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Work experience

Jul 2006Oct 2015

Technical Support Engineer

  • Provided support for diagnosing, reproducing and fixing software and hardware issues
  • Troubleshot protocols running on NetApp storage controllers to assist customers with problem isolation and resolution
  • Diagnosed and troubleshoot issues with NFS, CIFS, FCP and iSCSI protocols
  • Troubleshot “ system down” loss of productivity outages
  • Mentored junior engineers through live case support, training and knowledge base articles
  • Wrote 28 knowledgebase articles to assist customers and internal engineers with troubleshooting
Oct 2005Jul 2006

Unix Administrator

  • Worked at Wachovia Bank supporting Corporate Investment Banking group with access issues and requests
  • Reset passwords as requested and created/deleted accounts as needed in the two CIB Keon domains
  • Troubleshot various Unix systems within the bank
Sep 2005Oct 2005

Unix Administrator

Apex Inc.
  • Supported  various models of Sun Microsystems Sun Fire class servers consisting of Sun Blade B1600, V240, V120, V880, V480 and attached A1000 arrays for TransAmerica reinsurance
  • Worked with Sun engineers and NetApp engineers to identify and correct fault problems and to perform upgrades on the servers and the storage environment
  • Assisted in 16TB NetApp R200 storage controller upgrade by moving switches and configuring various filesystems as needed
  • Created Sun JumpStart server and staged images to facilitate quicker loading of test and development environments
Jan 2005Aug 2005

Sr. Systems Engineer

Strategic Technologies Inc.
  • Supported GMAC Insurance’s hardware infrastructure in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Worked with systems consisted of the latest Sun-Fire line of servers by Sun Microsystems including V240, V440, V880, V480, V490, V1280 and 2900 servers and various attached arrays and Sun/Hitachi and EMC SAN storage arrays
  • Racked servers as they came in, getting power to them and getting network cables connected to them and getting them connected to the terminal servers
  • Loaded the Solaris 9 OS and set up the filesystems to match the company standard
  • Installed Cyclades Alterpath ACS terminal servers for remote console connectivity
  • Worked directly with the Sun Service Account Manager (SAM) and STI engineers as well as Sun engineers to solve various hardware and software issues as they arose within the GMAC environment
  • Performed weekly walkthroughs of the datacenter to insure proper operation of servers
  • Checked for accuracy of quarterly true-up of maintenance contracts on all servers
  • Responsible for the accuracy of the GMAC server database including serial numbers and host id’s of the servers
  • Collected weekly Sun Explorer dat collector information and I sent it to STI and Sun for analysis
  • Kept all servers patched with GMAC’s patch strategy through Sun’s TLP server
Aug 2004Jan 2005

Unix Systems Support Engineer

Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Outsourced to CSC and became a contractor to Aon still performing same duties
Mar 2001Aug 2004

Unix Systems Support Engineer

Aon Corporation
  • Supported of Sun Microsystems Enterprise class servers consisting of E6500, E5500, E5000, E4500, E3500, E450, E250, V880, V440 and 280R
  • Supported various Sun Microsystems workstations including Sparcserver 5, Sparcserver 20, Ultra 1 and Sun Blade
  • Provided support to five Oracle database administrators
  • Wrote Korn shell scripts to perform and automate various tasks
  • Utilized Veritas NetBackup Datacenter to perform backups on servers
  • Maintained and administered Unix accounts on the servers
  • Compiled and rolled out OpenSSH to the servers
  • Installed the Sun servers into the datacenter and loaded the servers from the ground up with the Solaris OS and configured the filesystems as required by the business
  • Assisted in the installation, configuration and maintenance of MRV In- Reach terminal servers
  • Helped maintain a 99.8% uptime on a SLA with the U.K. on the PeopleSoft database servers
  • Assisted in PeopleSoft upgrade from v7.5 to v8.4 with no significant outages or failures
  • Wrote a Korn shell script to automate the verification of the nightly backups
  • Assisted in the implementation of minimum baseline security standards as required by Aon’s corporate data security team
  • Assisted in the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX) compliance across the PeopleSoft environment
  • Converted the ADM Load data transfer application to work with Secure Shell
  • Converted server status monitoring tools to work with Secure Shell
  • Installed a third copy of Exceed On Demand to provide for redundancy in the event of a failure on the primary or secondary servers