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Blessing 'Yemi' Mobolade

Recent Work History

May 2019Present

Small Business Development Administrator

City of Colorado Springs

I serve as City’s first point of contact to the entrepreneurial and small business community. I am the central figure in the City to support business enterprises across the myriad agencies, putting a strategy in place to assist small businesses.

July 2017May 2019

Vice President, Business Retention & Expansion

Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC

I work to support and promote the continued growth of Colorado Springs' many existing employers. Business retention and expansion strategies include demonstrating support to businesses, understanding and responding to their needs, and receiving feedback to address local issues that detract from a healthy business climate in which local business can prosper and grow. 

September 2017


Good Neighbors Meeting House

I co-founded Good Neighbors Meeting House, a specialty café in the Patty Jewett neighborhood.  Good Neighbors employs a strong team of twenty staff members with a bent towards talent and professional development.

July 2015July 2017

Co-Founder & Executive Director


I co-founded and served as the first executive director and board chair of a citywide collaborative initiative to catalyze thousands of people into long-term community engagement.  COSILoveYou brings together faith-based organizations, local government, private, and non-profit organizations over a common mission of city flourishing and impact.  I provided oversight to steering teams, project managers, an executive team of leaders, including a board of directors.  I oversaw the organization's budget, finances, and operations. 

July 2015July 2017

City Engagement Director

First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs

I was responsible for creating, stimulating and nurturing a culture of mission and service among the members, staff, and volunteers, to help meet the physical and emotional needs in the city of Colorado Springs.  I led, mobilized, and directed opportunities for over two thousand people into community outreach and service.

November 2013July 2015

Co-Founder & Chief Ethos Officer

The Wild Goose Meeting House

I co-founded and co-operated The Wild Goose Meeting House, one of the first specialty cafés in the downtown area.  The Wild Goose is a pioneer of the Colorado Springs downtown renaissance.  Our covert mission was citywide business development by supporting other local business development.  I served as the chief vision officer and guardian of the “Goose” culture.  I supervised the managers, providing professional development.  I oversaw the company's finances.


Aug 2010May 2015

M.A. Intellectual Leadership

A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary

Train students to serve as leading thinkers in the culture.

May 2004Aug 2006

M.S. Management and Leadership

Indiana Wesleyan University

Prepare students for upper-level management positions in a variety of industries.

Aug 1996May 2001

B.A. Business Administration

Bethel College
Aug 1996May 2001

B.S. Computer Information System

Bethel College


  • Seasoned Board Leadership and Experience:  About ten years of seasoned board leadership and helping organizations grow to their fullest potential.  I was appointed three years ago to the Pikes Peak Community College Advisory Council. The purpose of the President’s advisory council is to advise the college president on the long-term educational needs of the students and communities served by the college; to serve as liaison between the college and local school boards, county commissioners, city councils, other local elected officials and other relevant groups or persons; and to promote the college’s programs and services among the communities and constituencies in the college’s service area.
  • CityServe Day/COSILove Schools:. COSILoveYou brings together faith-based organizations, local government, private, and non-profit organizations over a common mission of city flourishing and impact. Every year we to catalyze thousands of people into community service. Our 2019 CityServe day impact include deploying 2,215 volunteers providing about 6,640 worth of volunteer hours in 132 project sites across the city.  46 of those sites were schools and about half of them Colorado Springs District 11 schools.  Our relationships with schools has resulted in long-term engagement of volunteers serving yearlong, hence COSILove Schools was born.  This effort has led to teachers lounge makeovers and mentoring initiatives.  I co-founded the organization, provided leadership to many of our school partnership efforts and currently serve as the board chair. 
  • Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance: The creation of the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA) arose out of a need to engage students with industry needs and opportunities.  PPBEA is a collaborative effort amongst multiple Pikes Peak school districts to re-calibrate the K-12 education system to connect students’ talents, interests, and aptitude to the economic landscape. The alliance focuses on cooperation, collaboration, sharing information, supporting work-based learning priorities and in-demand job occupations.  The cooperation of this naturally competitive group of school districts was in part due to my collaborative strengths.
  • Workforce Action Team: The availability of skilled labor remains a major challenge in the Pikes Peak region.  In response, I helped convene and provided leadership to the region's first workforce alliance leadership group to address unmet industry needs and potential opportunities.  The Workforce Action Team convenes all workforce systems, partners, programs, and initiatives of Pikes Peak Region under one centralized access point to ensure students, job seekers, and workers have access to meaningful careers, and businesses have access to skilled talent.  I facilitated the region's first workforce strategic plan to organize, prioritize, and catalyze initiatives that will build upon and improve the overall workforce climate of the Pikes Peak region.
  • Strong Relationship with Community Leaders: I have built positive working relationships and trust with many senior leaders and elected officials including state, county, and city government officials, government agencies, and trade organizations. I draw on the strengths of the wide range of leadership assets to solve critical challenges facing our community.
  • Colorado Springs for Small Business Advancement: The Colorado Springs for Small Business Advancement (COSSBA) brings together entrepreneurs, business service organizations, government agencies and business advocates to better provide support to the small business community. I created this group out of ambitious desire to make Colorado Springs the most-small business friendly city in the US.  Key products of this work include, step-by-step business roadmaps to guide entrepreneurs from business idea to their grand opening, and, is a "step-by-step" online guide to assist entrepreneurs and provide helpful resources.



I am highly skilled at channeling city-wide change by bringing diverse stakeholders together and collaborating across various faculties including government, business, philanthropy, and non-profit organizations.


Possibilities of the future fascinate me.  I am a dreamer who envisions what could be.  I continually envision a better world and energize others with visions of their future.


I am a natural developer of people and passionate about leveraging the most valuable asset of our society.


Demonstrated ability to build rapport with diverse populations and across cultures and societal sectors in a mutually beneficial way.  I have a natural skill of 'breadth of relationships' and well  very connected, from civic leaders to non profit leaders, and leaders in the private sector.  


I am gifted communicator in in large and small group settings,  including classrooms, conferences, seminars, and keynote speaking.


Proven brand ambassador and will represent Colorado Springs District 11's corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.  I am well suited to serve as a positive spokesperson for the district.