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Performance/Music: Extensive professional and semi-professional experience in musicals/musical theatre, groups, composing and arranging. Several arrangements and compositions performed by groups/schools at all levels and published at sheet Music Press and JW Pepper. More info at Dr. Trimis plays piano/keyboards and composes and arranges vocal and instrumental music in all genres. 

Teaching: Bravo Award Finalist and Los Angeles County Music Educator of the Year. Built music program to national acclaim at Huntington Park High School, recognized by the Grammy Foundation as exemplary music program and featured in the Los Angeles Times and several professional journals. Interviewed on radio and in newspaper stories. Founded Major Program and Advanced Placement Music Theory Program. Had journal articles published in professional journals.

Administration: Developed several arts academies, programs, and/or magnets at Berendo MS, Huntington Park HS, Polytechnic HS, Manual Arts Hs, City of Angels School, Verdugo Hills HS, and Legacy VAPA HS.



Dr. Edward (Ed) Trimis holds a BA in Piano Performance from San Francisco State University (though he studied previously at San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music), an MA in Music Education, an MA is Education Administration, and professional clear credentials in Educational Administration and Music all from California State University, Los Angeles. He holds an EdD in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California. He has had the opportunity to study with several amazing artists in all kinds of settings from private instruction to university classes to extended workshops and conference settings.


Jamey Aebersold, Improvisation

David Baker,  Improvisation

SF Conservatory of Music, Piano

Dr. Robert Curnow,  Jazz Ens./Arranging

Dr. Lu Elrod, Secondary Music Methods

Fredrick Fennell, Band  

Bennett Friedman,  Jazz Ens. 

Gordon Goodwin, Arranging

William H. Hill,  Band

Mark Levine, Jazz Piano

Dr. Vernon Leidig,  Secondary Music Methods

Dr. Gary Potter, Jazz Ens./Music Theory

Kim Richmond, Improvisation

Robert Sheldon, Piano

Dr. Milton Stern, Piano

Dr. John Swain,  Secondary Music Methods

Robert Wells, Songwriting


Spending time with family and friends.

Writing, performing, and recording music.

Mentoring educators,writing, and research.



M.A. Educational Administration (1992)

M.A. Music Education (1990)

B.A. Music (1982)

Preliminary and Professional Clear single Subjuect Music Credentials (CA) 

Preliminary and Professional Clear (Tier II) Administrative Services Credentials (CA)


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing


Administrative Services, K-12


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing


Single Subject Music



Curriculum and Instruction and Music

Curriculum Design (K-College), Supervision of Instruction, Arts, Finale Music Prep, Logic Pro X (basic), Garage Band, Microsoft Office

Legacy Visual and Performing Arts HS

City of Angels

Verdugo Hills HS



Recognition and Professional Involvement

Organizations President, Senior High School Principals Organization, 2013-2014, 2017-19 

Director, Region 16, Association of California School Administrators State Board, 2013-2016

Music Center of LA County Education Committee,2010-2016

USC Rossier School of Education Professional Development Committee, 2010-2012

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation

•Visiting Team member, 2002-2013

•Chair, 2007-present

President, Assistant Principal Secondary Student Services Organization, 2002

The College Board and Education Testing Service(ETS)

•Endorsed Consultant, AP Workshops and Summer Institutes,1998-present

•AP Exam Reader, 1997-2008

Vice President, California Music Educators Association,Southern Section, 1998

Additional Membership, 2000-2011

•Association of California SchoolAdministrators, National Association of SecondarySchoolPrincipals, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Associated AdministratorsLosAngeles, LAUSD Senior High SchoolPrincipalsOrganization

Workshop Presentations

Presented Workshops,1992-2011

•Talent Development High Schools/Johns Hopkins University, Education Trust, Education Trust-West, National Association for Year Round Education, National Association for Music Education, California State University, Northridge, California League of Middle Schools

Publications/ Presentations/ Awards

High School Principal of theYear, Association of California School Administrators,2008

Outstanding Teacher Award,United Teachers Los Angeles, 1997

Outstanding Educator of the Year, Los Angeles CountyMusic EducatorsAssociation, 1996

Bravo Award Finalist,Music Center of Los Angeles County, 1994

Interviewed and Featured:

•LATimes, LA DailyNews, San FernandoValleySun, United Teacher, TeachingMusic, FoothillLeader, Glendale NewsPress,La Opinion, and various television and radio features

Work experience

Visual and Performing Arts HS



Principal, Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School 2016-present

Success and Implementation of Signature Programs:Improved SBAC Test Scores in ELA up 10% Prof./Adv. and Math up 8% Prof./Adv. in 2019, Signature Writing for Musicals Program, 1st Place Winners in FNAM Show Search 2017, Signature Physical Trainer Program and Course Sequence/Career Path, Implemented Leader in Me Program, Improvement in all Sports and Entrance into Eastern League. 

Improved Communications with School Community: Improved communication through better use of and redesign of the school website, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, weekly Monday Memo to staff, weekly phone calls and podcasts to the community, Coffee with the Principal, and high visibility at student events and in classrooms.

New programs and activities: New programs and activities included new Swim Team and boys/girls water polo teams, new Korean language classes (new partnership with Korean Language and Culture Foundation), new piano class, new vocal workshop, new music technology class, new Academic Decathlon class/team, new boys/girls golf teams, new marching band, and new/revived glee club, new show choir, new a cappella singers, new Mariachi program, Summer Bridge/Arts Enrichment program, after school dance program, color guard program.              



Principal, Verdugo Hills High School LAUSD 2011-2016

Verdugo Hills High School is an early-start calendar on a Copernican Block schedule encompassing 9th-12th Grade The school is divided into 4 small learning communities including a Magnet Center (Digital Media). Student enrollment as of September 16, 2011 was approximately 1806 students comprised of the following ethnicities: African-American (3%), American Indian (1%), Asian (5%), Filipino (4%), Latino (56%), Pacific Islander (0%), White-not Latino (31%), English Learners (11%), Reclassified ELs (33%), Students with Disabilities (11%), Economically Disadvantaged (66%), and Identified Gifted (17%).Percent of students on free or reduced price lunch is 66%.

Improved Communications with School Community: Improved communication through better use of school website, establishing Facebook and Twitter accounts, weekly Monday Memo to staff, Coffee with the Principal, weekly phone call to the community, and high visibility at student events and in classrooms.

Improved Instructional Support: Implemented InstructionalCabinet to discuss instructional programs and school plans. Implemented Test Prep program and increased interventions.

Increased enrollment: Increased enrollment through community outreach including advertisements, open house, and new programs including  new vocal music program, new sports programs, Visual and Performing Arts Academy Magnet opened in 2013-14.

Increased Academic Success: Improved student academic skills resulting in increased test scores on CST and CAHSEE and API each year (API: 710 to 748 and 4/3 to 5/5). Under CORE Waiver to NCLB, Verdugo Hills exited Program Improvement/is not a focus or priority school.


Principal, City of Angels School LAUSD 2009-2011 City of Angels School (3016) is a traditional calendar, independent study school (part of the options program) encompassing Kindergarten -12th Grade with approximately 80% 9th-12th Grade (high school). 15% 6th-8th Grade (middle school), and 5% K-5th Grade (elementary school). The school is divided into 3 regions or small learning communities (each with a dedicated counselor and administrator) as well as two academies with 95 teachers teaching at 27 sites and in every LAUSD Local District. Developed Professional Learning Communities by re-establishing and      redefining and Regional Instructional Groups using protocols including Looking at Student Work, Success Analysis, and Critical Friends. Improved public relations by establishing relationships with the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and School Support, Beyond the Bell, and the Office of Communications resulting in students and programs featured on the LA Daily News, La Opinion (2010), KABC Television News (2010), KCAL News (2010), KNX-1070 radio (2010), and KLCS (2011). Expanded and developed new online learning programs with planned expansion of online learning in collaboration with LAUSD Instructional Technology Division. Developed and led LAUSD City of Angels Virtual Academy (online high school) with 1000 students and 35 teachers in Summer, 2010, and continued the program in Fall, 2010. Developed courses, protocols, procedures, and policies for the online school, with a leadership team and district staff. Developed Bellevue Arts: The City of Angels Visual and Performing Arts Academy, using large group, small group, and individualized instruction, integrated, theme-based instruction/project-based learning, and partnerships with the arts community. Bellevue Arts opened in Fall, 2010. Started an English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC) to support English Learners and give parents more input into the school program. Started a Gifted and Talented Program with a proposal approved by the district and funding in place for 170 identified gifted and talented students. There had never been a GATE program or ELAC at City of Angels School. Implemented Coffee with the Principal (parents) and Brown-Bag Roundtable with Principal (teachers) each month to improve parent-school communication. Implemented Associated Student Body/Student Leadership program. Re-envisioned the professional development program in collaboration with a committee of teachers, administrators, and staff. Moved City of Angels from leased sites to district-owned properties as a budget reduction and as aligned with vision of the school board and superintendent. Continued developing Regional Instructional Groups (RIGS), professional learning communities housed in each of the 4 regions. Planning for departmentalization including new Department Chairs and professional development by content area. To improve communication, published weekly staff memo (sent via e-mail and posted on staff website), weekly podcasts for the community, and weekly phone messages and e-mails for parents, students, teachers, staff, and community.

Coordinator/Director of Operations

Coordinator, Local District 7 LAUSD 2008-2009 Supported instruction and operations at Local District 7 early education centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and alternative schools. Assisted schools in the local district Emergency Operations Center for large-scale emergencies at the school sites. Assisted school principals with incidents including student walk-outs/protests, teacher protests/picketing, H1N1 virus concerns, bomb threats, earthquake emergencies, school lock-downs (campus protection). Worked with local law enforcement and school police as well as parents, students, and school staff in emergency situations at schools. Worked with housed employees and assisted staff relations office at the local district. Designed and improved systems to support operations at schools resulting in improved communication with principals, assistant principals, and parents. Worked with directors, school services, to provide a resource for school principals and to improve service to parents and community. Solved problems/handled concerns of parents who contacted the central office. Point for professional development requirements and compliance for administrator training including child abuse reporting training and workplace harassment training. Point for LAUSD School Report Cards program.


Principal, Manual Arts High School (District 7) LAUSD , 2006-2008

Manual Arts High School (3600) is a year-round, comprehensive high school encompassing 9th -12th Grade with students receiving Title One services (90%) and Special Education services (11%), English Language Learners (37%) and approximately 82%, Latino and 18%, African-American students. The school is divided into 9 small learning communities of about 400 students each with dedicated/localized teachers and classrooms, staff, and administration. There are about 200 certificated faculty and 150 classified staff. Manual Arts is located in the heart of Los Angeles, across the street from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and two blocks away from the University of Southern California, and is considered South Central Los Angeles (northern section).

Improved instructional practice: Implemented professional learning communities with professional development/collaborative team meeting time every week as part of the regular school day. Exited the School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT) program.

Improved Safety and Climate: Instituted new Tardy Sweep program (Per. 1 tardies reduced from 800 students to under 100 students); New murals class that created several murals around campus; Plant improvements including new buildings, new small learning community offices and common areas, new classroom furniture and painting project

Academic Interventions: Immediate intervention program for struggling ninth graders, increase in classroom visits and accountability for teachers and administrators, California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Prep classes, CAHSEE Boot Camp for seniors who have not passed; new courses to improve skills in English/language arts and math.

Instructional Support: Developed programs and smaller learning communities, secured several grants; Founded Instructional Cabinet, LAYERS (program for aspiring administrators), Grant Team, Data Team

Parent Support/Involvement: Moved and expanded Parent Center and services, implemented parent patrol, extended Library hours; New Back-to-School Night, Parent Conference Night, and Open House.

Improved communication: Began publishing daily bulletin (Toiler Talk), Manual Arts Update, Monday Memo to Staff, and developed new website

Scheduling: Led the exploration followed by staff voting and approving a new 4X4 block schedule; hired new administrators, teachers, and staff; developed master schedule with 9 small learning communities on three tracks (Concept 6-Year-round)

Athletics: Implemented new football program, new coaching staff, new cheerleading program, new swim team and water polo team; first night football game in 97 years.

Acting Principal/House Principal

Acting Principal, Small Schools, Associate/Assistant Principal

Polytechnic High School (District 2) LAUSD 2004-2006

John H. Francis Polytechnic High School, a comprehensive high school for grades 9-12, provides services for a total of 4,246 students with an ethnic population of: 90.3% Hispanic or Latino, and 0-3 % of other ethnicities.Approximately 12% of the student population receives special education services, about 33% are English Learners (EL), and about 85% of students qualified for free/reduced price meals in 2006-07. School is divided into 5 small learning communities including a 9th grade academy, a 10th grade academy, and three 11th/12th grade career academies. Polytechnic High School is located in the North East San Fernando Valley, considered a suburb of Los Angeles but also within the city limits.

Founded Freshman Centre, Ninth Grade Success/Transition Academy Administrator

High school made great gains in student achievement led by the Freshmen Centre, Ninth Grade Academy. Graduation Rate more than doubled. School exited Program Improvement in 2008.

Responsible for attendance, counseling, discipline, curriculum and instruction, professional development and evaluations of over 50 teachers & staff. On-time matriculation to 10th grade went from 73% to 93%.

Assistant Principal

District 2/Los Angeles Unified School District2000-2004

Responsibilities included Visual and Performing Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science, English (9th), Math (9th), Life Skills/Health, PE (9th), Advanced Placement/Gifted, teacher evaluations, new school-based administrator training program.

Developed smaller learning communities, houses, and academy programs

Secured several grants totaling over 8 million dollars.

Additional responsibilities included student body activities and funding, senior activities and graduation, school plant, facilities, parent involvement/parent center, building and grounds/maintenance, attendance office, safety and student discipline.


Specialist, Grants Assistance Unit (Central Office, LAUSD) Secured over $80 million in new grant funds to district schools and offices between May and August of 1999. District-wide grants-Digital High School (state), GEAR UP (federal), Visual and Performing Arts Grant (state), and others. Redesigned web site. Presented grant workshops to school and central office adminsitrators and teachers. Reviewed and groomed grants.

Teacher and Department Chair

District 6/Los Angeles Unified School District

Built program from 70 students, 1 teacher, to over 400 students, 3 teachers and3 teacher assistants

Founded first LAUSD Advanced Placement Music Theory course

Developed/implemented new curriculum and programs, integrated instruction course, music technology

Founded Academy of Music Professions and the Music Major Program

Teacher and C-Track Lead

Teacher, Berendo Middle School (District 4) LAUSD

Developed/implemented Popular Music in America curriculum.

Founded Musical Theatre Workshop program (Migrant Education).

Founded Showstoppers, jazz/show choir. Performances all over LA.

Created, produced, and directed original musicals every fall.

Founded Neighborhood Orchestral Training and Enrichment Program (NOTE).

Implemented first orchestra music program in over 25 years and started new

choir program.