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Wei Ding / 丁伟

The shortest answer is doing

  • Chang Zhou / 常州 Jiang Su / 江苏
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Work experience

XiuRui student cram school / 修睿补习班

Jul 2009Jul 2012

Creator / 创建者

In the undergraduate course, use summer vacation time to founder cram school with Small achievements, from 17,8 students in the first year to more than 300 staff in the last year. This period can be considered a good experience, but also to bring my own first pot of gold.



RMIT / 墨尔本皇家理工大学

Jul 2013Dec 2015

Master of Commerce (postgraduate)/ 商业管理(研究生)

Major in logistics 

Yang Zhou University / 扬州大学

Sep 2009Jun 2013

International economy and trade(undergraduate)/ 国际经济与贸易(本科)

Charles Sturt University / 查理斯特大学

Sep 2011Jun 2013

International Business(undergraduate) / 国际商务(本科)


Professional knowledge / 专业知识

After six years of professional schooling and social practice, mastered the business management, risk feedback, the basic theory of supply chain and other core courses.经过6年专业的学校教育和社会实践,掌握了相关的商业管理,风险回馈,供应链基础理论等核心课程。

Learning skill / 学习能力

Good at learning, and with good adaptation and acceptance, cognitive new things can be more efficient in the shortest possible time. 善于学习,并且具有不错的适应和接受能力,可以在最短的时间内更有效率的认知新的事物。

Language:Mandarin & Australian English / 普通话,英语

Able to skillfully use Mandarin to communicate, and can be used to start a normal speaking and writing of English. 能够熟练的运用普通话进行交流,并且可以使用英语展开正常的听说读写。

Application of official software / 办公软件的应用

Able to skillfully operate essential office products, such as Word, PowerPoint, etc. 能够熟练地运用必要的办公产品,例如word文档,PPT等。

Design thinking / 设计思维能力

From a full range and diverse angles to redefine and think issues. 能从多角度,并且全方位的去思考问题。

Professional experience / 专业情况

Because my specialty is the Master of Business, but because I have a lot of interest in the logistics management ; as a result, I chose to specialize in logistics direction. In the study of international logistics and supply chain management theory, it  further draw into the advanced management concepts and methods of modern logistics. In addition, I also learned the related high-tech products in the supply chain use. Under the guidance of instructors I have completed some small problem projects with teamwork, such as the   RFID application to modern warehouse management, local analysis of the landlocked areas of the supply chain, and the establishment of distribution centers in coastal China. 因为自己的专业是商业硕士,但因为队物流抱有很大的兴趣,所以选择专攻物流方向。在对国际物流和供应链管理理论的学习中,进一步汲取到了现代物流的先进的管理理念和方式,另外,也了解到了相关的高科技产品在供应链中的运用。在导师的指导下与团队完成了一些小的课题项目,例如RFID对现代仓储管理的发展作用,关于内陆地区供应链的局部分析,和在中国设立沿海分销中心的浅析。

Individual idea / 个人感言

Logistics as China's emerging industry, I have been convinced that this industry has a huge potential market. With the growing globalization and the growth of E-commerce ,  logistics will be playing a more important role as the vital link. And I always wanted to have a chance to get further opportunities to practice in the new environment. Although I do not a technical education major in logistics, but I believe that through the  professional follow-up study, there will be more of receipt. 物流作为中国的新兴行业,我始终坚信这个行业有着巨大的潜在的市场。由于全球化和电子商务化的不断发展, 起到纽带作用的物流将会扮演更加重要的角色。我也希望能够与得到一次好的实践机会在新的环境下。 虽然我并非物流科班出身,但我相信在后续的学习中,我会有跟多的机会。希望我与竞斐一起双赢。