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I am interested in the application of Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D). I have skills in building systems requirements and web-based content management applications.  I am also interested in the development of the policy framework around the use of ICTs.

My skills also include project management, monitoring and evaluation in the IT and social sectors. I also conduct research into the areas of ICT4D.

I have an active interest in promoting  gender justice, child protection and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) persons. I do this through education, advocacy and research using a human rights framework. Check activities at

Specific Technical Knowledge :

Using Drupal , Wordpress for Content Management, Knowledge of MySql, Oracle RDBMS . Familiarity with a range of productivity applications with a preference for LibreOffice and OpenOffice. and other free and open source software applications

Familiarity with Blogging tools and Wikis, and using Mailman to administer mailing lists.  Linux server administration.

Work experience

Jan 2016Feb 2016

IT Services

Client : Linden Enterprise Network

Assignment : : Using Drupal to create the website prototype at

Client : STARR Computers

Assignment : Conduct an orientation to Linux for staff. The details are described at

Other assignments

Mar 2009Present


Caribbean - International Resources Network

The Caribbean region of the International Resources Network is a network that connects activists, scholars, artists and other individuals and organizations who do research and work on issues related to diverse genders and sexualities in the Caribbean

This position is a part time position . The tasks included

  • Content collection and archiving of related materials for posting on
  • Organising and  facilitation of the Caribbean Sexualities Gathering at the Caribbean Studies Association Conference in Jamaica - 2009; and in Barbados - 2010
  • the creation and management of the Caribbean IRN Collection of the Digital Libraries of the Caribbean at 
  • the creation and management of the Gay Freedom Movement of Jamaica Digital Archive 
  • publicising through the article Chantilly Lace - SX Salon - June 2011
  • Development of the web platform for the Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean collection
Jan 2009Dec 2014

Information Technology and professional services provider

Consultancies and Contracts

Client : Tiara Academy, New Amsterdam, Berbice

Title : Development of learner modules for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development/United Nations Development Programme “Youth Empowerment, Inclusion and Reconciliation Project”

These modules are :-

  • Conflict Transformation and Fostering Peace
  • Advocacy and Participation in Policy Making
  • Understanding Human Rights


Client : Integrationist Caribbean

Website management and User support services for the site at


Client : Dr Tavis Jules

Website Management services for the site at

Client : Brainstreet Group/Government of Guyana

Title :  "Provision of IT services/MIS analysis for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development"  The objective was to develop requirements for the components of a Monitoring and Reporting Information Management System for the Ministry.

Client : CARICOM Secretariat

Portal Development : CARICOM Digital Development Strategy

Client : North Rupununi District Development Board

Title : Providing a range of ICT services to support a project to boost micro-enterprise development. This includes the assessment of IT capacity, the procurement of equipment and services and the development of the NRDDB website and the training of staff to manage the website.


Client : Brainstreet Group/Government of Guyana

Title :  Provision of IT Services to the Justice Sector Modernisation Project, Ministry of Legal Affairs . The objective was to develop the requirements for the components of an integrated management information system for the Ministry of Legal Affairs. These include the requirements for the Legislative Drafting system, the Public Trustee MIS and the the administrative support systems.


Client : Brainstreet Group/Government of Guyana

Title :  Provision of IT services to the Citizens Security Programme, Ministry of Home Affairs.

The objective was to complete the user documentation for the software developed for the CSP stakeholders.

2010 :

Client : CARICOM Secretariat

Title : Development  of CARIB-IS Portal- Open Source Channel and Regional ICT Policies Data Collation


Client : Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies, City University of New York

Co-ordinator, Caribbean - International Resources Network  (see below)

Other work and activities

  • 2010, 2011 and 2012 and 2013. - Facilitator, technical component of the Online Journalism Course, Centre for Communication Studies,(Student feedback summarised on this blog post)
  • 2009: Researcher, Latin American Public Opinion Poll, Guyana
  • 2009 : Development of website for Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre - the site is managed by the staff
  • 2009-2010 - Development of website for the Caribbean Treatment Action Group

Relevant articles and presentations




Articles about Free and Open Source Software, published on the CARIB-IS portal


New Concepts and Mechanisms for Networking

  • - Presentation with UNDP at the Fifth Summit of the Americas Civil Society Forum, April 2009
Jan 2005Dec 2008

Projects Officer


DevNet is a non-Governmental organisation created out of the Sustainable Development Programme (SDNP) initiative of the United Nations Development Programme . The core activities and responsibilities included :-

  • Technical supervision of a project managed by the Fiscal and Financial Management Programme (IADB project) to implement a Digitised Information Management System for the National Assembly

  • Consultancy services to conduct a Feasibility Study to Implement Speech Recognition Software to Enhance the Reporting of Court Proceedings in the High Court and the Court of Appeal of Guyana on behalf of the Modernisation of the Justice Administration System Project(IADB project)

  • Implementation of the projects to “Strengthen the Caribbean ICT stakeholders Virtual Community - CIVIC- as a regional mechanism to promote and support the use of ICT for development in the Caribbean” . This was done with a cross regional team from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic with support from IDRC and involved the following activities :-

  • World Summit on the Information Society related activities

    • Advocate at CARICOM level for participation in the Regional WSIS Committee

    • Participate in CIVIC working group to respond to the report of the Working Group on Internet Governance

  • Facilitate working group organised by the Government of Guyana to develop inputs for an ICT strategy

  • Technical support to the network infrastructure of DevNet and its clients – which includes management of ICT usage, help desk support, and network management.

Jan 2000Dec 2004


Sustainable Development Networking Programme, Guyana

This was an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Guyana

Responsibilities/activities included

  • 2004 – Consultancy to prepare a Feasibility Study for a European Union funded Information Society programme for the African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

  • Work with a Task Force nominated by the Office of the Prime Minister to resolve the management of the .gy domain issues in Guyana

  • Maintaining relationships with key partners including various Government agencies and non-Governmental organisations to develop and share information resources through a total of 80 websites managed through

  • Promote the use of Open source in different sectors by organising a series of Linux Expos in Guyana during 2004, and facilitating the Guyana Linux Users Group

  • Providing help desk type support to various clients including the UNDP Guyana Country Office

  • Consolidating the SDNP assets and resources and moving them to DevNet, including the websites and information resources

Oct 1993Dec 1999

Systems Analyst to Manager, Development and Application Support

Guyana Sugar Corporation

Responsibilities included:

  • Leading a team of analysts in the redesign of the Business Systems using Business Process Reengineering techniques

  • Leading and motivating a team of 8 analysts in the maintenance of the Financial and Inventory Management Systems

  • Recommending system redesign and development strategies to the Corporation including Human Resources and Payroll

  • Establishing the Help Desk

  • Developing and implementing the computer training programme for GUYSUCO for new users in the new information systems.

  • Raising awareness of the use of IT in GUYSUCO estates.

  • Participating in the development of the Information System Department by forming Job Descriptions, etc



Oct 1990Sep 1993


University of Birmingham

Degree in Software Engineering/Computer Science




  • Mobiles for Development (M4D) - Commonwealth of Learning


  • Scientific Journalism Workshop, UNESCO/The Centre for Communication Studies, University of Guyana
  • Training for External and Peer Evaluators : National Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education Guyana


  • Smart Toolkit Training Workshop, CTA -Smart Toolkit is an evaluation methodology and this training focused on information products and services especially within the Agriculture sector
  • Outcome Mapping Methodology, IDRC for evaluation


Introduction to the Formulation of electronic Government Strategies offered by the Interamerican Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) through the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Americans (INEAM)


Completed Level 2 of the Examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK

1995 - 1999

Training in Unix, Oracle RDBMS, Project Management

Ethics Statement

The following code of ethics guides my relationships with clients, stakeholders and other people with whom I work.

Valuing humanity

In all my work relationships, I will value the human rights of all the persons involved in the work. I will pursue work which does no harm. I will not work with the alcohol industry or the weapons industry. I value the freedom of speech and freedom of association as essential as other freedoms in the building of a society which allows every human being to achieve their potential. I will endeavour to remain objective in my dealings with people and to ensure that decisions are based on clearly stated values. While I honour diversity and respect differences, I will not accept any behaviour which I perceive to violate human rights. My active interest in social justice adds value to all work  in which I engage. I aspire to apply the principles of the Bhagavad Gita in approaches to people who do not share my values.


I will ensure that the work will be performed to agreed quality standards. I will remain open to constant review of the work and be responsive to all queries and comments. I will endeavour to have an evaluation of all work done, and to share the evaluation with clients

Continuous Improvement

I am committed to learning from different sources, and to pursuing work opportunities which enable further learning. I am likely to do some of this work with no requirement of fees. I am also committed to knowledge and experience sharing, and to dedicating some amount of time to sharing that knowledge. I will acknowledge any gap in skills or experience when necessary and work to ensure that the expectations of clients and others are fulfilled through extending partnerships

.Accountability & Transparency

I will ensure that all outputs are delivered according to the agreed schedule. I will be responsive to requests for updates and to renegotiations of schedules. I will be accountable to clients, and to stakeholders and other publics who request information about the work I am engaged in. I will explain my reasons for not providing any information if necessary. I will maintain confidentiality only as far as there are no legal or moral obligations to report. I will report all cases where I think children are in danger or in need of protective intervention.


I will not pay bribes or offer any gifts or concessions to acquire any work. I will not accept any concessions or bribes to modify the output of my work. I will report any attempt to offer or extricate bribes or concessions. In the event that there are any threats, I will report these , or I will seek to remove myself from the assignment.

Conflicts of interest

I will declare all conflicts of interest whether I am asked to or not.

Approaches to educating

I will ensure that all work which involves education and training will involve participatory approaches which will meet the needs of all identified learners.


I will act in according with this code of ethics. I will be open to discussion about this code and to clarifying or expanding as the work evolves.

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