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executive Summary

An innovative, charismatic, high-integrity leader who has  a proven track record of leading organizations to the forefront of the national scene. Proven success in bringing individuals, organizations, and corporate interests together to move a shared agenda.  A true consensus builder, collaborator, and trusted adviser.  A visionary leader with a track record of success with a broad and diverse national community. Effective leadership leading to successful interface between key decision makers in executive and legislative branches of both State and Federal government.



    Continuously improved, enhanced and grew the National Hemophilia Foundation during  the Great Recession. Viewed the economic circumstance as a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders to not only reinvest their current commitments, but double them though their participation in a CEO Strategic Council, which provided them with an opportunity to hear first hand where their financial contributions were being used, and to receive confirmation of the success of the initiatives funded.

Thus creating a comprehensive and innovative approach to increase service capacity by doubling the number of affiliate staff.  Ultimately creating a diverse affiliate network nationwide, while setting national trends in healthcare by establishing Nationwide Advocacy Centers to address insurance reimbursement issues in key states, whose policies set national trends. Raised the national profile of the organization through a multi-faceted public relations campaign, during which the  Department Health and Human Services to establish March as Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month.

professional experience

Chief Executive Officer

National Hemophilia Foundation

New York, New York

The National Hemophilia Foundation has 51 chapters throughout the United States. Upon my arrival, the Foundation was an $8,000,000 organization facing a $750.000 operating deficit. Today the Foundation has an operating budget of $23,000,000. Since the start of my tenure revenue has increased by 150 percent. In addition we have increased our reserve by 415 percent. Developed and coordinated a nationwide reorganization of chapters, with the total affilates numbers up to 51 chapters from 35.

Executive Director

Hemophilia Council of california

Sacramento, California

The Hemophilia Council of California(HCC) contracted with Compass Nonprofit Consulting Services for management services. Established Statewide staff team to provide support to individual families and local organizations. Coordination of a statewide advocacy agenda which is distinguished by an annual Legislative Day Program which has grown from 60 over 100 participants during my  tenure; expansion of a Future Leaders Program for youth interested in government. Legislative efforts resulted in implementation of a new reimbursement formula allowing for adequate reimbursement for health services.

Founder/Managing Consultant

The Bias Group/Compass Non-Profit Services

Richmond, California

The Bias Group was created to address the special needs of philanthropy, industry, and research as they relate to advocacy and the chronically ill patients. The Bias Group is a subsidiary of Compass Nonprofit Consulting Services, which provides support to non-profits organization with leadership development, education, and awareness through forums for professionals serving the bleeding disorder community, emphasizing inclusiveness, and the promotion of an atmosphere of collaboration among the three national organizations and the World Federation of Hemophilia. The Bias Group strives to provide forums which will expose professionals to insurers, PBM's, government officials and pharmaceuticals, whose policies and program plans impact the current standard of care for chronically ill patients.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

San Francisco, California

Worked with consumers and non-profit organizations in identifying and developing programs and services for persons living with Thrombosis and Thrombophilia. These efforts proved successful by identifying and organizing consumer volunteers to participate in a steering committee which eventually founded the National Association of Thrombosis and Thrombophilia (NATT). This position's role was essential to both the early process of selecting and facilitating the initial focus/discussion group for the CDC, and later participation in the Steering Committee which developed the goals, objectives and bylaws for the organization that eventually became NATT (today National Blood Clot Alliance).

Legislative Consultant

MARC Associates

Washington, D.C.

Legislative Coordinator for a national grassroots advocacy network.  Developed congressional relationships resulting in more tan 400 co-sponsors. The goal for this position was the passage of the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Act, a law which would provide compassionate payment to individuals with bleeding disorders who were infected with HIV through the nation's contaminated blood supply. This work proved to be much more than just an advocate or coordinator, but required service as a community spokesperson for all matters affecting the bleeding disorders community. It also required significant diplomacy skills among the many voices within the bleeding disorder community; those that had suffered great personal loss, those who demanded justice, and those who demanded atonement from government, Industry and non-profit organizations. The bleeding disorders community had never undertaken such a tremendous effort, and my role was to build consensus, trust, and provide the motivation to accomplish this enormous task. These efforts proved successful with the passage of the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Act, Public Law 105-369, in the fall of 1998 amounting to $750,000,000 in compassionate payments. I was proud and honored to have made the difference for my client, the National Hemophilia Foundation, and the bleeding disorders community at large.

Associate Executive Director

Albany YMCA

Berkeley/Albany, California

Administered a $1.5 million “before and After” School Program serving 400 families in the Berkeley/ Albany School Districts, and was responsible for 35% of the annual giving campaign.  Hired, supervised and trained a staff of 55 plus employees.  Maintained a state licensed program with 17 sites throughout our services area, developed both summer and Holiday Programs to compete with the local child development programs, maintaining more than 50% participation from school districts served, as well as the management of a parent advisory committee to ensure measurable program quality standards. Further responsibilities required representation at city, county and club events including Rotary, Lions Club, Police Association and school district truancy committees as a representative of the YMCA. 


California State University

East Bay

Bachelor of Arts Human Development, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Minor, Public Administration

Volunteer/board affiliations

2003 – 2008     Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

                                                Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Advisory Committee – Member

 2003 – 2008   National Association Thrombosis and Thrombophilia (NATT) Steering Committee- Member

2002 – 2008    CSL Behring Foundation for Research and Advancement of Patient Health - Chair

2000 – 2007   National Hemophilia Foundation, Blood Safety Committee – Co-Chair, Member

2000 – 2007   National Hemophilia Foundation, Advocacy Committee – Member

1999 - 2004   Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California – President, Board of Directors

1996 - 1998   National Organizations Responding to AIDS Executive Committee – Member

1995 - 1998  Human Genome Project Steering Committee – Member