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As an individual, I'm a leader who can adapt and include others, creating an environment where teams succeed and people grow. I'm a natural leader who inspires teams to work together. I foster a positive and productive work atmosphere. My willingness to try new things helps me embrace challenges and learn from mistakes. I'm open to feedback, which helps me grow in both my personal and professional life. I communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds. I'm always thinking about the customers and how to make them happy as an obsession. I'm always looking for ways to understand their needs and exceed their expectations. I'm a self-motivated person, and I enjoy working with others. I'm always looking for ways to work with other teams and learn from them.

Professional Experience

Jan 2022Present

Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer:

Developing the entire Business Support System as a Fullstack Developer:

WebApps using ReactJs (NextJs) with python (Azure Functions).

We managed to create the BSS to support the entire telecommunications company focusing on creating a unique automated experience on what matters: Our customers.

DevOps Engineer:

Also as part of the team, I'm in charge of everything related to supporting our systems in Azure and keeping them up and running. 

Software Coaching:

Coaching other members of the teams has been part of the journey helping them to achieve the best version of themselves. Working with the hard skills but also the soft ones, I've helped to make the team stronger and more efficient.


Agile Transformation, Fullstack Developer & DevOps

Axtel: IT & Telcom Company

I worked in operations with clear objectives to reduce customer issue resolution times. We were using software development for automation and process redesign with a customer-centric focus. 

I actively participated as part of the software development team, engaging in development while simultaneously leading the execution of the strategy and adjustments to the entire process, resulting in a 60% reduction in customer issue resolution times and we increased NPS by 30%.

Software Development:

- Team Lead and Software Developer MERN Stack.

   - Mongo, Express, React, Node.

   - Others: Python, PHP, .NET, React Native, Docker.

  - Developing new solutions to improve the business lead time of critical operational areas.

  - Automation of the ecosystem of applications for the Innovation area (Scheduler, Project Administration, Datacenter Administration, Idea Management)

  - Alexa Skill (Alestra Encuentra mi teléfono)

- DevOps Engineer (AWS & Azure)

 - CI&CD. (AWS, Azure, Jenskins)

 - Operate and Monitor.

Innovation Strategy:

- Being part of the innovation area helping other teams as a Lean Startup and Design Thinking coach working on new ideas of products and continuous improvement of the business.

Agile Coach:

- Enterprise Coach: Led the strategy of the agile transformation of the company working leaders of the organization.

- Coach of Agile Coaches: Building new teams of agile coaches to work in the transformation of the company.

- Coach of Product Owners: Training and Coaching new product owners to build great applications.

- Coach of Scrum Masters: Training and Coaching Scrum Masters to be part of the agile transformation. 

- Trainer: Doing training in Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, Nexus) and Agile Leadership for Executives and Managers.

Other responsabilities:

Network Engineer:

- Administrator of the Datacenter of the Innovation HUB.

- Software Developer for changes and monitoring network architecture (netconf).

nov 2011present

Innovation Technology Coordinator

  • Innovation:
    • Innovation Ideas Incubator:
      • Manager of development process of technological innovation ideas prototypes .
      • Lean Startup Coaching.
      • Team Leader
    • Agile:
      • Agile Coach 
      • Manager of Developers Community (Scrum Master) 
      • Technical analysis of innovation ideas .
      • Coordinating working groups
      • Scrum Master.
      • Enabling Scrum Teams
    • Devops:
      • Managment.
      • SRE.
    • Design Thinking:
      • Collaboration with the area of Business Innovation for the development of innovative ideas using Design Thinking methodology.
    • Business Technology Analyst
      • Analyst and developer of applications for the area of technological innovation.
        • Requirements analysis, cost estimating time / resources , work plan ( Development & QA ) and software implementation.
        • Business Requirements Documents.
        • Coordinate meetings with clients to capture needs and requirements.
    • Technology Innovation Specialist
      • Management and maintenance of applications of technological innovation area.
      • Admin, maintenance, support and development for Legacy applications.
      • Lab Support: Installing models for testing new products and services.
        • Installation, admin and support for playgrounds for testing new products and services.
nov 2009nov 2011

Legacy application developer

  • Analysis and development of Legacy applications using Centura and SQL.
  • Business Requirements Documents.
  • Meetings with clients.
  • Requirements analysis, cost estimating time.
  • Development of the changes.



Business Agility

Enterprise Agility Institute

Enterprise Agility Foundation

Enterprise Agility Institute

DevOps Mastery


Certified Agile Leadership 1


Certified Scrum Product Owner 1


Kanban Management Professional


Professional Scrum Master 1

Certified Less Basics

The LeSS Company
dic 2013dic 2013

ITIL Foundation Certificate v3


Set of practices for Service Management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

nov 2012ene 2013

CCNA Routing and Switching


Special Skills

As part of my daily work process, I have skills that differentiate me from my closest competitors:

Innovation Innovation is a fundamental and differentiating tool developing new products and services as well as the practice of it obtaining results.
Leadership I am the leader of various projects of the process of prototyping technology innovation ideas. Good management and correctly applied, in addition to great teamwork, leadership has led us down the path to success in the presentations of our final results.
Teamwork teamwork has been a reliable tool for achieving results working as a team on the same goal.
Analysis I have participated in projects as a developer using my analytical skills by understanding the needs of users and developing great solutions.
Planning As part of the project, i make work plans under PMP schemes.
Agile Mindset

Using an agile mindset together with methodologies and frameworks, i've obtained favorable results according to the principles of agility

Desing Thinking

In my experience, Design Thinking has been the best methodology for the beginnings of every project, because it help to understand the real value of the solutions.


And the last but no less important, I use StoryTelling everytime I need to talk about project im working.