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Work experience

Vice President, Operations

The Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor
Vice President, Operations and Programs2010-2017 Long Beach ✓ Reinvented operations and programs at a two million dollar nonprofit supporting hundreds of volunteers for literacy, youth, and food programs bringing benefits to more than 130, 000 individuals and over 200 nonprofits. ✓ Designed and maintained reporting systems, website(, eNewsletter, budgets, accounts payable and receivable(including grants and donor supports), and other administrative management duties that support up to 45, 000 volunteers providing $70M of services to 49 cities in the South Bay. ✓ Built from the ground up a complex donor, client, and volunteer management systems in Salesforce, HandsOn Connect, and Avviato systems.

Vice President

The Coding Source, Inc.
Vice President, Hierarchical Condition Category Medicare Risk Adjustment Operations ✓ Drove 50% productivity increase, and rolled out ten new services to double monthly revenue in six months by securing 40 renewed and new contracts ✓ Re-engineered automated document, client management, and resource tracking systems to lead an eight-fold increase in staff to accommodate growth over two years. ✓ Headed client development service launches, support, and delivery for $25M+ medical coding solutions company; 320+ medical coding specialists, medical record technicians, call center project coordinators, and support staff. ✓ Administered base of 40+ accounts for risk management and compliance programs; expanded client base 200%. ✓ Deployed image disbursement systems for 500, 000 medical charts per year; directed system automation for the 50-person call center as well as scheduling capabilities for 200-member field workforce. ✓ Introduced new services offerings that included clinical review and automated pre-billing solutions. ✓ Achieved 95% quality rating for medical coders; instituted QA standards of excellence for medical record technicians and call center staff.


The Coding Source, Inc.
President ✓ Consulted Affiliated Computer Services(ACS) in proposal development, account development/management, and acquisitions. ✓ Orchestrated transformation plans and processes in pricing, operations, and facilities for accounts of up to $40M. ✓ Prospected buy-out of entrepreneurial startup venture specializing in assisted living residence services, developing a business case and handling negotiations for multimillion-dollar existing businesses. ✓ Developed multi-year, $180M client agreement for healthcare enrollment printing and mailing services; cut client-side costs 16%+.

Senior Vice President, Government

Government Health Service Organization2005
Senior Vice President, Policy Studies, Inc. ✓ Oversaw health/human service Business Process Outsourcing in six-state region of CO, PA, IA, FL, GA, and ✓ Managed 450 personnel for $30M company ✓ Led outsourcing account implementation, program execution, and compliance. ✓ Created large-scale BPO proposals to public entities

Vice President, Deputy Account Manager

Affiliated Computer Services
Vice President, Deputy Account Manager and Technical Lead1998-2004 ✓ Led contracting/subcontracting, operations design, and process development for organizational re-engineering of Texas Medicaid and CHIP administrative offices; identified performance standards and contract, vendor, and client requirements. ✓ Headed operations planning, pricing, and organizational assessment for $1.2B proposal effort to restructure Texas Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program(SCHIP) Integrated Eligibility & Enrollment Services. Developed proposal to automate processes for contact center operations and document processing for a staff of 2, 000+. ✓ Managed finances, systems development, business process re-engineering, state procurement negotiations, and support operations for $30M account with Texas Children's Health Insurance Program Administrative Services Organization. ✓ Supported CHIP contact center, eligibility/enrollment, and payment and document processing facility with 260 personnel; overhauled processes, systems, and HIPAA guidelines to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Vice President of Operations & Contract Management

Birch & Davis Health Management Corporation
Vice President of Operations & Contract Management-(ACS Acquired) ✓ Directed corporate-level projects in information systems analysis, design, and implementation as well as accounting, policy development, quality control, and training; handled budgeting for $60M+ in accounts; initially recruited as project manager. ✓ Vital in buy-and sell-side Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A), steering negotiations, financial/operational integration and support, and cost cutting; led business development activities including office start-ups and closures. ✓ Launched call centers in Louisiana, New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas totaling 600+ personnel that set the stage for sale to ACS. International Experience

Development Consultant

Mercy Corps International[Pakistan/Afghanistan
Development Consultant ] ✓ Led development of people and processes to offer an alternative to opium production in Afghanistan.


US Peace Corps[Lesotho]
Recruiter and ✓ Recruited numerous passionate volunteers to work around the world in service to humanity. ✓ Led the design, implementation, and operations of large-scale horticultural/arboricultural business and employed and impassioned hundreds of Basotho to improve their lives sustainably. International Work Experience: Lesotho, Switzerland, Taiwan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.



Washington State University


Business Transformation
Transformation Skill Sets Planning and Analysis Operations management and  Relationship Support Team Building & Development

Executive Resume

Detailed Expertise


• Strategic planning • Business Development• Risk assessment and mitigation• Implementation and transition continuity Analysis• Transformation analysis• Activity based management• Systems integration• Interface planning• Change management 

Relationship Support• Team building

• Customers and clients• Community-based organizations• Provider networks• Vendors/subcontractorsDevelopment• Planning & Design• Contract & Subcontracts • Start-up• Facilities• Compliance Operations management• Contact center management• Document processing• Payment processing• Information systems• Reporting systems Operational excellence• Strategic planning • Policy analysis• Quality improvement• Business process re-engineering

• Consensus building 


Volunteerism, philanthropy, science, and philosophy. Led a children's chess club and volunteer at homeless shelters and food banks.


From mud huts in the Peace Corps to corporate board rooms, in homeless shelters and billion dollar proposals for IBM, this leader emboldens and impassions people to attain their goals. A tried and true executive, who drives successful change, raises profitability, and attains operational excellence by delivering continuous quality improvement, optimizing processes and systems, elevating performance, and increasing quality levels for people from impoverished nations to the Fortune 500 using business process outsourcing techniques.

A business transformation leader building customer contact and call centers and business processes from executive vision to a million transactions per month in months, not years. From due diligence to customer service, he specializes in reversing inefficiencies, introducing best practices, and understanding key stakeholders to introduce services and excellent business architecture for healthcare administration, non-profits, and international development.

Active listening to all stakeholders and energetic leadership are my keys to transforming successful businesses and client organizations. My international, professional and academic, business process outsourcing experience has focused on the assessment, development, on-going management, and transformation of operations and systems, with full P&L responsibilities, using industry best practices and solid leadership. While driving large-scale projects from account development to service delivery, I raise profitability and operational excellence, delivering continuous improvements, optimizing processes and systems, elevating performance, and increasing quality levels.

  • Drove 50% productivity increase and doubled monthly revenue in six months; rolled out 10 new services, secured 40 renewed and new contracts, re-engineered automated systems, and doubled staff to accommodate growth over the course of two years.

  • Led full-phase operational startup for large support contract, enabling systems and staff launch within three months and growing account revenue from 0 to $30M with 50% profit rate in less than two years.
  • Developed multi-year, $180M client agreement for healthcare enrollment printing and mailing services; cut client-side costs 16%+.

By reversing inefficiencies, gauging requirements, introducing best practices, and understanding key stakeholders, I excel in operations leadership, new service introduction, team building, and business development.

  • Captured 25% revenue growth in less than one year for BPO provider, realigning operations with HIPAA compliance and eliminating $2M in budget overruns by reworking information systems and creating organizational transformation tools and strategies.
  • Headed operations planning, pricing, and organizational assessment for $1.2B proposal effort to restructure Texas Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Integrated Eligibility & Enrollment Services.