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Work experience

Oct 2014Dec 2014

Google Fiber Tools

NeST Information Technologies

 ClientMichael Baker Corporation

  • Help tools that Identify electric utility features using LiDAR data.
  • Developed an intermediate data converter that would exchange the data between Microstation and Geodatabase.
  • Several production tools were created for interacting  with the LiDAR data  in Microstation.

Technology Used - Microstation, Microstation SDK, C#.NET

Dec 2012Present


  • Developer in arguably the best open source GIS product, QGIS.
  • Actively contributing commits during free time 
  • Voted by community to be included in  the core developer list, with commit rights to the original QGIS git repostory.
  • Author of the Vector Topology Checker and Rotate Features Editing tools.
  • Actively involved in fixing bugs in the core code(C++) and python extensions.

Technology Used - C++, Python, Qt SDK, QtCreator, CMake, Ubuntu 12.04, git

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Insurance Data Viewer

NeST Information Technologies

Client - Verisk Analytics

  • Web map application for visualizing several types of insurance losses
  • Heat maps generated to get a more visual representation of losses

Technology Used - ASP.NET MVC3, Google Maps API, SQL Server 2008, JQuery

Nov 2012Mar 2013

Remote Fiber Management System, SFO Technologies, India

NeST Information Technologies, Kochi
  • A system for monitoring and identifying fiber optic network events. It’s a
  • Hhybrid system comprising of a Web based application and a desktop application (for editing the cable elements)
  • Synchronization of data with Oracle Spatial database and Esri Geodatabases,
  • Extension of ESRI Fiber Editing Tools using Arcobjects
  • Updating remote data through web services.

Technology Used - ASP.NET MVC2, ArcObjects, Oracle Spatial(11g)

Jun 2012Oct 2012


NeST Aerospace Pvt Ltd (India- Trivandrum)
  • Product Developement support for FliGIS
  • Develop a solution that facilitates extracting terrain heights from DEM data
  • Generating flight paths and finding obstacles along the route from several formats of waypoint data
  • Tools for generating oxygen profile graphs, rendering the flight paths and managing the interactive waypoints 

Technology Used - ArcObjects, ESRI ArcMap, C#.NET,VB.NET

Jan 2012May 2012

NeST Conflation Suite, NeST Information Technologies, India

NeST Information Technologies, India
  • Develop a set of tools to automate the network data realignment process/conflation.
  • Solution for the traditional problem where the facilities that were once created using an old landbase need to be ported to a new landbase model that is spatially more accurate and updated
  • The conflation tool identifies similar areas from both datasets and aligns the facilities to new landbase without losing data integrity and with minimal user intervention.

Technology Used - ArcObjects, ESRI ArcMap, C#.NET

Jul 2009Dec 2011

Tract Production - Michael Baker, Jr.Inc.(Baker), USA

NeST Information Technologies, India

 ClientMichael Baker Corporation

  • Updating the landbase based on several types of inputs like Tract Maps and Assessor maps provided as either AutoCAD file or Scanned images
  • Maps updated with the help of Satellite imagery

Technology Used - ESRI ArcMap, Autodesk AutoCAD

Jun 2008Jun 2009

Parcel Mapping, Washington County

NeST Information Technologies, India
  • Building a seamless parcel fabric and municipal boundaries from input scanned tax maps or AutoCAD drawings
  • Parcels updated with the reference of aerial imagery.
  • Developed Custom scripts/extensions for the project.

Technology Used - ESRI ArcMap, Autodesk AutoCAD, AutoCAD VBA , ESRI Arcobjects VBA

Jan 2008May 2008

Enroute Chart Creation

NeST Information Technologies, India

Client - Maptech

  • Creation of Enroute Charts (Used by pilots for navigation at high altitudes) Based on the periodic information published by FAA
  • The Geodatabase that holds the Enroute information had to be updated
  • A high-resolution chart is produced as the end product.

Technology Used - ESRI ArcMap

Jan 2007Dec 2007

Gas Utility Update Project

NeST Information Technologies, India

Client - Center Point Energy, USA

  • Updating state wide seamless land base using Tract Map with a specified Turnaround Time.
  • Creation and update of GAS Main and Service.
  • The updates in data were done through Multi User, Real time Remote database management.

Technology Used - ESRI ArcMap, ArcFM

Dec 2005Dec 2006

GIS Solutions for Kahramaa (Water)

NeST Information Technologies, India


  • Creation of water network data with house connections to latest ESRI Technology and
  • Conversion of Service Connection drawings & Engineering drawings such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping and GIS drawings from scanned image format to vector data format (CAD).

Technology Used - ESRI ArcMap, Autodesk AutoCAD



Microsoft .NET languages (C#, VB.NET)


Joji Thomas

Tech Lead, NeST Information Technlogies email : phone : 9496972030, 9846102763