Administrator/Liaison - Breast Implant Department

McKeen & Associates

Worked autonomously on behalf of the firm's clients regarding settlement of claims against Dow Corning in connection with silicone gel breast implants.  Over the life of the 6-1/2 year project, managed 165 Class 5 Claimant files.  Specifically:

  •  Investigated 297 files that were ultimately determined to be ineligible. 
  • Submitted Class 5 claim forms and related medical and/or supporting documentation on behalf of clients.
  • Reviewed medical documentation, to wit:  medical records, textbook materials and online research materials.
  • 100% success rate in "curing deficiencies" in claims submissions which resulted in settlement benefits being awarded for Explant, Rupture and Disease Payment Claims.
  • Communicated (orally, electronically and written) with clients, Settlement Facility - Dow Corning Trust (SF-DCT), health care facilities, and medical professionals.
  • Designed NEEDLES tabs specific to the breast implant cases.
  • Developed and presented WORKSHOPS re: Class 5 disease claims.
  • Administered settlement proceeds and referral attorney fees.
  • Successfully appealed disqualified claim resulting in Claimant's Estate receiving compensation for an Explant Payment Claim.
  • Obtained favorable Lien Judge Decision in regard to Objection to $90,000 lien filed against client.
  • Prepared and filed Reply Brief in regard to an appeal of the Lien Judge's Decision in the U.S. District Court, E.D., Michigan.
  • Dismantled Breast Implant Department.

Successfully recovered over $4 million in settlement benefits