  Coordination was required with FBI, Local Law Enforcement, and NERC national project managers to ensure all milestones were met and ready for the coordinated exercise. (PM);
  • Built controls data model to represent relationships between all controls and all regulations that apply to Ameren's supply chain activities, and supplier risk models. (DW)

Security Analyst (Regulatory Compliance Specialist)

Ameren Services

High impact accomplishments for this role:

  • Served as project manager for the rebuild the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) program for Ameren IT and Ameren Transmission, during an 18 month CIP V3 improvement project which included the creation and implementation of 33 policies and procedures based on an ISO-9001 quality program (PM);
  • Leveraged LogLog and ArcSight data warehouses to identify relational dependencies on NERC assets, and automate regulatory reports. (DW);
  • Reduced NERC CIP violations by 100% (from 21 in 2011 to 0 in 2014) in a regulatory audit conducted by SERC and FERC staff by implementing the newly designed program based on ISO-9001;
  • Designed and gain approval by Ameren Transmission for the the secure remote access modular cabinet used to automate and maintain compliance for version 5 of the NERC CIP regulations for transmission substations.  The design was audited by two independent firms and was recognized as a noteworthy best practice by the North American Transmission Forum (NATF);
  • Coordinated all CIP related compliance activities for Transmission Owner assets. Collected and prepared audit evidence to demonstrate Ameren’s compliance to the appropriate regulations and gave testimony during compliance audits in the SERC region.

Electrical Engineer

Ameren Missouri

High impact accomplishments for this role:

  • Enhanced the Ameren Missouri Regulatory Compliance program for NERC and MISO standards by creating and implementing 34 Policies and Procedures for adherence to NERC CIP (706) regulations and NERC Reliability (693) standards based on ISO-9001 principles;
  • Prepared audit evidence for NERC Reliability Standards for various reliability functions such as VAR, PRC, EOP, and MOD;
  • Enhanced NERC 693 program by reducing violations by 100% to Zero in the 2011 audit; 
  • Lead the generator controls project to identify governor control system model elements for all synchronous generating units across the Ameren Missouri fleet;
  • Coordinated responses among the Ameren Missouri generation fleet for NERC and ICS-CERT alerts;
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis investigations of potential non-compliance events resultant from event or conditions records and implemented corrective actions to prevent recurrence as appropriate;
  • Created Primavera schedules to implement newly revised reliability standards;
  • Conducted NERC Reliability Standard internal readiness evaluations.

Training and Quality Control Supervisor

Premier Communications for DirecTV

Responsibilities for this position included but were not limited to:

  • Supervising a staff of five (5) employees to hit performance criteria for Quality Control and Training metrics for three (3) Missouri districts and two (2) Illinois districts;
  • Performing and managing field inspections for 10%  of DirecTV home satellite systems installed in all five districts across Missouri and Illinois to ensure the installation met local building and electric codes, and customer satisfaction requirements;
  • Providing basic and advanced training to new and existing employees on satellite communication, installation and troubleshooting; ensuring the training staff adhered to the program elements defined as required by the engineering staff;
  • Managing daily office activities such as disciplinary actions, conflict resolutions, terminations, interviews, drug testing, department budget, and weekly safety briefings;  
  • Updating senior leadership on the quality and training profiles of technicians within the service territory and systematically improving the training program to account for deficiencies noted by quality efforts. 



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Purdue University

Quality improvement through waste and variation reduction.


B.S. Electrical Engineering

Washington University / UMSL - St. Louis, MO

Electrical Engineering with a power and control system emphasis.



Jefferson College - Hillsboro, MO

A.A.S in telecommunications and networking