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Michael Godde

Bartender. Tour guide. Pub Crawl Guide

Work experience


Urban Spree

Bar Manager/ Events coordinator

Urban spree is a in large outdoor Venue/Art Gallery located in the centre of Berlins busiest district, after a short time working the bar I started to organise events which quickly became a large success, My role was to Organise and coordinate bands DJs and other theatrical acts on the 4 stages provided and secure micro brewery endorsements.

I would also run the bar on weekdays/nights.


Alternative Berlin Tours

Alternative Berlin tour guide

I utilised my public speaking and history skills to become a history tour guide for Alternative Berlin. Mainly showing English and German speaking tourists the dark underbelly of Berlin History. My main focus was to show how it became one the most creative cities in the world.


Anti Pub Crawl Guide

Salvation army

In smaller groups and with the right attitude you can visit some of the city’s most amazing spots and actually meet some of the locals. This is what the alternative pubcrawl is all about.

We would utilise local knowledge to show tourists what the berlin night life is all about.



Business Management Cert III


Music Production Cert III + IIII

Murray Conservatorium

Hospitality Cert III + IIII

Wodonga Hospitality

Trip advisor Reviews

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