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A multi-skilled, reliable & punctual Belgian translator living in New Zealand with several years of experience and a passion to learn new things. 

A quick learner who can absorb new ideas & can communicate clearly & effectively with people from all social and professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate & fully aware of diversity & multicultural issues. 

Big interest in politics, development, gaming, sports and with a heart for nature.

Work History

April 2021Now

Freelance Translator

Tardigrade Tabi ltd.

My company in New Zealand after moving from Belgium.

Translation and reviewing of English to Dutch, French to Dutch and Japanese to Dutch. Also working freelance for a translation agency providing punctual translations and revisions of translations to clients where needed.

My specializations are medical (translation of SmpC, PIL, ICF), psychology, eLearnings, manuals, games, fashion, international development, refugees & migration, environment & ecology, apps, computer software and tourism and travel.

Oct 2012March 2021

Freelance Translator


My translation business while I was still living in Belgium, providing the same services as my current one.

Sep 2015April 2018


Red Cross Flanders

In the emergency centre for asylum seekers of the Red Cross in Westakkers, Sint-Niklaas I work as an assistant. This implies doing the follow-up of the procedures, giving psycho-social support, helping the refugees to integrate in Belgium and helping with the general running of the centre.




Freelance Translator, working together with Gctranslations. I translated English to Dutch, French to Dutch and Japanese to Dutch. Mostly medical and agricultural subjects.

Nov 2011Sep 2012

Technical Writer

Northgate Arinso

As a technical writer I improved and added to the documentation for NorthgateArinso. I wrote several types of documentation for different kinds of end-users (for example for the consultants, the user, the client, etc.) of products from NGA. I also translated the labels for euHReka (an HR program from NGA) from English to Japanese and to Dutch.

Sep 2010Sep 2011

Translator Internship


Translator internship, mostly English and French to Dutch. Mostly medical.


Sep 2014August 2018

Master of Science in Conflict and Development

University of Ghent

Master-after-master degree with a focus on the interaction between conflict and the Global South. This is with an interdisciplinary approach where we explore, analyse and discuss the different views from various academical disciplines such as the political sciences, anthropology, developmental studies and sociology. This master is unfinished.

Sep 2010Aug 2011

Master of arts – Master of Language and Area Studies: Japanology

Catholic University of Leuven

Subject Masterthesis: The role and politics of Japan during the Cancun Climate Change Conference (COP 16)

Aug 2008June 2009

Exchange student in Osaka, Japan

Kansai University

As an exchange student in Osaka, Japan I took law classes in Japanese and followed a program to improve my Japanese further. I also voluntarily taught basic Dutch to Japanese students (in Japanese) and also had a reading group with elderly Japanese. Here we read a text together (for example from Murakami) and discussed about it afterwards in English.

Next to that I also worked in a  Belgian Beer Bar in Osaka. This was a fun way to learn Japanese more fluently. I could explain Belgian customs to Japanese customers and in that way improve my Japanese in a practical way.


Bachelor of arts – Bachelor of Language and Area Studies: Japanology

Catholic University of Leuven

Trainings and colloquia

Dec 2020Jan 2021

Buurtaal - 5 times Dutch from Belgium and Dutch from theNetherlands


Series of webinars about the differences between Dutch from the
Netherlands and Dutch from Belgium and how this is important as a
translator. Differences in grammar, culture, vocabulary, word order,... and how to handle this.

Oct 2016June 2017

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) PreparationCourses

Catholic University of Leuven

These are preparation classes to do the JLPT test N2 in July 2017. The
JLPT (Nihongo nōryoku shiken 日本語能力試験) is a test co-organized by
the Japan Foundation and the Japan Educational Exchanges and
Services to certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native

June 2015

Infocyclus BTC

BTC - Belgian Development Agency

This is a training organized by the Belgian Development Agency on international cooperation and North-South relations.