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Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development, Spiritual Formation, Team Building Skills of Expertise: Speaking, Teaching, Facilitation, Soul Care,Coaching


Passionate Jesus-Follower combining both years in professional ministry and years in the teaching field demonstrating a core commitment to serve God, the Body of Christ, and the community. Prioritizing personal transformation, self-management, and relationship building while cultivating lasting growth. Since we can not lead others to places we have not been, deep spiritual work and continued leadership growth is an ongoing priority. Leadership focus includes an overarching philosophy of servant leadership with an emphasis on adaptive leadership. Emphasis is placed on team model emphasizing trust, communication, cooperation, and mutual responsibilityProven experience providing soul care, instruction/training, and mentoring/coaching while fostering a culture of acceptance, trust, and authentic vulnerability that encourages risk-taking, resilience, and innovation. Tackles challenges head-on with deep prayer, valid information, critical thinking, the input of others, and decisive action. 

Laughter enthusiast - Rescuer of animals - Collector of hats - Lover of people

Core Competencies

  • Team Building/Training
  • TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer
  • Approachable/Observant
  • Leadership Mentoring/Coaching
  • Small-Group Facilitation/Training
  • Valuing/Elevating Minority Voices
  • Active Listening/Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cultivation of Culture
  • Spiritual Companioning


Professional Experience


Founder and Executive Director

Journey Partner Inc.

Founded non-profit designed to build up God-followers by nurturing faith to work in love. We empower under-served believers to share each other's burdens and to persevere in carrying their own load, as they walk in the Spirit and grow into Christlikeness. Our focus as an inter-faith Christian ministry is to specifically serve women married to ministers, women in Christian leadership, nurses, and healthcare workers. These women serve but are often underserved themselves.

Expertise in leading small groups for leaders focusing on unity, support, and spiritual growth. Additional expertise in adaptive change and bringing health to organizational systems.

  • Recruited Board of Directors and acquired funding through previous relationship building
  • Generates all consulting and instructional materials targeted to meet the felt needs of the community
  • Offer Spiritual Companioning and Individualized Soul Care
  • Offer specialized resourcing in the areas of :
    • Pastor Wife Role Exploration and Development
    • Leadership Training, Development, and Coaching
    • Ministry Coaching and Preparation
    • Small Group Leadership Training and Coaching
    • Teacm Building

Professional Ministry

Various churches providing:
  • Adaptive leadership and strategic planning
  • Program and policy development and implementation, including multi-generational activities
  • Staff oversight and team development
  • Fostering of relationships with both community and church leaders to share information and create partnerships of service
  • Training in spiritual disciplines, biblical studies, and volunteer tasks
  • Optimized and managed resource allocations to support priorities
  • Successfully resolved conflict between employees and clients, church members and leadership, and internally among families - providing many hours of spiritual care and counsel

Earlier Teaching Experience: Instructor of English, Reading, Theatre Arts

Various schools both public and private Christian
  • Committee Chair: Reading Department; English Curriculum Rubric Committee; Creative Writing and Speech Curriculum Adoption Committee; Grammar Book Adoption Committee. Experience grew the know-how of leading peers.
  • Team Leader: Crisis Response Evacuation. Reflecting calm and critical thinking in a crisis and dependability.
  • Conducted several Faculty In-Service Training Sessions aimed at Teaching Strategies. Demonstrating effort above and beyond regular duties, a willingness to serve, and passion for others' development 

Mission, Core Values, and principles

  • Christ stands up for me and with me so that with the purpose of love I can stand as a leading change-agent with others who desire growth. 
  • Integrity, Unity, Health, Creativity, Curiosity, Wisdom, Justice, Perseverance, Resilience
  • Jeremiah 17:7, "My blessing is on those who trust in me, who put their confidence in me."
  • James 3:17, "But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy."
  • Malcolm Gladwell, "Choking is about thinking too much. Panic is about thinking too little."
  • Nobody bats 1.000. Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Be humble, modify and adjust. Build the team; trust the team. Trust is the grease that keeps the team-wheels moving.