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Charline VAN HAUTE

Data Protection Officer & Outsourcing Specialist at Euroclear Bank, Euroclear SA/NV and Euroclear Belgium


Banking Compliance Advisory Expert with a decade of experience in banking financial operations, products and supervisory architecture.

Work History


Team Leader

Team Leader of the AML & Sanctions Operations team, Compliance & Ethics Division, Risk Management department, SA, overseeing the day-to-day related tasks and ensuring that operational tasks are efficiently performed on a daily basis. This includes e.g. daily and weekly alerts of our automated tool, activities such as Due Diligence on clients, KYC, monitoring of sanctions, management of the compliance inbox and Compliance sanctions inbox…. Implementation of the projects(e.g. Due Diligence on non-clients, AML risk matrix, upcoming 4th AML directive,…) Coaching and participating to the development of a team of 9 people Managing all the aspects of a team organisation(i.e. group planning, holidays planning, etc)

Compliance & Ethics Analyst and Fraud Specialist

Compliance & Ethics Analyst and Fraud Specialist Risk Management department, SA, Compliance & Ethics Analyst analyse suspicious transactions and detect suspicious names in our automatic tool. work on the admission and review of new and existing participants, transfer agents, treasury counterpart's or suppliers verifying their corporate structure, looking for adverse information in their respect. Handle the inquiries sent to the Compliance inbox(e.g. giving guidance on acceptance of securities, completion of AML questionnaires for Transfer Agent, investigate on suspicious emails,.) update list of sanctioned individuals/corporates, running control queries, performing investigations in case of positive hits.

Tax Specialist

Tax Specialist and Corporate Actions Specialist(in Debt Reorganisation),, Brussels. Corporate Actions Specialist(in Debt Reorganisation)-3,5 years working with the market to inform clients about debt reorganization events, participative or informative events on fixed income products implies the analysis and set-up of Notices, Meeting, Offer and Consent events. Handling the restructuring of debt in Greece, General Motors, Republic of Argentina and the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and the Icelandic Banks(Landsbanki, Glitnir and Kaupthing). Close follow-up of non-payment files, management of instructions linked to Claim filing, Disclosure, Due and Payable events or Unpaid Put Options and processing liquidation payments for defaulted securities. Negotiation and coordination with external parties, such as Trustee, Agent, Administrators, Depositaries etc. Following Lean principles and Continuous Improvement methodology




Université catholique de Louvain UCL



Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis




English: Mother tongue
French:  Second language/excellent comprehension, spoken & writing skills
Dutch -  Good comprehension, spoken and writing skills
German - Good comprehension, spoken and writing skills
Swahili - excellent comprehension, spoken and writing


Outsourcing in Banking & Financial Services: Governing Principles on outsourcing of financial services for market intermediaries (IOSCO-OICU) & CSDR, FCA

Decision to Outsource: Materiality of OutsourcingOutsourcing on a Cross-Border Basis, Intergroup Outsourcing strategies

Service Provider Selection & Evaluation, Due diligence in selection and monitoring of service provider and service provider's performance, How to ensure a "fit for purpose" outsourcing contract with a service provider

Control & Oversight & Service Protection

Service provider Information Technology Security control risk assessment review and requirements, Business Continuity, Data security, Confidentiality and protection of personal data, Exit plan procedures (including regular testing), Right of Audit for Regulator's and Intermediary’s Access to Books and Records, Including Rights of Inspection.

Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and their related risk assessment reviews


Data Protection Officer Certification: CPE accredited by FSMA and IAPP CIPPE: Understanding Data Protection Principles and Key Instruments to be applied when building a Scalable Risk Based Privacy by Design framework, Privacy in practice - managing regulatory & corporate expectations, Implementing a Privacy Program (organisational & technical measures, third-party vendor management, implementation of adequate & appropriate data transfer instruments, implementation of a review & monitoring mechanism, privacy impact assessment methodology)


Compliance & Risk Management: Banking Supervisory Architecture Methodology, Compliance Domain Advisory governance , Compliance Regulatory Domain Risk Assessments, Compliance Regulatory Domain Control Plan Implementation, Policy handling,

Enterprise Risk Management methodology: GRC, Risk management universe, Risk Modules, 3 Lines of Defence Methodology, PWC Audit Certification & Testing, Methodology 

Basel II Methodology: Collateral Valuation, Securities Quotations & Ratings, Economic Capital management, Credit Portfolio management, Risk Modules & Capital Modeling

Financial Markets & Instruments: Structured Instruments framework, Securities lending & borrowing, Tri-party Collateral Management,

Investment Banking: Treasury Management, Asset Liability & Liquidity Management, Market Dealing, Repo Management

Euroclear Core training: Settlement & Clearance, Post Trade Asset Servicing


Prince II Foundation Certification

Project management training, Six Thinking Hats, Negotiating Win-Win, Influence with Impact, Lean Management, Mind mapping techniques, Business Tone of Voice writing and reporting, Outsourcing Management (including SLA’s, RFPs, Contractual Agreements), Training & Presentations


Reuters & Bloomberg dealing

Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Pdf, Visio)

SQL data mining


Philip Van Hassel, Director

Euroclear Bank SA/NV

An Dehard

Trade Complaints Director

Mattel Belgium

Points of Interest

Thinking Out of the box i.e. Cutting Edge, Achiever, Go getter and Agility!

Don’t accept a job unless it scares you – I believe that Challenge provokes the growth and enhancement of one's professional skills and competency!


Project Management & Financial Industry

Reading suspense, thriller and chronological tales

Gymn fitness, travelling, entertaining with friends